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Aren knight 3
Aurelia "Aren" Mal'veah
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Haruun Kal


208 ABY

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1.71m (5' 7")

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Light Tan

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Post-Legacy era

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XRoniaX Resident

Aurelia "Aren" Mal'veah is a Jedi Knight (Sentinel) of the Dantooine Jedi Enclave. Her turbulent past ended up as she found the peaceful and inspiring place of Dantooine.

Early YearsEdit

(Based on fictional events in SWRP))


The origin
Mal'veah Family crest

Crest of the Ghôsh Mal, with it's Members Mal'veah

of the Lastname, Mal'veah, has been unknown. Investigations would lead to a Jedi Master during the Clone Wars with the Name Rundo Valeah. As a Sentinel Shadow he was sent to Haruun Kal and eventually survived the Great Jedi Purge. What is known is that the Jedi Master has married a Korun of the Ghôsh Mal. Yet it had two different Tribes, the Othari, Warriors of the Ghôsh Mal and the Faroth, Hunters of the Ghôsh Mal, with the diplomatic skills of Valeah, eventually a third tribe was founded which later became the tribe Veah within the Ghôsh. Also known is that Ghôsh Mal today is presented by the tribes of Mal'veah, Mal'othari and Mal'faroth, which is symbolized in the Crest of the Ghôsh Mal as 3 erratic rhombuses, whilst the other symbol eventually indicates the strength of each tribe in Numbers. Members of the Ghôsh, refer to each other by calling the Tribe Name, which in case Aurelia Mal'veah would be Aurelia Veah, or as Aurelia Mal to show unity during official gatherings of the Ghôsh.

Born in 208 ABY on Haruun Kal, her parents emigrated to Coruscant as soon they were able to and prospered at the manufacturing industry. In later years Aurelia's mother told her Daughter they left her homeworld, because of a warning from a Force Ghost during a vision. As all Korunnai were Force-sensitive and used their Force powers to bind akk dogs and grassers to themselves.

" I need to talk to you about your daughter. She is strong with the force and with guidance, patience and work, she'll become a strong force for the Light "

— Aneuryn Bey to the Parents of Aurelia

In 212 ABY a Jedi crossed the paths of the young girl. Aurelia was strong with the force and held two villains in check with the help of it. Aneuryn Bey, the Jedi Knight who found her, spent days with Aurelia and her parents and finally convinced them to allow her to bring her to the Jedi Council as they would decide if the young girl will become a Jedi. Aneuryn Bey was considered to be among the oldest and dearest friends of Aurelia, as she felt a large amount of gratitude to her for discovering her Force sensitivity and ensuring that she would be given a home at the Jedi Temple.

" She is limiting herself, deviant to people who try to teach her and to top that, she has no doubts that the teachers are holding her back. She can't become your Padawan, Master Bey "

— an unkown Master about Aurelia, to Master Bey

After seve

Aurelia as youngling

ral days of testing, the young girl became an Initiate as a Youngling. Masters refered to her as being powerful with the force, but limiting herself. Her lazyness and impatience were slowing the progress of her training down and made it more and more risky. When Aurelia turned 10 Aneuryn Bey offered the Council to take the Youngling as her Padawan, but they weren't sure if the paths of Aurelia would be one of a Jedi, and both of them would be emotionally too much attached to each other anyways, due to Bey has found the Girl and brought her to the Temple. By courtesey of Aneuryn Bey's negotiating skills, Bey was able to convince the Council, that they shouldn't send a potentially strong Jedi to the Service Corps, but instead having a closer eye on her during the time as an Apprentice would allow her to become Part of the Order. It's unknown, but eventually Bey acquainted the Council to train Aurelia anyways, if they agree or not.

Padawan - Chapter IEdit

" I've chosen you to become my Padawan for two Reasons. The first is because i trust in you and lost one of my former Padawans. The second is, that the Council doubt your abilities to become a Jedi. My dear, I want you to remind them, that they are not free from mistakes! "

— Master Bey to Aurelia


Meditation as Padawan

As the council gave permission to take the Youngling as her Padawan, Bey and Aurelia spent much time with meditating to strengthen the connection of Aurelia with the force and to make her reflect her own flaws. The progress still was slow even the older Padawan of Bey, Rika Sy'rin Th'ek tingled the young humans curiosity and got her from beeing lazy to interested.

" For a moment i thought, i would have lost both of you, then Aurelia has shown us, that she wears her heart on the right place. An important thing for a Jedi, Rike, we both can learn from it. "

— Master Bey to her Padawans Aurelia and Rike

As the time went by Aurelia was talented but not where she could have been and Rika Sy'rin Th'ek felt herself slowed down in her progress by the young human, especially since Bey have given much of her attention to the young human, so the Twi'lek became emotional during a training fight and used her emotions to strike, but Aurelia intuitive acting, could stop her friend. Even though Aneuryn Bey talked to them later about her fear that she has lost both her Padawans, Aurelia stayed and helped her friend back to the light side.

A few days after Aurelias 17th birthday, her Master and her got a mission on Tattooine. Rike had to stay on Coruscant for her Trials of Knowledge. As the two approached at Tattoine they found a whole village burning and every civilian dead. To find the source of this event both, the Master and the Padawan split apart. Aurelia, as she became strong in tracking echoes through the force, found those who were responsible for the crime in a Cave. Seing them celebrating the victory and bragging about how they were killing the people, nearly overwhelmed the young woman, but she was able to calm down again to finish her task. Guiding her Master to the place where she found the Villians, both had to witness that Dark Jedi were among them. A heated fight inflamed after short negotiations but the Villains were too many. Bey got wounded in her stomach by a Blaster bolt and both had to escape. To cover the retreat, Aurelia destroid the ceiling of the Cave and eventually killed some of the Villains

"I wish Rike would be here, now i fear that you will have to comfort her. You need to leave now, i'll cover your retreat and i don't accept a discussion about it. When you don't leave i'll stabb myself! But you have to know that I am proud of what you have achieved my dear. Don't stop learning... Promise me that Aurelia. There was a third reason to take you as my Padawan, i have never told you about. Once in your fututre i have seen that you will become a light of hope! May the force always be with you, Aurelia Mal'veah, my Sister through the Force! "

— Master Bey's last words directed to Aren

Sent away to get help, Aren didn't want to leave her Master. Aneuryn Bey insisted. Taking what she would need to order reinforcements, Aurelia left her Master with a bad feeling. With a long distance communication the Padawan contacted the Council and informed them about the events on Tattooine, but the request for reinforcements stayed unanswered. Aurelia decided to get back to her Master and rescue her, but came too late. Aneuryn Bey had been passed away and became one with the force. Emotional agitated, the Padawan made her leave to Coruscant and faced the council with blames about the death of her Master. Finding the Council is acting  apathetic and for the first time finding lies in their duties as Guardians of the Peace. Instead Aurelia got rebuked for her harsh words towards the Council, but nonetheless, they saw it as her final trial through the force. To answer this, the Council decided to Knight the Padawan, for facing Dark Jedi. Aurelia became sick of all of this and felt betrayed. She should celebrate her own promotion in the Moment of death of her former Master? Nothing she could tolerate.

Aurelia facing the council, offending their apathy

Back on Tattooine she tracked down the Villians. Taking them out one by one and arrested them if possible. Just two of them survived, a Dark Jedi and a Headhunter from Coruscant, where, ironically, she brought them to.

" Is sitting on your chairs and discuss about the peace, all this Council is able to do? If this is what you call Guardian of the Peace, i'd rather stop to be one of you. Look at those and do at least what you can do best, holding trial about what to do with them! "

— Aurelia confronts the Council, to tell them about her leaving

At the Council Chamber, Aurelia threw the tied up Villains in its middle, followed by hard words about the failure of the Order. As she finished, the Padawan left the room, right after making sure they'd know about her leaving the Order. Back into her chamber to get out all of her stuff, Rike appeared, telling her that the Council has sent her to convince Aurelia to stay, but also to calm her down. Rike showed gratitude for her friend's assistance when she lost her temper, but in return Aurelia blamed her to be just a puppet of the Order. Aurelia felt bitterness, but she just wanted to make sure that Rike won't follow her, when she was accusing her following a corrupt and apatic order without questioning. As Bey, Rike and Aurelia had been on Nar Shaddaa before and Aurelia felt how the Echoes of the planet were able to hide her bond to the force to others, she went there to hide herself.

Leaving the OrderEdit

On Nar Shaddaa, the former Padawan took a new identity for herself. Now known as Ereen Sesslyn, most people started calling her simply "Aren", as she pronounced herself like it. She started studies in Technology and found herself very talented. S

Aurelia on Nar Shaddaa

he stopped her training and cut herself from her lightsabers to leave everything of her past behind. It has been a tough time, she had to go through as most parts of the Area she lived in, were held in the terroryzing grip of Crime Lords. Not able to start propper business, Aurelia decided to repair things for people and would just ask for food as loan. She learned to live with simple things and found an old and left warehouse, in which smaller backrooms, she made herself a home. Horting technological waste and stuff to repair she got very good in her new role, respected by the Denizens. It was also the time where Aurelia has built her first remote, which just did not work propperly and efficient.

A group of people, whom kept fighting against the Crime Lords in the underground, took notice of her abilities and asked for help with equipment. Later they also asked the Padawan to join them at their Operations. First resisting, the need to help grew inside of Aren and she became a huge part of the success of the resistance, due to her Jedi Training. Unfortunately it caught attention to either the group and the mysterious Lady, whom have taken care that the Crime Lords lost fear as a weapon and helped the Denizens to become rebellious against their demands. Over two years she has strengthend her surroundings with courage and deeds. During that time 'Aren' was on the top list of bounties and often enough hunted down by Bountyhunters of the Crime Lords. During one of this events, eventually the Bountyhunters became more reckless and cruel towards the former Jedi and burned down a whole building complex as a last warning to her. It hasn't failed it's impact on 'Aren' and she stepped back and retired from any actions against the Crime Lords.

Dark YearEdit

Eventually the Crime Lords have captured dozens of families, which brought Aren back into the resistant Group. Aren infiltrated a Base of a Crime Lord, where rumours got spread, the families would be held captured. Just accompanied by a young Twi'lek who became a close friend of Aren, they advance into a well guarded Warehouse and prepared to rescue the families. The abduction was just meant as a trap to finally get the chance to lay hands on the Force User, by a dozen of Bounty Hunters. Leaving her no choice but to surrender, Aren got knocked flat and both, her friend and her got captured.

It is unknown what happened during the next year. Rumors were spread that a Twi'lek was held captured b
ut alive to ensure the Services of a Force User. Also that a human female was seen with an energetic collar, which she couldn't get rid of in one of the Backrooms of a Nightclub. During that time on Nar Shaddaa, the former Jedi saw herself confronted with the temptations of the dark side and her tendencies to the Lightside got out of balance. Nearly she fell, during her escape, as she striked down every living being related with the Crime Lords and the Crime Lords themselves. At least, before she embraced the darkness, Aren decided to not allow herself to get corrupted any further and maybe become a threat for others herself. Eventually the young woman has found the key against the Dark Side, by discovering that one would have to decide to embrace darkness on one's own will, otherwise one would not fall.

Dantooine Jedi OrderEdit

((Based on real events in SWRP))

Back to studiesEdit

After several days of wandering around on the surface of Dantooine, and between the Jedi and other denizens, the young woman decided to take responsibility for her being gifted with the knowledge and abilities to listen to the Force and she applied to become Student of the Enclave. During her time as Student, Aren made the acquaintance of Ulesche, a Togruta, once related to the Dark Side. The two became close friends and trained a lot with each other. Aurelia also met several Masters, Knights and Padawans, whom all had their part in making the young woman feel home and respected.

A Mission to Yavin IV with Lady Adrianne Romanov, became more dangerous than expected, as several Representatives of the Dark Jedi appeared, after the Student and the Knight have met with Members of the Kalway Order of the Jedi. Fortunately this meeting had not become aggressive, as the Representatives were seeking for help against "Death Watch" and not to mess around with the Jedi Orders of Yavin IV and Dantooine at the same time. After this Mission, the young Knight and the Student felt that it was the will of the Force to bring them together to Yavin IV, and a Friendship had begun to start

Padawan - Chapter IIEdit

" I once had felt it aswell, i mean that maybe the darkside would be my path. I walked on a thin line, but decided not to become a threat. I believe that mostly the Dark Side can corrupt you only then, when you decide to allow it "

— Aren to her Master Adrianne

Adrianne Romanov took the Student with her to the Jedi Temple of Coruscant, where both of them were looking into

Adrianne offers Aren to become her Mentor.

the future and the Jedi Knight offered Aren, to become her Mentor. The Student didn't know what to say, as she found herself deeply connected with Adrianne but also got offers of other Knights. After the return to Dantooine and a few days of consideration, the Student accepted the offer and became Lady Adrianne's first Padawan learner.

The first lessons about the force and being a Jedi, were strange for the young Knight, as on one hand she accepted her new path, but on the other had lived willingly without the dogmas for several years, but as her training went on, Aren familiarized with her role and accepted more and more, what of her past she has left behind and as result, she was able to finish the first section, when the Padawan created a lightsaber.

Now the training has started in it's full extent. Combat training, lessons of knowledge, meditation became
In trouble a

Engaging Ulesche

a daily basis of her life. When Adrianne thought, Aren would be prepared enough, they went on Missions together.Once they were inverstigating the disappear of Ulesche, the friend of both of them and they found him on Ord Mantel where he engaged a fight with both of them. The Padawan was shocked but found suspicious, that he called himself like an old Sith Lord, not by his own Name. Aurelia should never find out what has happened, because Ulesche came back to the Enclave a few days later and seem that he forgot about the Happenings, so the

Sha'ira Adrianne and Aren interrogate Ulesche

young Padawan decided to keep it like that. But anyways, before it was possible to spend more time with him, he stabbed a fellow Padawan and she died. Ulesche has become once again a fallen Jedi, something she hardly was able to accept.

Aren is holding a Lecture

Her Master, Adrianne, decided to keep her Padawan busy from that day on, so she couldn't think too much about the betrayal and they headed from Mission to Mission and advanced trainings took place.

As the time went by, Aren found her Master in a fight with a Dark Jedi Cyborg on Dantooine. Before she was able to reach them, the Cyborg was able to defeat Adrianne, wounded her, in sight range of the Padawan. He left a Datapad on the Jedi Knights Chest, before he was able to retreat. Aren was tempted to follow, but her Master was in need of medical treatment, so she stopped right at her and checked for the Injuries taken. After taking Adrianne to the Medical Center to care for the wounds and proceeded, what she and the Medical Droids were able to do to help her Master until she became out of danger, Aren followed the orders on the Datapad, which lead her into the Crystal caves of Dantooine. There she found another Datapad which called her to Korriban and after manipulating the Medical Droids and leaving a Message in the Medical Report of Adrianne, the Padawan departed.

Aren: "Take that communicator and place it on the Box on your left and then.. we will talk."
Jesse Tresaiser: "You are not in a position to bargain, padawan."
Aren: "My Cards on the table are not weaker than yours."
― Aren negotiats with a Sith Cyborg

Arrived on Korriban, the disguised Padawan met the Sith in one of the Tombs. The Dark Side was strong at that there, where a long and aggressive negotiation took place. Making it end without drawing her weapon, she gave him what he demanded, and in return he did what she demanded. But the Cyborg was tricky and sent her to another Mission for him. Not feeling like becoming a playball to a Sith, but wanting to find out the hidden agenda, the Padawan followed this Order and went to Dagobah to get the Cyborg what he was demanding. On her way back to Rhelg, she gave instruction to her friend and fellow Padawan Norma, to watch for her Master but also that she is moving to Rhelg and if she wouldn't notify her in a certain time, she should send a Rescue team to get her out.

When Aren arrived at Rhelg she noticed what the Sith was interested in, so she brought him what he demanded and which got revealed as Mission to buy him some time to study a Starmap. Finally after short negotiations, she got the device and could, after she was back on Dantooine, disable the Bombs, placed around the Enclave.

Aren had to prepare herself for the last Trials in her time as Adrianne's Padawan and spent most of her time in the enclave again. Sitting in the Library and listening to lectures and lessons, Aren passed all her trials with honor.

In weal and woeEdit

In a short period of time, in just 2 years, Aren has made it from Student to become ready for her final Trials. The last days of her Padawanship, her Master and the Padawan spent with Meditation and especially the day before her time as Padawanship found its end, Aren spent deeply connected with the force and looked into her future, presence and past.

"My dear Aren, I met you a few days after I got knighted, I told myself I wasn't going to take a padawan yet, that I wanted to wait for someone I felt a connection with. When I took you to the student trip in Yavin I noticed something in you, I was unsure if take a student to train so soon after I got knighted, but I FELT like i needed to train you, so I did it, and even after you got other amazing offers from Knights and Masters, you said yes to me, and I'm so thankful you took a chance on me, I can't begin to explain how proud I am of you, how much I've seen you grown since you were a student."

— Adrianne Romanov


Aurelia's Knighting

It was dawn when Aurelia Mal'veah became knighted, by the Masters of the Dantooine Jedi Enclave and in front of so many Friends and her Master Adrianne. When the Ceremony just was over, Sith of the Disciples of Ragnos appeared to threaten the Life of Adrianne Romanov's former Master Bala. As the whole gathered Jedi, including Aren, ignited their Lightsaber to stop this Threat, Aren's former Master Adrianne ignited her Lightsaber and stabbed it in a sudden motion in the Back of Council Master Sha'ira. Using the confusion of the new Knight and all of the gathered Jedi, the Sith, including Adrianne, escaped from Dantooine and Aren, whom was supposed to celebrate with her former Master, fell in a hole of Shadows once more.

" It seems that everyone in my closer range, fall to the temptations of the Darkside. But i sense good in her, confusion yes and i am not really sure why she did it, but i vow, that Adrianne will find redemption and if it takes my last breath! "

— Aurelia Mal'veah

Dantooine Knight1

Aurelia Mal'veah on Dantooine

A fallen JediEdit

Snapshot 017 zps955e2785

A disguised Aren, faces her former Master

Ereen Sesslyn: "She told me, that you would feel pain, when you watch it, but also that it can give you strength to overcome the Darkness, when you know that your former Padawan has not given you up"
Lady Astra: "Stop it! You don't know who I am and why I am here, you have no right to send me this information, if Aren wants to tell me anything she will have to face me"
― Aren's alter ego Ereen Sesslyn faces her former Master with a Holocron Record of the Events during Aren's Knighting

The young Jedi Knight wasn't pleased with the Situation and made her researches to find her former Master across the Galaxy. After a few days, her Remote was successful and revealed the whereabout of Adrianne Romanov on Dagobah. Surrounded by Sith Acolyte's and Masters, Aurelia stayed hidden in the shadows of the Planet to observe the Situation and to find the right time to face her former Master alone. As the time arrived to corner her former Master, a disguised woman, wearing a Dark Robe and a Life Mask, stepped out of the Shadows, holding a Holocron in her hands and shows the Newborn Sith a record of the Knighting, where she stabbed Master Sha'ira and after a long and agressive chat, found out that Adrianne Romanov now became Lady Astra, but is still caring about her former Padawan's conditions.

Without revealing whom she is, Aren retreated from Dagobah to Dantooine, to meditate about what had happened and feeling guilty that she has not revealed herself to Adrianne. Becoming moody and agitated, the Knight started her trainings of the Sub-Path she has chosen. As much she wanted to become a Sentinel Shadow, the knowledge that she had to hunt down Adrianne and probably ultimately killing her, had influence in her choice, not to follow this path.

"Look around, Adrianne. Look at yourself. What are you becoming? You were raised up so you could stand on mountains, love, protect others and empower them to do the same. Today you walk along cells, where many fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and sisters were killed by the Sith for dedicating their life to ensuring others can experience life in its beauty."

— Shiro Belfire to Lady Astra

When some day, Aurelia's friend Shiro Belfire, a fellow Knight of the Dantooine Jedi Enclave, was missed in action (MiA), she was observing her former Master on Dagobah again. The Knight has followed the advise of Master Bala to be careful on Dagobah, but as her stubborn mind has told her not to stay away, she prepared herself. Half disguised and with the needed Equipment, the Jedi left Dantooine in her Starfighter, direction Dagobah. The Flight was enough time for her to consider the words of Master Bala and the few stops to get new fuel, even more to work on her equipment. After the entrance into the Dagobah System, the Sentinel used the same route as she did a few weeks ago, when she was searching for her former Master to find out more about her fall.

The planet was in it's usual fog and darkness crouching over the ground as the Jedi Knight landed her ship on the same Position, where it had been before. An awesome place for a "fast" retreat, covered by a lot of tree roots with only a narrow corridor through them. Small enough that even Aren had some trouble to get through it, but good enough to cover any fast abortion of her Mission..

A few days in the swamp to acclimatize with the swamp, she stayed in a hideout, not far away from the Ship, but out of the range of the Sith Base, the Sentinel used to program her Remote to Adrianne and packed it in her backpack when she was done. Using it directly, the floating hum of the Remote could have revealed her position for too curious beings. When everything was prepared, Aren moved on, seeking for Lady Adrianne and hiding from every other breathing species or being on this Planet. The Force, even though the dark side was strong at this place, helped the Sentinel to find Lady Adrianne.

Reminding the promise Aren has given to Master Bala, she kept hidden to make sure, that noone would be around. As in the following minutes Lady Adrianne started to move, the young Jedi Knight followed through the swamps. It was hard for Aren to follow Adrianne, as the Knight had to stay out of the range of other Dark Jedi and also of her Master, but mainly to make no noises which could reveal her position was the hardest of all tasks. At one point Adrianne entered a secret tunnel, halway placed in the water, covered by Stones, whilst the rest was more or less plain, the Sentinel knew that this way would lead into the depths of Dagobah and as she didn't want to risk to end up in the hands of a bunch of Disciples, Aren got out her remote, turned it on and let it follow her program to seek Adrianne, whilst she would seek a hideout and watch what the remote is showing her over the implemented camera. Fast the young Knight put up a Visor and watched what the remote revealed.


Shiro Belfire captured by Sith after the battle of the fleets over Coruscant

As Adrianne was approaching a Cell with a Prisoner in it, the Remote got into stealth mode, not stealting itself, but hiding within environment, whilst recording what happened there. Adrianne was trying to interrogate a Prisoner, that from the beginning was sure, but with the interferences, Aren couldn't find out whom the Prisoner would be, just as the swamp got less noisy she was able to hear the voices and knew suddenly, that it was Shiro, whom tried to help Adrianne out of her confusion, but made her angry with trying so.

After a while, Aren decided to get back to her ship and get as soon as possible to Naboo, where she could use a long distance communication without the danger to either get spotted, blocked or the message gets heared by DoR, which would make them aware of the approach and even harder to get Shiro out of Prison. The travel to Naboo was not that long, but Aren felt like it would have taken years, as her friend in the Hands of the Sith won't be safe, but also because the thoughts of her former Master interrogating him. When the Ship landed on Naboo, the Sentinel directly send a Communication to the Enclave, asking for Aid on Dagobah and sending the location of the Prison and a save landing spot to them, not far away from hers, but less hidden.

After taking up some new fuel, Aren returned to Dagobah, she knew that she would be the first there again and had to prepare the landing spot. Placing decoys and traps around, to cover a retreat, she was finally able to welcome her aid. Lady Nev'la and her Quarton Serenity, and Lady Adriannes former Master Bala approached in the landing zone and got guided by the Sentinel to the Entrance of the Prison.

Suddenly after the Jedi arrived at the Entrance to the Prison Cells, a group of Dark Jedi stepped out of it and took notice of the Rescue Team. After a longer negotiation, between the Jedi and the Sith and confronted with the evidences the Remote has made of the Prisoner, finally it seems like the Sith would allow them, to take Shiro out of the Prison and Lady Adrianne guided Master Bala inside. The Jedi outside, but also the Sith have been left behind and patience was needed to fill the time until Adrianne and Bala just came back. As the Sentinel expected, without Shiro. The Jedi teamed up, claimed once and for all to release Shiro from his prison to keep in peace, but every negotiation was pintless at this very moment and inevitable, they had to fight for the Prisoner. It took high effort and good teamplay for the Jedi, but finally they managed to throw back the Sith and were able to set Shiro free. Under heavy fire, the group fell back to their ships and were able to retreat back to Dantooine.

" I sense good in you and you won't kill me, but if you want to leave, you have to. Now shut your Saber down, Adrianne."

— Aurelia Mal'veah to Lady Astra

A few weeks later, Lady Astra and some others of her kind got spotted on Dantooine and the Jedi Knight stood in her way to make sure, Astra won't be able to leave the Planet. As Astra got also cornered by different Knights, she took Aurelia hostage, holding a Lightsaber next to the Knights throat. Aurelia offered herself to sacrifice, sensing that her former Master won't be able to kill her as the poison of the Dark Side has not yet taken over her completely and was right, as the Sith shuts down the Lightsaber, turned Aurelia around and whispered something, just meant to be heard by the Jedi Knight. To escape, the Sith threw a Force Lightning against her former Apprentice, which Aurelia was able to deflect, whilst a second one, she tried to absorb, has nearly taken her unconscious and Astra was able to escape. On that day, the Knight decided to develop more training of Tutamanis before facing her former Master again.

Becoming a MentorEdit

Aren: "You know, we have talked about it earlier and though i have offered myself to become your mentor a little blatantly, it was because i sensed your potential. I am sure you'll be a great Padawan to whichever mentor you choose and that is, why i will ask you again from my side, if you have had enough thoughts about it and would like to become my Padawan, knowing that you'd be the first one and that i'm still young as a Knight?"
Noel Reynard: "I understand and I would be honoured to be your Padawan, Master."
― Noel accepted the request for becoming Arens Padawan
The young Knight has learned to know a young Amaran, whom was Student at the Enclave already,
called Noel Reynard and immediately noticed his potential. After just a few days, the young woman felt that he could become a possible candidate for becoming her first Padawan. In the warm sun of Noon, they stood

together nearby the Jedi Statue on Dantooines fields, when Noel mentioned that he'd feel honored by her Request and after telling him that she still is young as a Knight, the young woman repeated her request to him, which he luckily accepted. A little nervous, the young Jedi Knight looks into the future. be continued


(more about the Charakter, Powers and Abilities of Aurelia Mal'veah)

Personality and traitsEdit

In her childhood, she seemed to be fearless about people, creatures or anything else. The young child even got seen, running on a thin bracket, spanned between two Buildings and several meters over the ground. In her years as Youngling she had been known as slow and lazy in learning about the Path of the Jedi due to her impatience, but strong within the Force. Questioning the meaning of her training, her Teachers and herse

lf, she was just a substandard Youngling, whom most Masters wouldn't have considered to take her as their Padawan learner. But the Jedi Master whom found her some years ago, lost one of her former Students and felt compassion with the young girl, so she decided that she could give the Life of the defiant girl a direction, especially as she noticed that she was able to motivate Aren more than the other Masters could do, maybe because she saw her own Characteristics in the youngling.

During the time Aren learned that every Situation has different solutions and that seeking for the right one, can lead over several others. She is open minded, smart and thirsty for knowledge, a relict from her second Padawanship on Dantooine, where she finally was able to step over her defiant nature. In several occasions her fiery character still pierce through the surface and make her less suitable to be a diplomat. Humble to every peaceful life form, Aren can become snooty and still defiant against less peaceful life forms. Her strong will, her defiant nature, but also her knowledge that it need a Decision to fall, makes it nearly impossible to get her to the Dark Side of the Force and invulnerable against any mind trick or illusions. The young Knight is confident and courageous in every Situation, but her liability to overestimate a Danger, can cause her trouble.

Powers and Abilities Edit


Aurelia channels the Force to perform a Force Push

Aren is well trained in using the common Force Techniques for Jedi Knights since her childhood and developed the training for Sentinels about Force Concealment and Force stealth to an advanced level. Whilst with Force Concealmeant, Aren is able to hide her Physical Presence inside Shadows against non-Force Sensitive beings completely and to Force Sensitives only for a couple of Seconds after it's usage, with Force Stealth she is able to surpress her force alignement to the light side and even manipulate it that much that one would sense only a weak Force Sensitive in her, even to Force Users. She developed and continues an intermediate training of Force deflection, Force Immunity, Tapas and yet the basics about Tutaminis.

Since the Death of Aneuryn Bey, Aren often wields two Lightsabers, her own with a violet Crystal and the one of her former Master with a yellow Crystal. Aren is getting used to Niman/Jar'kai as her Main Combat Technique, if wielding one or two sabers. As before she has learned the basics of many techniques like Form I Shii-Cho until an advanced level, as everyone starts with it. A Form II Makashi variation more related to the defensive Parts to save some endurance on a basic level. Form IV Ataru and Form V Shien/Djem_So specialised on Blaster deflection on an intermediate level. Form VI Niman on an advanced level and Form VII Juyo/Vaapad on a basic level. Aren combines parts of every Style she learned during her fights, depending on Situations, but always intuitivly. The knowledge of so many Styles could be seen as it would make her a Lightsaber Combat Master, but if anything it proves as mistaken, because others in her age have already became expert or mastered at least one Combat style, whilst she has basic knowledge of many styles and how to use them, but none of them is on a higher than an advanced level, leaving her too few options to overcome an opponent without the help of the force..

The young Jedi Knight has knowledge about Dun Möch and Inverse Dun Möch, which she at times uses herself and does uses Tràkata when she senses an advantage by it's usage. During the fight between her friend and fellow Padawan to Aneuryn Bey, Rike, whom was a formidable Djem So Duellist and way better in Lightsaber Combat compared to Aren, she had taken advantage by using Tràkata combined with Force Concealment that often, that she has taken victory against a completely confused and exhausted Opponent.

Special TechniquesEdit

She mastered the technique to sense Echoes within the force, which makes the Sentinel a nearly perfect Tracker for people whom needed to be searched, but Aren do know. To know the trace of someone, she has to sense his presence at least once, but the more time she spent with someone, the more Aren is able to be fully aware of the ones presence within the living force. At the Beginning of her second time as Padawan, she learned Breath Control from Lady Golds'Hark, a Miralukan and is already able to control her breath for 1-5 hrs, depending on the level of Stress she is in.


During the time on Nar Shaddaa, Aren has learned more about Technology, as it kept her busy, but also helped her to survive. Her first work was to create a repulsor driven Remote, which had several possible applications. She was arming it with a laser that could both repair other droids and damage enemies. Linked with a Visor she created as well, it's also able to send a life stream of what it is looking at. The Program of the Remote also allow Aren, to use it as Seeker for persons, or possible ways into a Place. It's able to disable simple security Systems with her help, and has a light shield to survive a single Blaster Bolt. She also has created several systems, learned to hack and encrypt from a denizen she lived with.

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