Space Pirates Anzat 512

Anzat Space Pirates

The ASP are a rag tag group of vilians, rogues, smugglers, pilots, corrupt officials, Jedi, Sith, Mandos or any other race or alien that can fight and steel things. Based in Anzat spaceport the pirates run raids on other planets and take ships and cargo to sell on.

Group Setup

Anzat Space Pirates is the main group for all the gangs to keep in touch with each other.

To keep things fair we will have an NPC Captain of all the pirate gangs ( we will call them Captain NPC ) . Captain NPC will be used to make announcements and run stories plot twists ect you know the deal regular NPC stuff. Issues or problems with Captain NPC can be discussed and voted on by all gang members. The same goes for any other issues that come up.

The Pirate Gangs

Pirate Gangs run under their own Flag.

All Groups are represented by their Captain

OOC Captains can suggest story ideas any time, share any issues they have and suggest a vote by all captains on an issue if discussion cannot work it out. The aim is to give the group a sound base with input from all and keeping the ability to hear everyones views.

Captains will manage their own gang IC and OOC as they choose and can recruit members into their gang. Assign group member tasks ect .

Gangs members can fight amongst themselves and bitch to the Captain about things. If the Captain thinks its a real issue for all gangs they take it to the other Captains. If that issue is then forced to a vote every group member of every gang gets a vote. This should give the ability for each gang to grow in its own way and have its own identity.

Players can join any existing Gang as long as the captain will take them .

Starting your own Gang

To start a Gang a player needs 2 Captains to say its ok and approve their flag and Gang Name. If thats ok you are a Captain and can start running your Gang.

SIM stuff

Anzat Spaceport is a haven for pirates and Gangs can dock their ships there. Hopefully we get a few gangs set up and we can defend our selves well.

Ship Rules

To keep ships within the limits of sl SIMs and with the hope of Gang ships in future being excepted on other sims, we are going to follow some rules on Ships construction and use.

250 prims max on ships no exceptions.

No stupid high scripted stuff or insane weapons.

Don't be an idiot with size it must be able to dock on one of the 64X64 landing platforms in teh spaceport.

You need group land rights to rez your gang ship in Anzat.

See Glitch Tennant to get your ship approved and Rez rights.

Your Ship is a representation of you and your Gang. Any tricks adding things after your approved or using different unapproved ships under your gangs flag and your talking over a ban with Glitch ..

If you want to change ships and things its ok as long as you get it Approved. No pulling any "oh i thought it would be ok crap" ! OK. Im fair when i deal, try and bluff me and you fold.

Players and Gangs can come from any where and sell, refuel or repair in Anzat

Any players that want to join contact Glitch Tennant and

Gang Example

Gang Name : Flaming Claw

Gang Leader : Glitch Tennant

Motto : Give us credit for a job well done.

Ship : Flaming Claw Crusader

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