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Abattoir is a Sith Warrior often refered to as the Sith Frankenstein's monster. He is composed of body parts from fallen Sith warriors that are glued together by droid parts. Abattoir was brought back to life by his former master, Darth Vexis. He currently resides on the planet Byss. The name, Abattoir, is french for a slaughterhouse.

History Edit

Childhood Edit

He was born under the name of Driretlan Semple, a humanoid on the planet of Naboo. At the age of 5 his parents gave him up to the jedi academy to be trained in the ways of the jedi. During his training he had an unquestionable thirst for knowledge, studying every chance he could get and learning as much as he could about the Jedi. It didn't take long for the lure of the knowledge of the dark side to creep in.

Craving for knowlege Edit

At age 20 he defied his master and set off to discover the ways of the dark side, and in turn discovered the Sith. He landed on the planet of Vjun and was discovered by a Nightsister Sith witch known as Darth Vexis. She trained him in the ways of the Sith as her apprentice, and sent him to kill his old master to prove his power. His old master had heard of his approach and gathered a group of Jedi to defend himself. Outnumbered, he did not come back from the battle. His memories of being a Sith are mostly gone. All he can remember after landing on Vjun is his death. He remembers being a Sith warrior, fighting in a battle, and how he could not fight off the Jedi, and finally the removal of his head by his former Jedi master.

Reborn Edit

When he awoke all he could feel or know was pain. It was like he had been set on fire a million times over. It coursed through every vien, both artificial and real. Though his eyes were open, he only saw darkness. His only reaction was to destroy whatever was creating all the pain, so he began blindly destroying everything around him. The screams of panic he was creating were mute to him, all he could hear was the rage inside himself and the mechanical heart kicking into gears.

When the darkness finally faded, he came to realize he was in a laboratory aboard a ship, and everyone around him was dead with their bodies curled in balls of former pain. He began to realize what he was, a walking mechanical corpse, and he screamed in sadness upon remembering his death. If he could, he would have sobbed. Then he discovered a woman next to where his body lied, a ripped hose attached to her arm that made connection to a hose attached to his chest leading to his heart. He quickly realized she had sacrificed herself, donating all her blood to him in order to give him life. This again caused him to feel a pain in his emotions. He held her head in his hand and traced the ritualistic markings on her face. He came to realize that he loved her for what she did, and for her to sacrifice herself for him, she must have loved him immensely. He began to rummage the ship for any information and he came to discover the doctor that assembled his journal about his creation. It gave a detail view on how he was created, how he was made up of fallen Sith warriors and mechanical parts. How his heart was a pumping machine, how the woman had planned to sacrifice herself. The only thing it lacked was who was the woman that sacrificed herself for him. The woman he loves. After examining her lightsaber, and reading about the impact she had on the scientists, he came to the conclusion she had to be Sith. From there he decided to seek out the Sith, knowing that he could find peace only within their ranks.

Byss Edit

Taking the woman's lightsaber and putting on the custom armor the scientists had built for him he hopped into an escape pod and set the course to where he could feel the dark side of the force pulling him. This place was Byss. There he was accepted into the ranks of the Dark Lords of the Sith and given the name Abattoir by Darth Revanche. To him, having no memory of his time with the Sith, it's as though the craving for the Sith knowledge never went away. He seeks to learn the ways of the dark side even more and feels that the way of the Sith is his destiny to walk.

After the Initiate faze, Abattoir sought out a Master. He had the passion to become an excellent fighter and eventually choose the Marauder class, so he sought out the Master he believed to be the most experience fighter, Darth Arcana. Darth Arcana accepted Abattoir as his apprentice, and is currently teaching him to reach his true potential.

Voice from the past Edit

Abattoir's training was brutal and tough. His master constantly exercised Abattoir's strength and agility in combat, along with developing his skills with the force. Through Arcana's teachings he began to connect himself with the force and was able to push objects or subject a person to force choke. The recollection of these abilitys came with a small price, for as Abattoir exercised with his abilitys he began having flashbacks from the past. Although, the flashbacks wernt from his past. He saw visions of fighting rancors and decapitating a bounty hunter, along with visions of training with the Sith on a planet he never stepped foot on. Unable to remember his time with his former sith master, Abattoir saught out to find what these visions ment. He searched planets far and wide, untill finally comming across the planet Vjun. He recognized the land, though he had never visited the planet, and knew it was a sign. Searching the planet he came across the cave of his former master Darth Vexis. He entered the cave, only to never be seen again...