(( Because of the lack of background information concerning the Amaran species, information here is assumed. It is not canon, but is used to give depth to what would otherwise be a bland and terrible story. ))

Ansa'ki was an excellent metal-smith, and the forger of a great number of blades and plated-armor sets in the Outer Rim territories.

Her own armor was relatively low-quality, but contained a variety of lethal and highly-illegal weapons, many of which she created herself. Among these were liquid-nitrogen cannons and pulse-lasers.

She gained the name 'Scavenger' for her tendency to dig through junk piles for scrap and used parts; many of which find their way into the black-market, refurbished or rebuilt to serve new purposes. Of her weapons, most are etched with geometric symbols, said to 'protect the user' and 'break the opponent'. While not confirmed, this makes her handiwork very easy to identify.

Her current whereabouts are unknown.


Ansa'ki was born to an unknown family on the world of Amara, in the relatively unstructured southern hills of the western hemisphere. She was born with a mutated gene that gave her the distinctive gray fur that sets her apart from the norm, and labeled as an 'evil spawn' and an 'ill omen' by the superstitious family. Her mother, bound by ties that only a mother could know, kept her for nearly two months despite her aversion to the mutation, but was eventually forced to leave the child to whatever fate she may have.

She was never given a name.

By whatever twist of the strings the galaxy was tied to, the mutated amaran child managed to survive, though how is something she doesn't even know for herself.

She took the name Ansa'ki, a combination of the words 'ansari' and 'kitan'; loosely translated, her name means 'lucky scum'. In fact, she often considered herself 'so lucky she couldn't die' in her younger years, and time and again she found it couldn't be proved wrong. With increasingly daring acts, from petty theft of food to slicing into a banking terminal to stealing a full-sized starship, Ansa'ki proved that even a 'cursed' being could have the best of luck.

Unknown to her, her unnatural luck seemed to be a result of her Force-sensitivity, still undiscovered and untapped at the time.

Leaving Amara Edit

As good as Ansa'ki had life, it wasn't safe on her homeworld; gray amarans like herself were extremely rare, but certainly heard of. Those resigned to logic and reason thought of her as a criminal mutant, at best, and those with superstitions deemed it their duty to kill her outright regardless of laws. Time and again, only her 'luck' seemed to keep her alive, and it became obvious to her that staying on the planet would not be the best way to stay alive.

Using the ship she had taken some years ago, Ansa'ki left the world of Amara on the dorsal surface of a cargo-ship, attached through magnetic pads to slip past the primitive sensors used in orbit. She was 19 at the time.

Present Day Edit

Ansa'ki, still knowing nothing of her Force-sensitivity, currently wanders the galaxy in search of adventure; not valuables, fame, or otherwise, only excitement. She is an accomplished mechanic dealing with internal-combustion (now nearly prehistoric technology), computer-interface, and basic chemistry dealing with metals.

IC Notes Edit

Reputedly, there are a few rare sets of full plate-armor created by 'The Scavenger' that are comparable to Mandalorian beskar'gam. While impossible to verify, there have been reports of a few odd suits of battle-armor being passed along the black market, rumored to be able to deflect blaster-bolts with ease, take blows from lightsabers, and even some that conceal dangerous weapons of assassination...

(( OOC: There are a few no-copy/transfer suits of armor that are floating around SWRP, owned by various characters. These are all to be one-of-a-kind and fully scripted, in versions for several different species. Modding them may break them, so is ill-advised. ))