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Anzat Spaceport is a trade area refuelling station and visitor stopover it is generally considered a safe area to be on the planet. There is some known pirate activity so be aware.

Civilian Visitors, Workers and Traders arrive at the Anzat spaceport shuttle landing area . The shuttle system is the main mode of transport within Anzat and is considered a safe way to travel. If you need to get any where look for a shuttle port.

Larger ships land on the main loading/landing platforms.

In Character it is assumed you have arrived for trade or entertainment. You either arrive in a shuttle or a larger ship that is docked in the spaceport.

Traders, travellers, ship owners, racers and warriors are visiting to buy, sell, bargain, bet, dine and drink.

The Anzati trade in minerals gases, metals, power and medical supplies.

The spaceport is able to undertake any Ship repairs needed and offers full refuelling and refining facilities. Please contact the Spaceports head Technician Glitch Tennant for help with ship docking repair and refuelling.

IC work is available in the Spaceport.

Maggots Cantina Edit

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The Cantina requires. DJs, Bar and Kitchen staff, dancers and other forms of entertainment.

Technicians are able to work in the main hanger and on the fuel rigs.

Medical facilities require Healers.

Spaceport Gardens Edit

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The Garden requires caretakers with knowledge of plants from across the galaxy.

We are happy for you to get involved in role play in Anzat feel free to use any of the above ideas to become part of it.

Anzat is well placed in the galaxy and near to a major space hyperlane and close but not too close to Hutt space.

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