Akemi was born on the Twi'lek home planet Ryloth. But as she only reached her second age, her parents moved to Naboo where her daddy (Tank'lor Cryotank) accepted a job offer at the space port in Theed. Soon there were signs that Akemi had a feeling for the force. But her parents didn't send her to Coruscant for to start with Jedi training. Akemi herself was to young and did not know alot about the force. As she growed older she get more and more fascinated by all the Jedi stroies she heard. She couldn't get enough of information and bought doucends of books about this theme. Soon she experienced her force sensitivity and the dream in herself raised to become Jedi one day. Her parents were not amused. They wanted her to have a quiet life with a good job and she should have one day her own family.

But Akemi thought different and did not want to get rid of her dream. She continued with all the Jedi things and trained how to use a Lightsabre. She researched in books how the different techinques were to handle with and watched videos for to learn as much as possible. She get also into meditation and learned to listen to the voice of the force.

Service for the QueenEdit

As a 15 age young girl she started with a weekend Job at the palace in Theed. She was nosy all the time and collected informations. What was first only like a game for her became serious as she got delicate informations. Always she told this informations the palace guards and soon she could meet the Queen of Naboo secretly. Impressed from her abillitie to get informations the Queen of Naboo hired her as an "agent" for "special missions" (no informations available about this kind of mission).

She worked hard and was very successful with her job. She won the trust of the Queens family very fast and was soon an important part of the secret agency of Naboo. But her dream to become Jedi growed and growed. That she met more an more often Jedi on her missions made the thing not easier. Some Jedi were impressed what Akemi learned alone, without to get teached. But always as she asked for to become Padawan at the Temple they told her that she is probably to old now. "To old? as a 20 year young one?" she always thought.

One Jedi she meet sometimes was like a brother for her. He was one of the secret keepers of the Jedi Temple in Coruscant and feed Akemi sometimes with informatons. Even when the informations weren't soo useful, Akemi felt how much this young Jedi wanted to help her. Even Akemis three Lightsabres (a green one, a blue one and a yellow one) she became secretly from this young Jedi.

She worked some more years for the Queens secret service as her wish to become Jedi growed so big that she decided to travel to all jedi Temple she knew and talk there with the Masters for to accept her as a Padawan.

She never quit the secret service job, even not as she now travels through the galaxy.

The Jedi PraxeumEdit

On her Visit to Coruscant she met two very friendly Jedi (Jedi Knight Vinshu Blessed and Jedi Padawan Mass Questi.)

The force led Akemi and The Jedi Praxeum Order with home in Coruscant accepted her as their Padawan.

Already in her first week as a Praxeum Padawan she learned alot and could go very much deeper into all this philosophy and she built her first own Lightsabre, called Wintersabre (made with Crystal, white blade).

Her Master, Sir Blessed shared his wisdome as often as possible with the young Akemi and she studied about all his advice gratefuly and with a huge passion (and serenity). Akemi nearly finished her training and was soon to be knighted but disappeared shortly before.