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Adrola is one of a three planet system, known to it's people as the CED system, in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. It is a sister planet to Caella and Bycttus, together, connected through gravitational forces, the three of them form a triangle; orbiting the sun as a unit. ((The three planets are a little farther away from each other as the moon is from the earth.)) These three planets are of relatively the same size, and share a moon. Each, also, has it’s own name for the moon, to the Adrolans, it is known as Cersol. This moon is situated in the center of the three planets, held in place by the gravitational pull of the three planets and the sun.


Adrola has a moderate climate, (temperature range similar to most of the Earth’s northern-middle hemisphere). However because of the close proximity and multitude of astral bodies, and the strage nature of their rotation, there are areas of Adrola that are subject to near-constant darkness, and others, but more rarely, that receive near-constant light. Due to the reflective nature of celestial bodies, the sunlight will refract off of a planet, currently twisting to the back of Adrola, emanating light, brighter than the normal light of just a moon. The degree of light varies based on whether both planets or moon are refracting, however this makes for nights to brighter than what is found elsewhere. There are times when Cersol, Caella and Bycttus are all behind Adrola, as the system rotates on it’s axis, and the refraction of light emitted is nearly that of daylight. The same is true for Caella and Bycttus, however Bycttus is more often nearer the sun, and Caella, more often further. This placement has caused Bycttus to develop into a desert-like planet, with many days of sun in certain areas, and Caella into a cold watery planet.

Notes on TimeEdit

Due to the unique construction of this system, time on Adrola and it's sister planets, is counted based on:

  1. Solwaks - The complete rotation of the entire three planet system around the sun. ((In the same way a year would occur in Earth time, near-equivalent to an earth year))
  2. Syswaks - The complete rotation of the entire system on it's axis. ((In the same way a day would occur, but more slowly due to the three planets rotating, near-equivalent to an earth month))
  3. Surwaks - The complete rotation of the individual planet within it's gravitational shell. Each planet, within the hold of the gravitational pull of the other two planets and the moon, rotates inward, toward the moon. Therefore, a surwak is calculated by each time a specific area of the planet can see the moon ((In the same way the sun rises and sets, near-equivalent to an earth day))

There are approximately 540 surwaks in one solwak, and 36 surwaks in one syswak. Likewise there are about 15 syswaks in one solwak.


For on the people of Adrola, please refer to the Adrolan page.

Additional OOC NotesEdit

The idea for this species and it's planet was a mixture of inspiration from the Star Wars universe ((primarily Shi'ido)), a love of shape shifting in SL, a love of Star Wars, and the need to combine the two so that two RL siblings could find a way to connect, and become closer friends. This species is, for the most part, a complete invention from the minds of the people behind the avatars Miratae Avro and Tyan Auk. I, Miratae Avro, and my brother Tyan invite anyone who reads this, and so desires, to become an Adrolan, Caellian or Bycttan in SWRP, Sith, Jedi, and Human alike are welcome. The only thing we ask, is that you join our ((to be announced)) SL group, add your character(and avatar if different) name to the list below, and do your best to build your character with the background of the species in mind. Please read this page carefully if you do wish to join us as Adrolans in SWRP, and Welcome. Thank you for reading ^_^

  • Adrolans
  1. Tyan Auk
  2. Miratae Avro
  3. Bant Tyran
  4. Ryto Mortosa (Italy Bing)
  5. Mallow Berithos
  6. Nara Ragnos (Kreia Bruun)
  • Caellians
  • Bycttans

((Please message me with suggestions for Caella and Bycttus if you have any, these two i have not concentrated on as much as the Adrola))

--Miratae Avro 17:23, 19 June 2009 (UTC)Miratae Avro

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