Overveiw== Astrotech is a long standing and powerful corporation based off of coruscant. Astrotech if the father corporation of Xartec Cybernetics, Harmony Medical,The Corellian mining Corp., Trident Robotics, and Aegis Armaments. Additonally Atrotech recently became one of the major shareholders of Mon Calamari Shipbuilders.


Founded in 40 ABY by Lord Aegis a decorated officer from naboo. the small company focused on the production arms and armament including the duo-task sniper and the famous line of Aegis Exoskeletons. The company became famous for integrating the most recent technology from many different worlds and cultures into their products. At first the company struggled to kick off due to their high prices. However, this was quickly remedied by the company beginning to produce lower end products using bits and peices of their higher end products. This allowed the company to sell their products at competitive prices while holding an edge in terms of performance.

By 200 ABY Astrotech had expanded into one of the largest corporations in the galaxy, becoming one of the leads in the feild of both weapons and medical tech. In 228 ABY Astrotech bought a majority of the stocks for the Mon Calamari Shipyard. This purchase led to both Astrotech and the shipyard benefitting from the sharing of trade secrets and technology. In 230 ABY Astrotech Is now stronger than ever and aims to keep advancing their feilds and keeping the satisfaction of their customers

Recent Technological BreakthroughsEdit

-Exoskeleton suits - Astrotech was one of the premium producers of large scale exoskeleton platforms before a breakthrough in power technology allowed them to make their design much more compact. The new power cells allowed the size of the suit to shrink dramatically allowing the wearer more flexibility and maneuverability in combat. In 230 ABY Astrotech announce their newest exo-suit codenamed AREX MK V which is said to be their perfected model and one of the greatest combat platforms the galaxy had ever seen.

-Cybernetics implants - With the purchase of Harmony medical and Xartec cybernetics, Astrotech brought a breakthrough in the feild by creating implants which had a 99% chance of complete compatibility with the patient. This meant that most clients would never reject the implants as a foreign body

- Digital Consciousness - In 210 ABY Astrotech developed a way to store a humanoids consciousness in a digital format without destroying the orignal body. This allowed the corporation to plant a real individuals consciousness into a robotic body. With this technology it was possible to have Human Replica droids carry the actual consciousness of the individual they were modeled after. In 215 ABY the New Republic Banned this technoloy due to the dangers involved. However, rumor has it for the right price once can still unergo this process.

- Force Dampening tech - Astrotech developed a device which could fit into the pocket of an individual. This device has a limited 5 yard range but would protect its wearer from various force abilities such as mind and aura reading. Many dignitaries and politicians use this device when meeting force users to prevent them from using the force to influence their decisions.

- Anti-Force Tech - In 230 ABY astrotech announced it had sucessfuly sythensized a void crystal. Following this annoucement they announced they they had constructed a droid which contains theese crystals that was designed to fight and aprehend force users. Though the details of the crystals have not yet been announced, developers have said that during tests force users in close proximity to a charged crystal were unable to connect with the force or manipulate it.

- Hyperspace disrupters - A still experimental but promising device which could serve a wide array of millitary applications. The device when placed along a hyperspace route will pull a ship or fleet of ships into normal space. The sudden deceleration will throw the vessel off course requiring a full navigational computer reset. in the meantime the vessels are stranded in null space. The final version of this device is rumored to be presented at ths years Astrotech Expo.

Notable FiguresEdit

Lord Aegis (CEO 40 ABY - 70 ABY)

Dal Aegis (President 60 ABY- 70 ABY, CEO 70 ABY - 170 ABY)

Rosaland Aegis (CEO 170 ABY - 205 ABY)

Moira Aegis (CEO 205 ABY- Present)

Kyle Katarn IV (President 225 ABY - Present)

Nikolai Sparrowtree (SVP 223 ABY - Present)

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