Anzat Spaceport Holo News report 001

Speculative Writer here bringing you another news report from the Anzat Spaceport. HoloNews ...

The spaceport was put on alert early today when an Anzati Dreadnaught named The Illusive returned after being away for almost 100 years. Details in the docking logs show that the ship was in poor repair and power systems almost completely depleted causing the docking alert .. The crew was seen leaving the ship and heading to the surface in an awaiting shuttle ... The spaceport is buzzing with stories about the dreadnaught for many it is the first time they have ever seen such a craft. Hanger techs say a number of items have been removed from the ship and logged into inventory.

Currently we are trying to gain an interview with any of the ships crew and will update on this story as soon as we know more ..

An interesting coincidence and one of the more favored rumors of the spaceport is that the Dreadnaught returned because the crew wanted to take part in this seasons hover bike races .. Seems nothing escapes the fever in the lead up to a hover bike and speeder race season..

so far we hear a number of groups are planning on registering teams and running bikes. we will bring you more details soon and race by race coverage as soon as the season gets underway ...

Report ends

Thankyou from Speculative Writer and all at Ansat Spaceport HoloNews

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