The APT-3 "Cuirass" was an armored transport designed and produced by VMEW during the RLF/Imperial War. While it eventually fell out of use in favor of the MM/PT models, it played a crucial role in many of the RLF's early operations.


The APT-3 was an extremely simple craft, having little in the way of speed and no weapons, although a variant with a mounted turret existed. It had modest shields, but it was defined most by the thickness of its hull, which was almost impenetrable to conventional handheld weapons and light vehicle weapons, and angled in such a way that it could hover over the surface of even terrain to drive into hostile situations while taking minimal damage from the front. The vehicle also had fairly sophisticated sensors, suited for limited scouting operations on surfaces, where its low profile and thick armor ensured it could survive encounters while probing enemy perimeters if it was even detected by their sensors. It had the capacity to carry a full squad of armored troopers and their equipment, along with provisions for extended deployment. It came in multiple camouflage patterns for use in a diverse range of environments, and was reportedly durable and reliable in the field.



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The APT-3 was nicknamed the "Cuirass" due to its thick hull and vague resemblance to the piece of armor after which it is named.

The APT-3 was the third armored transport in an aged series of paramilitary support vehicles produced by VMEW for use by the Velmoran military, and for limited sale to foreign militaries. It was used primarily as a personnel carrier for police and military forces, for use in riot control and other, mostly paramilitary operations. VMEW had already been producing the MM/PT 70 series for a couple of decades and was slowly phasing the Cuirass out in favor of the new, more mobile transport. However, with the creation of the RLF it found the opportunity to get rid of their surplus vehicles by donating them to the rebel cause.

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The interior personnel/cargo bay of the APT-3

Use in the RLF/Imperial WarEdit

The RLF took to the craft eagerly and soon put it to use as a general transport, since combat engagements were mostly limited to space operations against the Consortium at the outset. However, at the pivotal moment when RLF general Acantha Heron attempted to assassinate Empress Jael, it was a Cuirass that safely evacuated her, Horten, and the defecting Imperial Storm Corps. During their brief exile on Korriban, the group used Cuirasses as makeshift survival tents and used the stored equipment to set up a camp. When the empire discovered it, the craft was again used as an escape vehicle while a trap was set for the Imperial pursuers. The Cuirass saw little use in Iziz where urban conditions required more maneuverable craft like the RRLV-13 and VT-RV, and jungle operations were limited. That changed when the Empire invaded Onderon and the Republic Liberation Front became the Republic Liberation Forces based more often in the jungle. Cuirasses were used for storage and transport as the RLF organized its military attachments until ultimately adopting the new MM/PT 85's for use. Most Cuirasses in RLF possession were abandoned on Onderon after the RLF moved to invade and then occupy Coruscant.

Operational DeploymentEdit

Officially replaced by the MM/PT and then MT series, the Cuirass has fallen out of use. Surplus stores of the vehicle were sold by VMEW to paramilitary groups throughout the galaxy, but their ultimate whereabouts are unknown.

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