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Aayla Cristole is Force Sensative Female Lethan Twi'lek. Born and and raised on Tatooine. her Parents murdered at an early age. She was taken in by a Jedi named Cade Skywalker and raised. at the age of 20 She left Tatooine in search of becoming a Jedi and learning more of the force than she knows. An Excellent Fighter with a Lightsaber and a vast amount of Knowledge in the Force. She has proven she can handle her own.


Aayla Cristole was born sometime around 130 years ABY. Born on Tatooine, Aayla never looked to be like the rest of the kids on wanting to run and play, but always to learn. the other kids called her book worm. at the age of 7 a Sith Lord came to Aayla's home looking to take her away and train her as a Sith due to her vast knowledge of the Living Force. Her parents made an attempt to stop the Sith Lord and they were Murdered. then Cade Skywalker came about and engaged the Sith Lord protecting Aayla. Cade killed the Sith Lord and took Aayla in and raised her. as she grew she was always visitn the nearby Jedi Temple Libary reading about Jedi and Sith and Dark jedi.At the age of 11 Cade Skywalker taught her how to build her own Lightsaber. She wound up Constructing two Lightsabers. a Red blade and a Purple Blade. then tuning into the force and conetrating and practicing every day with her Dual sabers she had become a Great Handeler of the Lightsaber, but even better with the Dual the Age of 13 she Got her Lekk's Tattooed black of Tribal Designs. for everytime she had the money she got a new tribal Tattoo. Eventually by the time she was 19 she had a majority of her body covered in tattoo's. A few months after her final Tattoo while sitting in the Catina in Mos Eisely she met a Dark Jedi Grandmaster Blade Reluin. they begin to talk and Aayla had told him it was her dream to become a Jedi. Blade Reluin informed her of a Jedi Acadamy on Yavin, it belongs to a Jedi Order that an Old Jedi of the Past named Luke Skywalker had formed, that would be a good place for her to travel to and check out.She agreed and bid Blade Reluin farewell and Traveled to the Yavin System,to Yavin IV where she discovered a Jedi order. She quickly Applied and is awaiting to begin her training with the KOJ-Kalway Order Of Jedi. to this Day she now lives on Yavin IV helping the KOJ anyway she can while awaiting the Beginning of her Training.