Abbra Erato was a human, male Jedi Master, co-founder and Council Master of the New Order of the Jedi. His path as a Jedi was that of a Consular. His speciality was the Unifying Force and how events fit into the overall Galaxy, how all things in the Galaxy are connected.


Abbra Erato 001

Jedi Master Abbra Erato on Yavin IV.

"By understanding, we overcome fear, anger, hate, and suffering. Understanding grows empathy"

— Master Erato

Jedi Master Hall of Order informationEdit

Public Information:

Name: Abbra Erato

Role: Council Jedi Master

Class: Jedi Consular

Age: (We didn't want to ask.)

Master Role: Head of NOJ Internal Affairs; Master of the NOJ Training Holocron


One look at the old Master and you know you are in the presence of a Jedi in the purest sense. He wears the traditional garb of the Jedi. His lightsabre is simple save for the engraved Jedi script which reads "Jedi" on one side and "Force" on the other. It is the lightsabre he created as a Padawan and although many have offered him the pieces to build grander hilts, he has politely refused them all.

His eyes are old, but burn strong and bright. His apparent age is deceiving of his abilities. He can often be seen Force Jumping from one end of Hope Island to another in a single leap without taking damage. And many Padawans, Knights and Masters will have a difficult time besting him in a duel. However, Abbra's true power lies in his understanding of the Force. He is a Consular and since he was a boy had a deep connection and understanding of the Unifying Force. His mind is even quicker and more cunning than his blade. In fact, his preferred fighting style is the one preferred by Master Yoda, Form Zero: the art of resolving a situation without the use of a lightsabre. Master Erato speaks courteously and graciously ((and almost always in character)). He is kind, but does not take the fate of the Galaxy lightly. He does not easily suffer fools either. When dueling, his preferred fighting style is Form II, Makashi, as it matches his preference for beauty, grace and simplicity.

Master Erato no longer trains his own Padawans. Instead, he makes himself available to Padawans, Knights and Masters alike for guidance in their training, in their understanding of the Force and in understanding their role in the Galaxy. He is available to all for help and for guidance. His age ((time as a Jedi in SL)), contributions to the Order and mastery of the Force have made him a well respected Jedi in the Order and in the Star Wars Galaxy.