Agir Avro is a ghostly white Shistavanen force user known for varying deeds around the galaxy. Most notably, he has become a talented "jedi" through means unknown to most of the galaxy, and mixes tactics learned both before and after studying his gifts to devastating effect. A constant proponent for the rights of species shunned by the more common beings of the galaxy, such as his own people, he appears sporadically throughout known space to help those he can.

Biography Edit

Childhood and Adolescence Edit

Though more current records of Agir Avro are patchy at best, his earlier years are fairly well documented. Born to Xuin and Colia Avro of the Shistavanen militant group the Yotavan Dominion (more commonly referred to as the Dominion), Agir was the second of five children, and the oldest son of the pair. Xuin took great pride in having four sons to carry his legacy, but Colia was the one that truly enjoyed the presence of the pups. She, unlike her mate, was not Dominion Military and focused on having strong soldiers in the family. Rather, Colia was a dark-side force user, and sensed in all of her children the potential to become like her, great and terrible weapons of the organization.

As expected from a group that believes in the supremacy of the Shistavanen, all five children were entered into Dominion training programs as soon as they were deemed old enough. There, they were constantly exposed to the group's propaganda and teachings, groomed to believe that whatever race had once meddled in the genetics of Shistavanen in the distant pace and meant for them to rule the "lesser beings" of the galaxy. They were trained in military operations, marksmanship, hand-to-hand fighting, piloting, and several other areas that pertained to the Dominion's on-going attempts to claim more and more space as theirs. For the majority of the Avro children's childhood, these teachings were accepted without question, but as experience and maturity began to accumulate, so too did questions.

By age 14, Agir Avro had accumulated a number of interesting, if not important reports in his training record. While all of his siblings were force sensitive, and all performed above average in their examinations, Agir seemed to be the most aware of the gifts he had. While most attributed his lightning reflexes to extensive practice in honing his senses, which the young male did actively do in his spare time, his reactions were beyond the abilities of roughly 85% of the Shistavanen youths in training at the time. Colia Avro knew exactly what this meant, and took great interest in pushing her oldest son's limits on a regular basis. Shortly after turning 16, however, Colia's trials for her son stopped.

It was, at this time, that Agir Avro began to push back against the teachings and regulations of the Dominion. Inspired by his older sister's constant examinations of other cultures and species, Agir posed questions to instructors who could only reply with the same propaganda the pale Shistavanen had heard for years. Unsatisfied by his mentors' inability to think beyond the limits of Dominion teachings and stories, Agir began to depart from the course they had been forcing him to follow. Eventually, however, Xuin became directly involved in his son's training, forcing his eldest boy to conform to the group's doctrines or face severe punishment, not only for himself, but for those he called his friends at the time.

Two years after having his minor rebellion against the ways of his parents and the Domion crushed, Agir Avro and his sister Kyria vanished from Dominion space. Even Colia was surprised by the event, and found herself unable to track down her two wayward children. Their training, it seemed, had given them more tools than even she had realized.

Friendship and the Starwind Clan Edit

Agir Avro would not reappear in the galactic stage until 3 years after his escape from Dominion space. Covering up his real heritage with carefully constructed stories of joining a planetary militia four years prior, he appeared in the city of Mos Eisly, Tatooine as a mercenary and scout. It is here, without any sign of his sister's presence, that the young militant's ways begin a drastic change.

Within days of landing on the desert planet, Agir made contact with a female Amaran cargo captain by the name of Sybil Glendevon. She, through a seemingly arbitrary encounter with the Shistavanen, inspired feelings he had never experienced for anyone outside of his own species: attraction. Confused and enthralled by the Amaran woman's playful and energetic nature, things he'd never seen while he'd been in training with the Dominion, Agir began to follow her around the city. Through her, he met others, Amaran that had taken shelter in the city from animosity other beings in the galaxy that hated the vulpine race for simply being what they were. Coming from a race that had suffered hundreds of years of similar treatment by the same beings, Agir found himself identifying and co-existing with the small band, a band that the Dominion would have called pathetic and lessor.

Coming together with Sybil, the mercenary Gryff McCallen, the dark-side user Rikko, and several other Amaran, Agir found himself in the middle of the formation of the Amaran clan, "Starwind". What's more, though he was a Shistavanen, the young male was chosen to become the first leader of the clan, or "Rah" in Amaran terms. Startled and somewhat reluctant to accept the role, Agir found himself fighting internally with this. Having not told the Amaran of his past, of what he'd been taught and forced to do, he wondered if he could really be what they expected. At the urging of Sybil, however, Agir accepted his role, and began his sometimes awkward fight to be one of the youngest in the group, and its leader at the same time.

The First Fracture Edit

With the experienced and twenty years older Gryff McCallen as Starwind's Second in Command, called the "Dunn" by Amaran, and Sybil as a constant confidant when his worries closed in, Agir endeavored to plant Starwind's flag in Tatooine's sand and give any creature like himself or his friends a place to find refuge. It wouldn't take long for the small clan to start growing, as word of who they were, where they were, and an on-going struggle against local bounty-hunters and sith spread through the hyperspace lanes. Warriors and agents from far-flung corners of the galaxy came to reside under the roof of Starwind's clan-house, bringing with them great strength that Agir, as he began trying to further the force training his mother once began, greatly appreciated. For nearly a year, the clan fought back against anything that was thrown at them. However, this constant war took a heavy toll in both life and their emotional well-being.

At last, the day came where, even with the Sith in shambles and one of the great threats Starwind faced, the rogue Mandolorian known simply as "Dennis", dead, Agir could no longer stand the hostilities still harbored by those surrounding the clan. After hearing from Gryff that Mos Eisly Security was becoming critical of the amount of firepower the clan now had, and speaking with the Amaran operative Zara, it was decided that it was time for the clan to find a place more hospitable than the desert planet to live. Within a few days, Starwind had moved to the Stenness Space Station. On this Hunt-controlled platform, the clan hoped to find a brighter future. What they actually found, was the end of the first generation of Starwind.

Though some members of the clan had come to the group from the station, Starwind was ill-prepaired for what they found. The dark, underworld station was not as hostile as their former home of Tatooine, but its shadows seemed to creep into the Amarans' lives. However, meeting one resident of the station, an Amaran Mandolorian known as Yom Nole, was the begining of the end for the clan. Viewed by many members as a hero and idol, he had been elevated to a legendary status by his exploits. The arriving clan jumped at a chance to meet him, live on the station with him, and perhaps work with him, but Yom crushed that hope flat. His reaction to Starwind was critical, and though Agir and Yom's lieutenant Kaz Rahiz were good friends, he made no attempts to hide his disdain for the clan.

Crushed by the rejection of their hero, the Amaran suddenly began to question if they were right to be proud of themselves for the year of work they'd put in to their clan. Agir, worried for his friends and allies, could do little to contain the infighting that began to eat away at the ties that had taken so long to form between Starwind's members. It was in this time of doubt and upheaval that Rikko, the dark-side force user that had been with the clan from the start, lashed out, attempting to rip Starwind away from Agir and Gryff's control. Pushed to his limit by stress, Agir didn't question Gryff's recommendation: kill Rikko.

The fight occurred on one of Stenness' hanger decks. Though Rikko threw threats at both the Rah and Dunn, it was over in a flash. While Gryff attacked from behind, Agir lunged from the front, and though Gryff would claim he was the one who did most of the work, it was Agir's lightsaber, plunged through Rikko's chest, that was the one and only real wound. On that day, Rikko died face-to-face with Agir, the two looking each other in the eyes before the dark-sider's corpse slumped to the floor.

This act quieted the infighting in one swoop, as Starwind came to realize how far it had slipped in a matter of weeks. Faith in their leaders' self-control gone, members left Stenness behind to find other ways to live. Agir, tormented by his decision, the failing of the clan, and Sybil's silent departure, left the dark station behind and the fate of Starwind in Gryff's hands, no longer able to face the galaxy as a guardian with the murder of one of his own on his hands.

The Ghost Master Edit

Arun Alus

Drawing by "Spider", original RP mentor of Agir Avro.

After leaving Stenness, Agir Avro largely vanished from the galaxy. No database exists that can explain where the Shistavanen went exactly for the 15 years he was out of the public eye, but there are faint whispers of someone using the name "Arun Alus" that matches Agir's discription in remote corners of the galaxy.

One, and only one, story can be found anywhere that can be legitimately linked to Agir and what was doing during his absence. A young Amaran, training on the fourth moon of Yavin with the resident jedi, is said to have seen where Agir found the remains of the lightsaber he studied to create his own during the rise of Starwind. There, the Shistavanen showed him a cave full of crystals, and the bones of a Trandoshan left behind where he fell. This same Trandoshan appeared to the youngster and Agir as a force ghost, identifying itself as Shoron Tosruss, a jedi that served Luke Skywalker hundreds of years prior. This, as the story goes, is the one that trained Agir in the force, undoubtedly over the period when Agir was operating quietly.

Whether this story is true, or a tale concocted by a youth that admired the Shistavanen, is hard to verify. Agir is the only one that knows the location where he found the rusted and broken saber he used as a model for his own, and he has yet to truly identify where he learned the substantial talents he had upon his return.

Starwind's Rebirth Edit

Snapshot Bakura

Agir, back from the shadows, armed and ready.

After a decade and a half of being missing in action, Agir Avro reappeared in Mos Eisly, chasing rumors of a small group calling itself the Starwind Clan. His arrival was more fortunate than the little band could have expected. Just as an Amaran force user known as Septra was having an emotional detonation of her force powers, the white Shistavanen slipped in through the damaged structure of Starwind's old clan house and quickly contained the situation with his own abilities. Quickly moving to aid a familiar face, Agir pulled his former second in command, Gryff McCallen, from under the rubble caused by the episode and brought him to the local medical center, though not in time to save the black Amaran's right arm.

The former leader of Starwind was met with more curiosity than expected once the dust cleared. In a matter of days, he'd been introduced to the host of faces that now filled out the ranks of Starwind, though none had been members for more than a few months at that point. Content to leave leadership to Gryff, and still haunted by the failings of the past, Agir simply filled the role of one of the force-sensitive fighters of the group so he could watch the new Starwind grow without the meddling of a former leader.

After some time adjusting to being one of the old guard of the clan, Agir even dared to start trying to act like his old self. He talked with members, tried to help them keep from repeating old mistakes, and even dared to go looking for a little romance. Just as he began experimenting with becoming intimate with one of the members of Starwind, none other than the force user Septra, something he thought he would never see happened.

Troubles of the New Starwind Edit

A few months after Agir returned to Starwind, Sybil Glendevon reappeared. Agir, having thought his old companion long gone, and never having found closer for the flighty attempts at romance the two had shared many years prior, felt his attempts to move on suddenly replaced by old feelings for the female he once cherished. Septra, unfortunately, felt the backlash even worse than Agir when he decided their relationship was over until he could find calm once again. This endeavor would prove a long and hard journey.

As Agir attempted to rekindle at least part of the connection he'd once had with Sybil, the trials the female Amaran had faced in her 15 year absence quickly became apparent. Even minor attempts at affection, something as simple as a hug from the Shistavanen, could set of a frightening and violent episode. Agir quickly realized what the episodes were: flashes of past truma. PTSD caused by none other than the Dominion. No matter what he attempted to do, Agir could no longer get close to his former confidant, and could only watch with a grief-stricken hart as others managed to fill the spaces he had once occupied and Gryff attempted to lecture him on his actions. The words were hollow. Agir already knew his time being close with Sybil was over, and quite possibly thanks to the actions of his own family.

Shifting his course to attempt to watch over the mentally wounded Sybil from a distance, Agir found comfort in the affections of a female Shistavanen known as Stacy. Though the two Shistavanen stole happiness where they could, Agir found himself yet again having his attempts at finding some peace stolen away. Constantly harassed by a few members of Starwind, Stacy constantly attempted to tug Agir away from the clan. Too determined to help his old friends, Agir refused. Within a month of the talks, Stacy had been pushed so far by the other members of Starwind that she killed herself. A devastated Agir found himself mourning the death of not only his lover, but what would have been his daughter, while the rest of Starwind acted as though Stacy had never existed.

So it went for months that Agir watched glimmers of hope die in an instant as internal attempts to gain power and status and even Sybil's affections sabotaged this second Starwind from within. Where he could, Agir patched holes and offered guidance, watching over Septra's neglected son Shinta as his mother fell in with a clone of Rikko, talking things out with visitors to Starwind's compound when they came, but always finding the results barely moving the group forward as Gryff dreamed of grand movements and Sybil fought with her past.

The Second Fracture Edit

After one particularly harrowing event that resulted in Sybil being placed in a bacta tank for several days. Gryff left abandoned his post as Rah to his son, Dolen, and vanished into the galaxy. While the younger male swiftly moved to correct issues left behind by his father, Agir did what he could to offer reassurance to Starwind's members that things would be fine. However, an unstable Sybil, freshly cleared of physical limitations, had only one thing on her mind. It wasn't long before a cryo-frozen Gryff was returned to Starwind's base on Tatooine, and while plans were being made for a safe resurrection of the old Amaran, Sybil took a disastrous approach.

Using little more than hot water Sybil revived Gryff, in the process causing damage to parts of his brain. The event that came after was the most traumatic thing Starwind had ever faced. Gryff, in a state of true mental breakdown, unleashed weapons of war on his own clan, destroying Starwind's home on Tatooine and seriously injuring several members. When Agir arrived with the machines needed to safely bring his old friend back, he found the battle already underway.

Gryff, in a massive set of powered armor, had seriously beaten both Rikko and a genetically modified Shistavanen known as Storm, holding them off for almost an hour. Unlike the two already engaged with Gryff, Agir's movements were decisive. In one of the few displays known of the shistavanen's abilities, Gryff's weapons were crushed, his armor disabled, and he himself ripped out of the armor, all in a matter of a few minutes. This was, however, not the end of the fight, as a misguided and overly-faithful Amaran named Night released Gryff into another fight and attempted to attack Agir. Agir played the young force-user's preference for brute force against him, out-maneuvering him in seconds and cutting off his favored arm as will as both legs at the knees.

By the time Agir managed to get Gryff back into custody, only Sybil, who arrived late with a small transport to isolate Gryff from the rest of Starwind, was uninjured. The damage had been done, and though Gryff's mind was healed through advanced medical treatments, Starwind looked at him in a far different light. When the black Amaran returned, it took Agir's coaching for the group to accept Gryff back into their ranks, though he immediately forced his son to give leadership back to him. Unable to believe Gryff could think he could just take over Starwind again after what he had done, Agir could only watch with a heavy heart as Dolen left Starwind entirely, unable to accept his father as a leader again.

The Final Break Edit

Snapshot Amar

Agir, a month prior to departure from the Starwind clan.

Only a couple days after the destruction of Starwind's main base, Gryff and Sybil vanished from Tatooine without a word to the members of the clan. Agir, having accepted a co-leadership role from Gryff, found himself picking up the pieces of what had happened. Within a week, Starwind had regained a home thanks to Agir's round-the-clock work to bring peace back to the clan. Members that had left or distanced themselves from the main group found the Shistavanen attempting to contact them and bring them back into the fold. And yet, despite his attempts to put Starwind back on the right track, as well as trying to defend Gryff and Sybil in their tendency to be absent, Agir found he apparently had no respect from those he was attempting to help.

The final stroke came one day in the form of a simple attempt to watch out for the well-being of Sybil, who had become Gryff's lover by this point. Knowing she had only just been released from the medical ward after suffering a head injury, Agir attempted to keep her from going out drinking while he looked in to her medical status. The response from Gryff and Night over Starwind's comm channel was aggressive, and as Agir stood in the middle of the base attempting to access the day's medical records, he found himself face-to-face with a belligerent Gryff. Unable to see the logic behind Agir's motives, and having finally heard whispers of Agir's former connections with the Dominion, Gryff attempted to sucker-punch the Shistavanen, who turned the punch with the cybernetic right arm away and ignored further attempts to start a fight.

Gryff: "Get back here Agir! I'm not done with you!"

Agir: "Come find me when you're ready to apologize, Gryff. I'll be happy to tell you the truth then."

It would be almost two weeks before Gryff appeared at Agir's office in Starwind's new base, but it was not with an apology. Instead, Gryff began to lecture a dumbfounded Agir on responsibility, saying that the shistavanen had to "give up everything, as I have." Unable to stand this kind of talk, Agir bit back with his own words, which Gryff largely ignored. At last, it came to one final test, one that Gryff would fail.

Agir: "Fine, the clan is yours Gryff. I hope you're happy with yourself."

Gryff: "This clan has always been mine."

Realizing his former second of command had fallen so far as to forget a clan could not belong to any one person, but to all those that were a part of it, Agir Avro left Starwind. Within days, the clan was falling apart, while Agir found himself with several faces all looking to him to build a new way forward.

The Valmyr Nalani, Seekers of Freedom Edit

Snapshot 002-0

Agir Avro, as seen most recently.

The Valmyr, Agir Avro's most recent project, was an attempt to get back to the basics that made the first Starwind into a force for progress in the galaxy. Their actives have been noted as sporadic, with the group coming and going from the public eye on multiple occasions. Most notable of actions are the strike on a remote Dominion base that became the home of the group for several months, open strikes against Dominion operations, and a covert operation initiated by the short-lived Galactic Federation against the rogue Mandolorians of Death Watch that was ruined by an uninvolved jedi exposing the primary agent.