Azra'dite Vao is a SWRP character in Second Life.


"Those who deny themselves emotion will never understand freedom. Those who choose ignorance will never know their own greatness. Those who are consumed with passion, will fail to dominate. Those who fear death will never achieve real power. Never forget that your magic must always be used wisely. Do not fear the darkness that lives within us all, however do not concede to it, lest you will be consumed and become its slave."

— Clan Mother Azra'dite Vao

A Former Dagger of Gethzerion, Azra'dite grew up in the harsh reality where war was ever present and the innocence of a childhood was never to be had.

Her youngest memories being those of her mother killing herself over the loss of a male, and that of having her half sister being torn from her life and sold into a life of slavery forced Azra'dite to become as cold and as uncaring as her former Mistress.

In the years that followed Azra'dite gained the favor of Gethzerion despite the fact that she was not a "pure blood of Dathomir" even though she had been conceived and born there. Her Mistresses favor gained Azra'dite was sent on a task, to leave Dathomir and to search for others like her, and to return to Dathomir with a army for Gethzerion.


About 600 BBY (600 years before the Battle of Yavin), a Jedi named Allya fell to the Dark side. She was defeated, captured alive, and sentenced to exile on the remote planet and penal colony of Dathomir. She organized the inmates, and aided by her Force powers, led a successful uprising against the guards. She then learned how to tame the rancors and became ruler on the prison planet (classified in this way by the Jedi Order of the Old Republic). Allya, who had apparently repented the Dark side, taught her daughters (her direct descendants, and thus Force-sensitive) how to call on the Force by rituals and chanting. Years later, all of the females in Dathomir continued practicing Allya's teachings, following a tome Allya had penned in her old age, called The Book of the Law. The last rule in the Book of Law was "Never concede to evil" which inevitably some did, calling themselves the Nightsisters.

Over the years, Allya chose mates from her followers to father her children. She had specific terms outlined for potential mates, and the chosen men were always given a choice of whether or not to agree to marry her. The terms, should the man accept them, was that if he fathered daughters, he would be well rewarded with gifts and a position of power. If he fathered sons, he would be fed to the rancors. Any daughters she had were raised by her personally to learn the ways of the Force, but her sons were raised by other slaves to become slaves themselves. After Allya's death, there was a power struggle between her oldest daughters, with the end result that they split off and formed their own clans. These clans were named after regional landmarks, and each clan eventually developed their own set of laws about Force usage. There were nine clans, including the Singing Mountain, Frenzied River, Misty Falls, Red Hills, and Dreaming River.

The Force was used by the Witches in the form of "spells", where they chanted a specific set of words and the desired effect was produced. There were spells that are called the Night Spells, and excessive use of those could turn a Witch into a Nightsister, a Witch that had gone bad and was exiled from her clan. If a Nightsister wished to forsake her dark past and return to the clan, she had to have a period of exile for purification purposes before she would be allowed back. Eventually these Nightsisters would form their own clan.

The Witches went about their normal lives and weren't bothered again by outsiders until recently , when Palpatine ordered a penal colony to be constructed on Dathomir. When Palpatine discovered that Dathomir had a population of Force-sensitives (specifically the Nightsisters and their leader Gethzerion), he ordered all the prisons's starships destroyed, stranding all Imperials stationed there in the process. The Nightsisters then took the stranded Imperials as slaves and plotted ways to leave the planet.

Present DayEdit

It was once thought that the founding member of the Nightsister Outcasts was out-casted by Gethzerion herself, for her lack of spellweaving powers. Recently this was revealed by Azra'dite herself to of been a lie. Her true mission was in secret cooperation with Gethzerion, with the purpose of extending the reach of the far beyond the planet of Dathomir to the deepest regions of the galaxy.

Under the ruse of being an Outcasted member of the clan, Azra'dite assumed a new identity, and name. She set out to recruit other women of power who wished to train in the arts. She found few at first, but as her clans legend grew, as did the number of potentials for her clan. Some she found were true outcasts from the clans of Dathomir, cast out for their lack of power, or some unnamed crime against their original clan. Others wished to learn and be taught the ways of the weave.

They settled originally on the Planet of Dantooine, but were not immediately welcome, so they soon moved to the small planet of Talus and founded a Stronghold that soon for nearly a year. Safety was assured by the local imperial governor in exchange for the service. This "treaty" was soon broken. Imperial bombers, attack tanks and ground forces soon stormed the stronghold forcing them to flea, not out of fear, but to survive to fight another day.

Azra'dite assumed that it was somehow Gethzerions doing that her Stronghold was attacked. As the Clan settled into the northern regions of Dantooine she took the risk of contacting Gethzerion and breaking off the plan they had hatched in secret. Azra'dite soon called her clan together for what she called a "rebirth" where she revealed to her clan the truth of her origins and laid out the new groundwork for the clan.

No longer would a sister be judged by their ability or lack of it to wield spells of power. Instead all sisters would be treated equal; it was the strength in the sisters’ heart that they would be judged. Together they would continue to search the galaxy for more who one day they would call "Sister". Perhaps one day returning to Dathomir to unite the clans, by force if need be.


The Sisterhood of Old… Edit

Is the culmination of brutal lessons, trials of combat, and clan doctrine. It is what every Initiate hopes to earn in the eyes of the Azra'dite and the clan. Azra'dite, an outcast of Dathomir, formed a clan of women to whom she felt a certain bond with. Whether it was that they sought her teachings, a common heritage or some other dark desire, all took time before they could be trusted.

This sisterhood was often times less of a family and more like a pack of animals. Strength, power, deception, and treachery were always present. Behind every veiled smile was a dagger waiting to be plunged into your back. What was once yours could soon be another's if you did not keep your attention always trained upon the unseen. Over the years, this structure did more harm then good. The Clan was in a constant state of infighting, always hedging bets on whom they could torment with the least amount of attention drawn to oneself in the process.

And so, as with all things, this sisterhood had to change. No longer could it survive on its animalistic desires. Many were cast out of the fold and only a few would remain to kindle the flames of renewed sisterhood. With their own blood, the few remaining sisters swore oaths to each other to never harm each other, to care for each other as true sisters, and to fight for the continued strength of the clan.

However this act of kindness should not be taken as a weakness but far from it. With the sisters behind one another, they were no longer worried with infighting and were able to focus their goals on the task at hand. Thus it was soon time for the clan to grow again.

The Sisterhood of NowEdit

Sisterhood is bestowed upon an initiate after they have fully become one with the clan. They are for all rights and purpose, a member of the clan. Should they require it, they have the support of all the sisters of the clan. If one finds themselves in quarrel with a sister, they will soon find they are in quarrel with them all.

To be a sister is to be part of something greater then yourself. It is the family that you have never had; it is the sister you can confide your deepest secret to; it is the hand that guides you as you peel the flesh from your enemies. Sisterhood can still be harsh for some; however it is nothing of what it once was. The goal is to promote unity, rather then unbridled angst.

Upon reaching sisterhood, it means for those who have the spark, access to the teachings of Allya. Now that you have earned your place in the coven, you can practice the arts as they have been past down throughout our history.

To those not of selective breeding, you also have a place as sisters. We all have a path to walk within the clan, it is only the method upon which we reach our destination that differs.

The ChallengeEdit

Sisterhood is not for all and it certainly is not for the faint for heart. It is not something that you can expect to be given to you. You must earn it as a right of passage, However once earned, it is something that will follow you for years to come. You truly become a member of a sisterhood and the feeling is…………euphoric to say the least.

So, let it be a lesson then, initiate, explorer or simply the curious. You too can become a Sister of the clan if you learn to respect the clan, its members and above all else it's leader Azra'dite. But that is a ……lesson…. best left for another occasion. Regardless its assured your time within the clan will be something that you shall never forget.


Since the time of Allya the planet of Dathomir has seen many changes. The Daughters of Dathomir went their separate ways to form the eight existing clans found throughout the planet. Each Clan Mother took the teachings from Allya and changing them to suit their own needs and that of their clans.

Over time the Daughters of Allya changed and with them did the clans that they formed. Since the beginning males have always played a role within the clans. Men were slaves to be used how the clan saw fit, rather it be forced labor or for procreation so the clans would continue to live and thrive.

The clans of old would fight among one another in friendly competitions for males. Males were bought, sold and traded among the Sisters and Clans. Sisters could buy or trade for another sisters’ male, should the sister desire to rid herself of the male that she owned. Males found roaming free were usually claimed by the Sister that found them. Marks and brands were necessary to keep many disputes from erupting.

In this way, it was assured that some of the smaller clans did not become stagnate. Some males were discovered to have a connection to the weave and these males were the most valued and sought after.

The males who possessed the talent with the weave were given the name Jai. The Jai were trained from a young age to cultivate and control their abilities, as well as taught basic combat training.

When of age and proficiency , a Jai was given a choice; to walk the planet a free male or return to their home and be accepted as Jai of their clan.

Azra'dite and her clan have accepted some of these traditions and altered them to suite the current needs of the clan. The Jai are still held as the lowest ranking members of the clan. However, they are no longer considered slaves. These new Jai are now warriors for the clan. All Jai are given the opportunity to be of use to the clan in the ways of training and spell weaving.

The choice to become a Jai is perhaps the most demanding choice a male could make for his future. Jai must earn the respect as any other member of the clan when coming into the fold; however, being male, a Jai must work that much harder. They will never advance beyond the rank of a Jai. All that can be done is serve the clan, but in so doing they earn honor and are given great freedoms that the Jai of the past could never possibly imagine.

The Book Of LawEdit

The Council and The ClansEdit

Only Clan Mothers will be on the Council. Each Clan is to have a Mother, War Chief, and Healer. NO MEN will be allowed to hold any offices, although men who save a Witch or have official Jai training may be considered exempt from being breeders or slaves. The duties of each clan's War Chief is just that - to prepare our young ones for the battles they will face on and off this world, to hone their spells and skills used for fighting. To teach them how to think on their feet and use every resource available to them, even if that means NOT using her Magic. The Clan Healer will be the one to teach the art of healing Magic for both the body and the mind. They will guide the young ones and keep watch over them, reporting to the Clan Mother any signs of Night Magic use. Each Witch Initiate must have a Mentor, who should be a Witch who's strong point is the teaching the Initiate is seeking, or if the Clan is very large, Adepts may be called on to help with the simplest of Spells. When a Sister wishes to progress to the next level, she must pass a test by the Clan Mother, and have the agreement of the clan's War Chief and Healer as well as the Witch's mentor before achieving the next level. Over half the population of Dathomir is women. Those without Allya's Magic are normally considered common folk. This means that it is possible to not be a Witch, but still be a Clan member, male or female. For a more information on the Clans, seek out the Clan Mothers or the Gram'e Mater.


Due to Dathomir being a Matriarchal society the role of the male is very limited. Men who father male children were, in the past, normally punished or killed. After the treaty with the New Republic, society changed so killing was eliminated from the culture to fit into the galaxy at large. The only titles a Male can hold is Slave or Mate. The title Slave is only a term of ownership and not a lifestyle. Those males showing sensitivity to Allya's Magic are often sent for formal training at a Jai academy. Once they have achieved mastery in the Magic, they may choose to return of their own violition.

Forms of AddressEdit

When addressing a claimed male, be he mate or slave, he is to be addressed as that Sister's name and then the appliate "own", such as "[Sister's Name Here]'s Own". If a Witch wishes to, she can distingush between Mates and Slaves by calling the mates "Mate" instead of "Own". The only exception to this is - the First Mate of the Gram'e Mater is to be addressed as "The Chosen One" by other males and all children and as "[Gram'e Mater's Name Here]'s Mate" by the Witches. A Witch may reward a male for services or deeds by elevating him by use of his given name. When she speaks to him. In their homes and in private they may call each other what they wish, and mates may use first names in public, but slaves must address their owners as Mistress.


Witches may be joined in ceremonies not Dathomirian, BUT any children of these unions, whether they are female or if the mate is Jai and a son is eligible to be a Male Witch, they cannot inherit the Mother's place. To be eligible to lead a Clan or to be on a council, the child must be from a union done by the laws and customs of the Clan being represented. If the Witch and her Mate choose to, they may have a double ceremony, where each person's Religion and Customs are observed. Traditional Dathomir weddings include the Clan Mother of the Witch bride presiding over the ceremonies with a special blessing from the clan's Healer followed by a feast around a large open fire in honor of the newlyweds. Ceremonies vary by clan association.