Biography Edit

Aeon lived with his mom and dad and brother on Naboo his father was a Jedi knight and his mother ran a small shop. Aeon's brother was born When he was age sixteen. His father died soon after trying to protect his Padawan from a sith whos name Aeon never learned. He was lost after his father died did not want to live but that all changed when he met a girl. the girl and Aeon soon fell in love creating a strong force bond till Three years later Aeon's mother was cleaning her shop when a man walked in her shop and told her that he killed her husband and that he was going to take Aeon and his brother from her and train them to be Sith. Aeon's mother sent them away to live with there uncle when the man that killed Aeon's father found out what she did he killed her. when Aeon found out he went to find a Jedi to help him find the man who murdered his parents and bring him to justice. Aeon found a Jedi and he said he would help him, Aeon soon found out that he was no Jedi he was a Sith lord who killed a Jedi and used the Jedi cloke to get away.

I was forced into being a Sith. Aeon was trained but soon felt that he was not a sith and part of me was missing. I went to talk to a Jedi. Aeon was over heard by a spy that i wanted to be a jedi I was to be killed. I was attacked in a cell and left for dead when a friend he made kept me alive and took me to the planet of Yavin. I soon found out that yavin was the home to The New Jedi Order the very thing i had been searching for. I have lots of friends most are like family to me. Aeon was now a member of NOJ as a padawan to Lady Kali she was a good master he learnd alot from her. NOJ was relocated from Yavin after it was destored to the wookie planet of Kashyyyk till their new home was being made ready. NOJ is now located on the planet of Ruusan.

Aeon now takes care of his brother Jack after their uncle died, Jack is eight now. Aeon had since become a Jedi Knight and had taken two Padawans to train to Knight. One of his padawans had been knighted he was proud of him. Aeon grew as a jedi more every day and he happy and looked forward to training his other padawan and many after... Aeon soon felt that all he knew about the jedi ways were nothing like what jedi should be soon the force would lead him down a dangerious path one he did not forsee. Aeon knew things had changed in his soul it was not a affect of the Sith Amulet. Aeon knew where he would feel at home and to his relief Aeon was accepted.

Now a Sith Aeon's new goal is now to strive in the shadows and bring chaos and darkness. Soon Aeon became a Sith Lord changing his name to Kryloth he would remain in the shadows as his path gets darker his name will bring fear to those he foolishly called friends. Time went on Aeon was feeling like something in him was missing and found it hard to keep hurting the people who meant more to him then he let on. The days and months past, Aeon could not bare to keep away from Ruusan and The New Order of Jedi knowing that Darth Aran would likely kill hiim for betraying him. Aeon was on ruusan waiting to face Darth Aran and face him he did, Darth Aran had won he had cut off Aeon's hand but left him alive.

Some time had past and Aeon seeked acceptance into The New Order of Jedi once more but his anger got the best of him, Aeon lost it and headed down the path he wanted out of he had helped Sith attack Ruusan and hurt friends. The pain of what he had done made him see that being a sith was not where he belonged. Aeon soon was a Jedi Knight for a few months it was not his home and steped down to join the order on Ruusan he longed for. Aeon was now a Padawan to his friend Master Gaton he would have a long path ahead that he knew was worth it. Aeon would be Knighted once more, his Master Did not get to see Aeon's training to the end,Master Gaton's Former Padawan Master Ana finished Aeon's Training. Soon after his Knighting Aeon lost his faith in the order and after sometime he stepped down it was hard leaving his Master and friends but he left Ruusan. Aeon for whatever reason ended up on Byss he instently felt the power and darkness he knew all to well ,but he would not go back to the life of a Sith. His force powers were still at his dispossel but had no use for them as Sith Trooper in DFoTS on Byss.