The AW-6 is an airspeeder produced by SoroSuub.


Aw-6 2

The rear of the AW-6

The AW-6 is a relic from a prior age, a so-called "muscle speeder." As such, it is characteristically rugged, with an oversize repulsorlift engine and even larger jet engines. Relatively robust construction with thick hull plating increases the survivability of the speeder's occupants as they careen through the air at the high speeds the speeder's jets can attain. Despite being an up-market luxury speeder, its simple construction and easily interchangeable parts make it more affordable and easier to maintain than other, more sophisticated models.



SoroSuub recognized an opportunity towards the beginning of the third century ABY to integrate aging but still functional surplus military airspeeder parts into a luxury airspeeder marketed to lower-income civilians.


The AW-6 enjoyed relative popularity for a time, favored mostly on backwater worlds where wealth was scarce but boredom among teenagers and young adults was widespread. However, despite the survivability the speeder afforded its occupants, its emphasis on speed implicated its design in a string of disastrous high-velocity airspeeder collisions. Investigations absolved the AW-6 of any inherent flaws and attributed most of the crashes to pilot error, but the speeder received a reputation for poor safety nonetheless. SoroSuub attached more overt disclaimers about safety to all sales of the AW-6 and started producing a more conservative model, the AW-6S, with throttled jets and automated fail-safes. However, the AW-6S it never achieved its predecessor's popularity.

The AW-6 benefited from a revival of interest later in its production life, as its dangerous reputation grew in appeal.

Operational DeploymentEdit

The AW-6 is still in use, mostly on outer-rim worlds.

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