Ailon was originally an unpopulated planet and only recently populated in 23 BCW (Before Clone Wars). It has an environment similiar to that of the wookie homeworld. It is filled with large forests and has humid to cool climate. The forests are very densely vegitated, with a walls of trees and plants making many areas appear as if it were a fortress. It has few native species consisting of beasts, insects and other creatures found on many other worlds. It has a major Grand Army HQ in its capital City Agirus, and is the home of many many clones and settlers. Only one single ruin has ever been discovered on Ailon, but not a single adventuer that has ever gone in has come out. During exploration, a squad of clones entered this ruin but the transmission was lost and the clone bodies never found. Among its numerous oceans and plentiful forests there is one habitat rare among most planets, the dead zone. No one quite knows why or what may have caused this dead zone to exsist but for 1,000,000 sq Kilometers no life has ever been recorded to be found. The population has been ordered by the Republic to not enter this area under any circumstances.