Adjunta Tungsten, also known as Prudii'Kad, or simply 'Kad' is a Mandalorian suffering from amnesia after a catastrophic explosion. After arriving on Tatooine he adopted the name 'Adjunta' to mask his identity.



Prudii'Kads ancestory is relatively unknown, as when his family became Mandalorians they forsook their ancestory as was the Mandalorian way. Since Prudii'Kads amnesia (and his rename to Adjunta) he has been researching into his ancestory, revealing little.

Possible Force-Sensitive AncestorEdit

In Prudii'Kads ancestory, to his knowledge, there was a Force-Sensitive person. Wether this person was a Jedi or a Sith is unknown. The only token of this possibility is the Lightsaber that was passed down through the generations - landing in Prudii'Kads hands at childhood.


"Gar taldin ni jaonyc; gar sa buir, ori'wadaas'la."

— "Nobody cares who your father was, only the father you'll be."

Most of Prudii'Kads early life is a mystery, partly through secrecy but mostly through Kads amnesia. It's known he was born on Mandalore and that he is roughly 25 years of age. It's also known that at some point during his childhood he was given a Lightsaber that one of his Ancestors wielded.

His name, Prudii'Kad translated to 'Shadow Saber'. His family name, Tungsten, appears to originate from the infamous bullet (although the name Tungsten appears everywhere in his family history)

Mandalore behind, the road aheadEdit

Now an adult, and fully armed. Kad left Mandalore to begin his life, boarding a transport to Nar Shaddaa. Apoun his arrival he found himself vastly outmatched in the large criminal-invested world.

His first contract was hunting down a Rodian that stole from one of the Hutt crime lords, a contract that took him almost three months to complete. He eventually found the Rodian and completed the contract long-range via the DC-17m his father gave him. He'd go on and gain several contracts from the same crime lord - storing the monetary funds.

Eventually he decided to leave Nar Shaddaa, he gave the Hutt his last tribute and parted on moderately good terms. He boarded a transport to New Alderaan the same day.

An attack to forgetEdit

While aboard the transport bound to New Alderaan, it came under attack by Pirates. Kad prepared himself, readied his rifle and went to join the fight. An explosion knocked him from his feet - and sent him some twenty feet down the corridor into the wall head-first. He was instantly knocked into a coma for five weeks, when he regained consciousness his memory was lost. Even to a degree his speaking skills were eradicated. His knowledge of Mando'a and Basic sevrely hampered.

The next five months were difficult for Kad, he had to learn Basic all over again. As well as going by the name 'Adjunta', a name he picked from a name printed on the Lightsaber in his posession.

Adjunta (Kad) eventually found himself on Tatooine, having trained for almost three years to hone his skills with his DC-17m and the swords he had on him. He'd eventually find that the attack on the Transport was done by the Crime Lord on Nar Shaddaa who wished to make an example that no-one could leave his services.

While on Tatooine he was recruited into the Formation of the Dark to serve as a Bounty Hunter. And during this time he began making plans. He put money he kept safe from his service on Nar Shaddaa on a immensive starship, a Prometheus-Class he named the Bes'Bev. A mandalorian wind instrument thats also used in combat.

A proving battle, a bizzare imprisonmentEdit

One day, as Adjunta made his rounds of the city. He overheard a transmission from the Talux, a rodian criminal clan, that they were planning to break a droid out of prison. Adjunta and his employer, the Hand of the FOTD, both agreed to aid. It was during the preperations, and when Adjunta had gone to get a certain vehicle, that a group of stormtroopers confronted the group. Declaring they should leave the area otherwise they'd bring tanks in and destroy them.

At that moment Adjunta appeared inside a similar tank. An Imperial, obviously angered by events throughout the day, charged the tank and attempted to plant explosives to destroy it. Thus began the Talux-ISC Skirmish, a battle that saw dozens killed. The tank charged into the main square firing as it went, although eventually it was destroyed. Sevrely injuring both Adjunta and his Rodian friend Deekta - the leader of the Talux.

After being hauled into prison, Adjunta faced a unique situation. He and his captor got lost on the way to the jails, and when he was in jail he was seen too by a mostly gentle Doctor. After his wounds were tended too he was greeted by Deekta, who was put into an adjacent cell - the pair then commenced what he dubbed 'The helerities', they sung as loud as possible an Deekta proceeded to hurl faeces at anyone who dared near his cell. Outside, Deekta and Adjuntas imprisonment became the 'Talk' of Talux. And it was not long until they were released.

Although a seeming defeat, Adjunta had earned the Talux's trust and friendship for standing by their side as a true warrior. A personal victory being Adjunta feeling his preformance in battle brought him a step closer to regaining his identity as a Mandalorian.

Back to basicsEdit

Adjunta was gone from Tatooine almost the moment the quarantine ended, back to Mandalore to learn more about his old self. He found that his family were members of Clan Ordo, finally giving him a past to call his own. However, while looking out at the night sky on the planet he realised something that brought him to a new level of understanding. While he knew his past, his future is what mattered surely? His own memories since his Amnesia mattered more to him then his old memories, thus he decided to forge his own path and returned to Tatooine. Promptly coming under the employment of the Formation of the Dark again.

Personality and traitsEdit

Prudii'Kad, or Adjunta as he called himself after his bout with Amnesia has quite a few unique parts of his personality. His reassuring smile, his ability to find something amusing in any situation and (perhaps above all) his sense of honor in all situations.

As a child, Prudii'Kad found himself constantly in contests with the other children in the village. Rock throwing, races, you name it. this was a gift, as it gave him his profound abilities to chase targets. After the Amnesia, and Adjunta rising, he retained vague memories of his childhood. But his abilities remained as good as they were.

He had the ability to change his moods on demand. He could be serious, then happy in a blink of an eye. An event of this being when an Apprentice of the FOTD was captured by Imperials for a minor offense. He was cheerful to the Imperials and then, without warning, became dead serious and threatening. It should be noted that Adjunta never lets a promise down - he promised to come back with more, and this was accomplished after a while in the form of the Talux - Imperial skirmish.



Adjunta prides himself on his Beskar'gam, constantly updating and making adjustments to it. Additionally; he wears an adapting clothing that (apoun interface) changes colour depending on the users choice.


Adjunta constantly updates his ranged weaponry. His Beskar'gam holds a Gauntlet with a varied range of weaponry attached to it (Rockets, flame thrower, blaster, etc..) He also utilises the use of a high-tech high-powered slug-thrower that hes modified to have a large variety of modes such as a signal flare, armor-piercing bullets or exploding ones (fused with explosive chemicals) or flamethrowers or small, rocket-propelled and abhesive det-packs.

To assist himself he also has access to his DC-17m, his Proton carbine and his sidearms.


Two weapons and an artifact. A vibrosword with a lightsaber attachment, a personal favorite of Adjuntas and the Beskad that was with his Beskar'gad when he was found after suffering from amnesia. The Artifact is the lightsaber that he was given as a child.


Adjunta, having been on tatooine for a few days, purchased an Alexander-Class Modular Freighter. And named it the 'Mayan', the Freighter was heavily redecorated and painted. He also, at the same time, purchased a small 'Podfighter' for small stealth journeys or dogfighting.

Adjunta also put money onto a large warship, a Prometheus-Class dubbed the Bes'Bev. Both he safely kept in orbit of Mandalore, in the secure hands of his kin.