Arch Lord, is an ancient title used by the blood line of the Haj'ra family of which whom are closely related to the secretive organization called the House of Ragnos who were Sith (species) dedicated to serve and protect the teachings of the Dark Lord Marka Ragnos in his glory. The title is directly related to the Disciples of Ragnos. The one with the title serves as overseer of the organization. Passed down through centuries dated back to the Old Republic era of 5000 BBY, the title of Arch Lord moved through the generations of the blood line of the Haj'ra family. Firstly starting with Dae'dah Haj'ra I or otherwise known as Darth Sae'hal I. After Sae'hal I died, the line title was passed down thousands of years later in secret to Dae'dah Haj'ra II or otherwise known as Darth Sae'hal II (The true one), Darth Exitium's father. Later then after Dae'dah II's death, Sila-Haj'ra (Exitium) took the title of Arch Lord through the blood line. It was then that the blood line was finally redeemed, as for the longest of time it had been dormant or misused. In time, Guntai Haj'ra, or otherwise known as Darth Sae'hal II (III in truth) took up the title of Arch Lord after his plot of murdering his cousin was a success.

It's unknown if the title was made use of or dormant in the blood line between the time of Dae'dah Haj'ra I's death and Dae'dah II's claim of the title.

Arch Lord RequirementsEdit

While there were many who claimed the title of Arch Lord, many of which had done so illegitimately. The following is a list of requirements for one to claim the religious and bloodline-based title.

The claimer must:

  • Be of the bloodline of the Haj'ra family, born naturally through child birth
  • Be a successfully trained Sith Lord
  • Be a dedicated follower of the Dark Lord Marka Ragnos
  • Be an actively serving councilman or woman of any faithful Ragnos worshiping organization
  • Be leading a group of followers, acting as the overseer
  • Be alive
  • Be sure that the last claimed Arch Lord is dead (Or denounced their title)

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