Intro story of Aarron Roofus Edit

The lost bet

Barley able to stand while trying to make out the other figures in the room, rusted old chains are cutting deep into the wrists as they hold him against the metal wall. The blood drips into his eyes from a deep gash on his forehead, blinking to clear the mix of stinging sweat, dirt and blood is hard. slipping into unconsciousness the last thing he hears is a deep voice booming through what sounds like litres of spit and mouth slag . "You ha ha ha You Lose. your my trinket now"... blackness takes over and the young man hangs on the chains unconscious. The consequence of losing the bet were to be dumped on the closest desert planet the ship comes to with no food, no supplies and no water. Death should be slow for the loser..

Taking every opportunity to beat and kick the young man two guards load him into the small cargo ship and start the journey down to the planets surface.

Sand flies as the shuttle lands on the surface. Only stopping long enough to throw the semi conscious passenger out into the hot sand The shuttle is gone .. As he becomes conscious alone on the surface of Anzat Looking down at his bare forearms his bracers are gone It would be so easy to rely on calling others for help relaying a signal and bouncing it of other Com's in the area or some crazy god crap thing like that. If only he had a helmet but that is gone also .. So no weapons, no Com's, no water, no food and stuck deep in the desert of Anzat... The only thing to do now is walk . walk and find shade before burning up in the heat.

A small rock outcrop in the distance looks promising after walking for what seems like hours he crawls under a rock ledge and passes out once more.

The life snake Waking early startled by something crawling close. Watching he reaches behind him self picking up a rock from the sand. Quickly raising the rock and bringing it down in one swift motion the snake is dead. Its been days since his last meal and no time is wasted sucking all the blood from the snake and eating the flesh. wrapping the skin around his for-arm for a later use.

Freshly charged with strength from the desert snake standing on high ground he looks out to the horizon on all sides. Notiching the sky is tainted towards the east he sets off walking just before sundown. Only one thing taints a sky like that pollution. Where there's life there's pollution who would ever think someone might be happy to see that. With a direction firmly set he journeys for three nights sleeping each day. On the fourth night lights can be seen in the distance. Getting closer as the night wears on more lights stand out. Now close enough to make out buildings the young man keeps low and moves around the edge of the settlement. One building stands out to him. Run down and part buried it looks deserted. The familiar skull emblem at the gate brings some comfort to the now exhausted traveler. Still staying low he enters the courtyard. The door for the building is part buried with sand and earth, no one is here. It takes the last of his strength to clear the door and get inside. Now crawling though the dust and dirt of the darkened first room he makes his way to the far wall. laying against the wall facing the door he falls asleep.