Aromée Abdala was a Human noble born during the Clone Wars. Raised as the pinacle of the Abdala, a rich pro-Human family, she was genetically modified at several occasions in order to achieve what her parents believed was the "genetical perfection".

She eventually rebelled against her father's control, joined the Alliance to restore the Republic and was notably instrumental to the sucess of the Rebels' mission on Sedri. After the war, she secluded herself on a remote station until 251 ABY, when she was assaulted by a group of mercenaries who were looking for information regarding the Golden Sun.


Early lifeEdit

Initial Background


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Kafey Abdala, the infamous

Aromée's father, Kafey, was a crafty scoundrel with a gift for numbers and xeno-biology. Excluded from Corulag Academy after his supervisor found out about his smuggling, he went on his own, founded Abdala Grocery on his native world of Corfai and then moved to Coruscant in 30 BBY. Deeply convinced that Humanity was genetically superior, Kafey joined the pro-Human Commission for the Protection of the Republic and became a strong supporter of Surpeme Chancellor Palpatine.

From 22 BBY to 19 BBY, Kafey took advantge of the Clone Wars : he led a few smuggling missions and concluded several contracts with different groups which provided him with a considerable wealth. Those groups include Black Sun, Hutt Cartel and different branches of what would become the Galactic Empire. He met his wife, Vanya Garvik, in 20 BBY, founded the Abdala Clinic on Coruscant the year later and both gave birth to Aromée end of 19 BBY, shortly after Palpatine came to power. As the first born of the family, Aromée had been eagerly awaited and her parents made sure that she "would be a success" by genetically arranging some of her features, from both functional and esthetical points of view.


Aromée spent her Childhood on Coruscant. Surprisingly, Kafey and Vanya proved to be good parents. On the other hand, they encouraged their daughter to regard non-Human species as inferior and use them as servants. Two years and a half later, Aromée had initially the displeasure of welcoming her little brother Mok-Ah into the family. Excessive DNA manipulations left him autistic : regarding him as their worst failure so far, Kafey and Vanya soon developed disdain for their second son, which prompted Aromée to compensate and overprotect him. The youngest brother, Aardbei, was born in 13 BBY.

In 11 BBY, Maridun was discovered by the Galactic Empire and soon enough, Kafey seized the opportunity : he took the lion's share of Maridun's slavery, effectively establishing his family as Galactic slavers. Meanwhile, Aromée made the acquaintance of Pooja Naberie. Her wisdom and magnanimity inspired Aromée and slowly, she started question her father's behavior.

Adolescence & Raithal AcademyEdit

Aromée's adolescence was particularly violent and wayward. Openly challenging authorities for their lack of scruple, she eventually indulged herself in drugs, becoming addicted to Death Stick, and acted dangerously until she was spotted by an ambitious man going by the name of Talon Karrde. At that time, he was building his network and Aromée was an interesting opportunity to infiltrate some otherwise hermetic circles. Taking her under his wing, he taught her lessons about deception, planning, management and team leading in exchange for a blind loyalty as the teenager regarded him as a new "fatherly compass". The girl kept true to her new ideals, however, and simply waited for the appropriate time to expose them.

With this knowledge, Aromée spent a few more quieter years until she eventually graduated and was admitted in Raithal Academy. Despite being one of the few female students there, she managed to avoid bullying with her admirable sociability and a few cunning tricks inspired by her mentor. Amongst her other notable successes, Aromée studied Imperial Laws, Imperial History, Team and Company Management : she proved to be the best in each of these. On the top of the theoretical formation, Raithal students were trained in Blasters and other light weapons. Aromée was initially unimpressive with those and thus, she took advantage of the considerable family's fortune to be grafted neural implants in order to increase her quickness.

In parallel of her studies, the first born of the Abdala's family built her own network with locals and started earning money in her own right.

Imperial Intelligence & rebellionEdit

Analysis BureauEdit

Aromée was spotted by the Imperial Intelligence , due to her skills and her connections in the High Society. Fortunately for her, the time she spent claiming how much she despised her father and his motives, were dismissed as a mere adolescent crisis. It is rumored that Karrde arranged the disappearance of the most compromising stories about her. Thus, in 2 BBY, the Imperial Agent Hilad Garlad approached Aromée and hired her in the Analysis Bureau. She successively worked in the Cryptanalysis, Media and Signal sections. Her work was praised by her supervisors, leading her to an interview with the Director Armand Isard. After a successful probation, the latter transfered Aromée to the Operation Bureau - aka "The Bureau" - to be part of field missions.

The BureauEdit

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Aromée, Imperial Intelligence agent

During her time working for "The Bureau", Aromée decided it was time to actively work against her father's allies and started sabotaging missions. She took part in the assault of the Ghost Base but managed to prepare the return of the Rebels and played minor yet useful role behind the scenes during the first stages of the Rebellion. Using the knowledge she gathered during her time at the Analysis Bureau, she managed to lay traps for the Imperials without being spotted and thus became an invisible ally of the Rebellion. 

So far, Aromée's life had been full of success. Yet with each mission sabotaged, the noose around her neck tightened. In 0 ABY, after the successful Battle of Yavin, Aromée was sent to track the culprits of the attack but instead tried to cover their tracks. Doing so, she was eventually confronted and taken down by Vic Pitarc who handed her over to Ysanne Isard. She wasn't granted a swift execution, as the ambitious Isard decided to use Aromée as a guinea pig for further genetical manipulations, along with other unfortunates who crossed the Empire's path.

Missions for the RebellionEdit

Pen-and-paper, In-Character

In 1 ABY, the Bacta tanks retaining Aromée and a few others mysteriously broke. The whole group escaped the Imperial Base and soon figured that the Alliance to Restore the Republic was behind their rescue. Having no other place to go for now, Aromée officially joined the Rebellion and worked at the Delta Base inside a whole new team, composed of 6 members. In addition of Aromée, the team included:

  • A Force-sensitive Ithorian known as Odinur, aka "Wawa"
  • A female Wookie called Lobaccy
  • Sarande, a human Force-sensitive with a strong affinity with melee weapons
  • Aayza Oneeta, a female Twi'Lek expert in stealth
  • "Corbeau", an expert in explosive and ranged combats

Together, they led 7 missions from 1 ABY to 3 ABY, ranging from extractions to assassinations. They were given their own ship that they nicknamed "Space Crazy Turtle", a queer name that would make fellow rebels smirk each time they heard it. In general, Aromée proved to be an asset for the team, thanks to her social skills and her networks of contacts. She was also tapping in her family's fortune as many times as possible, leading her group to unpleasant situations when some of her former allies proved to be more inclined to help her father.

Count Fardo ElekinsEdit

In 2 ABY, the members of the team were investigating the odd precognitive dreams they had following to their exposure to an unidentified Force Artifact found on Onderon's moon. Aromée took advantage of her short-lived prescience and prevented a bomb attack led by an unwilling young girl. This sudden action allowed her father's former ally, Count Fardo Elekins, to spot her on the local news channel.

Fardo was an Anzati sensible to the ideas of "racial superiority" advocated by Kafey. While he held humanity in high esteem, he however believed the Anzati to be the superior race and was constantly disappointed by the excessive individuality of his kin. Fardo lost faith in the Galactic Empire after the Battle of Yavin: he got closer to the Rebellion, regarding it as the future of the Galaxy. Hoping to get loyal support within it, Fardo used Kafey's work and devised a way to add Anzati's internal organs to human and near-human bodies. Individuals turned that way would likely remain silent about this, knowing that Force-Sensitive people within the Rebellion could regard them as a danger up to the point that they would dispose of them. As Aromée had been through significant DNA manipulation even before her birth, he believed her to be more prepared for this treatment than most. He caught her while she was resting at a local inn and soon had the pleasure to figure out that his researches were fruitful: Aromée was unwillingly turned into an Anzati. This was her third and last DNA "improvement", once more imposed by a mad scientist.

Her relationship with Fardo was similar to the one she held with her father, only more violent. She openly challenged him, to the point he blackmailed her, threatening to reveal her nature to Sarande and the other Jedi she was working with. An uneasy truce settled between the two, Fardo reluctantly renouncing the idea of manipulating Aromée for now as long as she wouldn't go after him in return. Thus, she remained silent about his project, despite knowing that he would spread his plague even further.

Battle for the Golden SunEdit

SPOILER ALERT : the following section discloses signifcant plot details of West End Games' scenario, Battle for the Golden Sun. Do not read if you intend to play it one day.

In 3 ABY, the team was asked to investigate the disappearance of Mors Odrion , a Mon Calamari diplomat who was looking for a fabled Force artifact known as the Golden Sun. The group met Odrion's associate, Rekara, who was found on the Delta Base  and while being mentally affected by the events, she managed to speak about a planet called Sedri. This planet had been dissimulated for centuries partly because of its geographical position (it was located in a void), but also because of the influence of the Golden Sun itself.


Pek, priest of the Golden Sun

Upon landing on the planet, Aromée's team managed to rescue a Sedrian called Pek from an Imperial squadron. Pek led the group to Fitsay, the capital of the Sedrian, and together they planned an assault on the Imperial Sea Guarrison. The Rebels managed to take it down with the help of the AT-AT swimmer prototype that they hijacked. Investigation inside the buildings led them to figure out that there was an agreement between the imperial troops and a local renegade priest, Karak, who was hoping to get the control of the Golden Sun if the Imperials conquered the planet.

With the Imperials out of the picture, Karak moved forward and led a direct attack on Fitsay in order to achieve his goal, but was swiftly defeated by the Rebels. There, the team understood that the Golden Sun was a semi-sentient creature. Its benevolence was genuine but easy to manipulate. Rather than risking another crisis, the rebels chose to lay the Golden Sun to rest forever.

This mission led to various outcomes. First and foremost, the whole team managed to discover a new planet and free it from the Imperial grip. Sedrian joined the Rebellion and opened their borders to foreigners. Economy flourished, as evidenced by the success of SedriMotors Limited whose main shareholder was none other than Aromée.

This was also the very last mission that the team led together, because of growing internal tensions. Sarande and Corbeau were often at odd, as the first was a self-righteous would-be Jedi while the other was an unscrupulous mercenary showing no real interest for the common good. Aayza turned out to be a Jedi undercover, one of the few who survived the Order 66, and was taking interest in Aromée's new signature within the Force. Fearful that she wouldn't be able to hide her nature, Aromée decided to part with the rest of the group and was soon followed by the others. It was time for her to start her individual career.

Later days within the New RepublicEdit

SL-SWRP Background

After the "Battle for the Golden Sun" mission, Aromée took part in different battles, being assigned to various team in order to provide them with support. She seized the opportunity to learn the basics of Battle Strategy despite lacking actual opportunities to put them into practice. She was commanding a small squadron during the Battle of Endor, and her feud with her family finally came to a term when she personally captured Kafey and Aardbei during the Liberation of Coruscant. Her harsh and incriminatory testimony against her own father left the judge doubtful and led Jedi to consider her as "too angered to be trusted". Contrary to what she was hoping, her relatives were spared and kept into custody. Vanya renounced her daughter - despite the fact that this had no legal value anymore - Aardbei asked the permission to change his name and cut ties with everyone, effectively vanishing from official records. Within two years, Kafey even managed to gain a relative freedom and was allowed to pursue his research of the "perfect gene" despite the global disapproval of the New Order.

As for Aromée, she spent a few years developing her own industrial empire, using what remained of her family's fortune to make sound and fruitful investments.



The Abdala Family. From top left to bottom right: Kafey, Vanya, Aromée, Mok-Ah and Aardbei.

The Fate of the AbdalaEdit

Three years after the Liberation of Coruscant, Aromée and Kafey's relationships became less tense. She eventually came to the conclusion that despite her disapproval of his views and his methods, he had at least been a dedicated father. Her hatred wasn't justified.

In 11 ABY, Kafey managed to create a dangerous drug which would allow his autistic son, Mok-Ah, to clear his mind. As often with Kafey, his goals were ambiguous: he wanted to allow his son to live fully, but also expected Mok-Ah to help him back. Despite the risks, Mok-Ah was given the drug and soon enjoyed his new-found freedom of mind: he proved to be a real genius, surpassing his father. The whole family and its surrounding was astonished with his sudden progress, oblivious to Kafey's questionable methods.

This beautiful and happy outcome wasn't meant to last: ten months later, the side-effects were confirmed. Mok-Ah was developing irreversible brain damages that would eventually lead him to severe personality disorder. Kafey confessed the truth to his son, who in turn rejected him and went to Aromée. She hosted him for a while, until his mental state ostensibly degraded. According to his wish, she bought him a remote station where he wanted to spend his last days.

When she learned about the drug, Aromée went to see her father, furious, and gave him a final hateful rant that left the old man broken. The day later, his bodyguards found him dead: he took his life during the night. Aromée learned about this when she reached her brother's station. She also had the dreadful surprise of finding Mok-Ah completely void of expression, brain-dead: he had left a holoprojection in which he explained that Kafey went to see him at the station and they both worked for 10 hours on this "perfect gene". Mok-Ah knowingly took a fatal dose of drug to be more efficient than ever and they managed to find the solution of their irresolvable issue. Their father, he said, was the only one who knew the results. Indeed, this story didn't make sense since Kafey died days ago. Unable to solve this mystery, Aromée realized that she had brought destruction to her family despite her recent change of mind regarding her father's actions.

Aandele stationEdit

Distraught by the recent events, fearful of her own nature, Aromée distanced herself from the Galaxy. Now an Anzati, her life would span across centuries and she wanted to take the time to ponder her past and her future. During years, she observed the return of Palpatine, the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, the conflict with Jacen Solo and came to the conclusion that there was no sense to History. Her own efforts had proved to be vain, as Sedri closed its border soon after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong war, Sedrian people being unwilling to live such a terrible event again. The rise of the One Sith only bolstered her opinion.

Aromée decided to seclude herself, cutting most of the her ties in the Galaxy. Living on the station where her brother died, now called "Aandele Station", she limited her interactions with people to what was necessary. She invested her fortune in three groups of portfolios with different aims:

  • "Alimentary": investments in companies with sufficient deontology, from which she expected to earn money
  • "Good-Faith": reinvestments of profits into genuinly benevolent initiatives such as social security, to help the common good
  • "Advanced": special investments in companies whose goals interested her

Over the years, Aromée developed different personas and fake identities. She made sure those would be credible by taking advantage of her wonderful lifespan. Typical examples of Aromée's deceptive strategy include children that she helped, who in turn pretending to be her grandparents in their late life. The Anzati led this pointless existence for centuries, until 251 ABY.

Return to realityEdit

SL-SWRP In-Character

Chasing after the chasersEdit

In 251 ABY, a group of mercenaries suddenly stormed into Aandele Station. Having no idea of what they were looking for, Aromée activated the station's defences. The stress led her to lose control: as she managed to corner one of the assaulters, she was unable to resist the temptation of planting her facial tentacles into his brain. While this experience should have allowed her to gain his memories, it wasn't the case, Aromée being unfocused and horrified by her own behavior. The group retreated and fled to Salis D'aar. After much pondering, Aromée decided to follow their trail and learn more about their motivation. She managed to figure out their destination by analyzing the hyperdrive jump and soon landed in the capital of Bakura for the first time of her life.

There, she was unable to locate the group. Few weeks after her arrival, riots against the Monarchy led to a global mayhem, several thousands of refugees leaving the planet for Coruscant. Thinking her targets might have followed the move, she did so as well and traveled to her homeworld. Pretending to be Aarifa Jedilak, a pilot expert in urgent extraction, she hired the help of Axel Sharpe, a pilot, and Netra, a Mandalorian, to track down those who attacked her. They are currently investigating the few leads they could find.

In parallel, Aromée took interest in companies that she never heard of before. Mainly, Alarah Kel's Paragon Enterprises caught her attention. She intends to invest some of her money on the company, at least up to the "alimentary" level.

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Aromée on Coruscant, 251 ABY


Rebellion EraEdit

During the Rebellion Era, Aromée was a dynamical and ever-enthusiasmic businesswoman who saw opportunities wherever she went. Her education led to few frustrations, and she had to deal with it once she wandered off-trail.

Her personality could be summarized by three axes. The first and most important was "volunteering benevolence", as she used to act for what she deemed good without much thinking. Inspiring and charismatic, she knew how to harangue her fellow rebels. But for all her good-will and cunning plans, she often failed to watch her own back and this would have led to terrible outcomes without her allies to get her out of troubles.

The second was "coquetry". Aromée was known for her expensive outfits and cosmetics : she despised wearing armors and even her on-field uniforms were decorated with sophisticated patterns or took unusual shapes. Along with this obsession came a certain affection for arts and leisure.
Snapshot 1623

An example of Aromée's vast wardrobe by 251 ABY

The last axe was "taste for secrecy and conspiration". Aromée was raised in the midst of political mayhem and developed a certain addiction to plots in which many politicians indulged. While not exactly a great holo-chess player, Aromée was still one of the most creative and unpredictable strategist of her era as evidenced by her success during the Rebellion. 

Amongst the other notable personality traits, Aromée bore a strong hatred of esclavagism in every form. She believes in fair trade and made sure her associates were equally rewarded for their help. Her transformation into an Anzati led her to doubt of herself, as she felt she wouldn't be able to control her attraction for "strong-willed" individuals.

Post-Legacy EraEdit

Two centuries of seclusion later, Aromée was still globally the same, only more jaded. Less inclined to involve herself in adventures, she displayed more patience in planning her schemes. Her disillusioned philosophy is the result of years of depressing observation mixed with the frustration of being unable to build anything that would last. She envies those who manage to organize groups which survive several centuries and reassure herself in a rather petty way, knowing that nothing is eternal and all will eventually wither.

Her previous experiences with Force Users led her to regard them as deluded victims of a higher, invisible power - The Force - whose goals are not aligned with those of sentient species. As such, she holds Force Users as diseased fools who refuse to heal themselves, either by denial (Jedi) or insecurity (Sith). She also draws a parallel between her own situation, thinking that Force Users are lucky to be able to severe their connection to the Force yet too coward to do so.


Aromée is an expert in several fields.

  • Her charisma is her best advantage, followed by her improved agility and her high intelligence.
  • During the course of her adventures, she learned four languages in addition to Basic: Twi'leki, Shyriiwook (understood only, hard to speak like a Wookie), Sedrian and Mando'a.
  • Aromée certainly inherited Kafey's flair for business and investment, as well as his wonderful social skills. She masters diplomacy, bluff and deception.
  • Her field missions and her enhanced agility turn her into a formidable ranged fighter specialized in light weaponry. While she wouldn't stand a chance against similarly experienced and specialized soldier, she can count on her charisma and sense of tactics to inspire her allies.
  • Her time in the Imperial Intelligence allowed her to learn a lot about propaganda, but also about hijacking, signal analysis and computer use in general.

In 251 ABY, her modus operandi is somewhat different as it is based on discretion. She never called any company or group by her name (an exception is the late Abdala's Corporation, named this way by Kafey), prefers to keep low-profile and gathers information in order to get the upper hand over her interlocutors. Then only, she displays her real persona.

Aromée doesn't willingly use her Anzati's "feats", as she regards them as a curse rather than proper advantages. In order to avoid incidents, Aromée wears a strap of leather over her face, soaked with adhesive pomade which is supposed to prevent the tentacles from emerging. In order to make it less suspicious, she added fine jewelry on the top of it so that the whole set looks like an eccentric accessory that could suit her outfit.

Fake identitiesEdit

Aromée has built several fake identities over the course of the centuries, taking advantage of her long life to make them more consistent. She portrayed both females and males Twi'Lek, Humans and Zeltron. Currently, she's trying to learn Hapan and Chagri languages in order to expand the range of her personas. As of 251 ABY, Aromée has 8 fake identities, including:

  • Aarifa Jedilak, a human pilot. This identity doesn't require many physical changes as Aarifa is close to Aromée, with the exception of her brown hair and eyes. Aarifa is born on Corfai, a planet that Aromée knows well as this was Kafey's homeworld. Her education can be followed through official registers as Aromée bribed the examinators. Aarifa's job is officially "pilot specialized in urgent extraction", a fact that can put Aromée in a difficult situation as she has no skill in piloting or astrogating. Someone who know Aromée would recognize her immediately.
  • NalanNala

    Nalan Gella, random Twi'Lek dancer

    Nalan Gella, a Twi'lek dancer. Blue-skin is obtained through extensive bodypainting that can last several days, red lenses are used for the eyes. Aromée's hair is hidden under a layer of skin-like rubber layer and inside the fake lekkus. In order to complete the disguise, she adds a typical Twi'lek crown over her forefront so that the bulges of her hairbase cannot be seen. Overall, the disguise works well but Aromée cannot hide her natural facial feature, including her wide noise, large eyes and retracted chin, which explains why she uses Nalan's identify only with people who never met her previously. The real Nala was a Twi'Lek student from Bespin, who used to drink so much that one night, she involved herself in some pretty shameful and reputation-hindering pornographic Holomovie. Desperately seeking a way to erase her tracks, she caught the attention of Aromée who proposed her a large sum of money - enough to start a new life - in exchange for her name and identity. This identity is thus credible and many people can talk about Nalan's performances. Obviously, Aromée cannot control her lekku for now and as long as she hasn't found a solution, she avoids contact with other Twi'Leks, pretending to have been raised in a Basic-speaking environment.The real Nalan went to Tatooine and managed to find a decent job at Czerka Corporation.
  • Linda Garvik, an old businesswoman.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Aromée Abdala was a Star Wars D20 character created as a Player Character of a role-playing game campaign taking place during the Rebellion Era . The campaign lasted from 2005 to 2008 [1]. Present Aromée's background has been adapted to suit a more canon-friendly storyline.
  • Kafey was ironically a more recent character and was played from 2012 to 2014 [2] in a Star Wars "Holocron" campaign [3].
  • The Fate of the Abdala is strongly inspired by the album "Theory of Everything" by Ayreon.
  • Aromée's current philosophy regarding the Force is inspired from Kreia's philosophy, though the former has no knowledge of the latter.


  3. Star Wars "Holocron" is a fork of Star Wars Miniatures published by a fan of Star Wars. Awaiting for his approval to reference his rulebook here.