This planet's major history and knowledge is widely unknown. It is a lost planet to the galaxy and was not known much about even before it vanished. The most that remains from this planet are only a few things. There are only two people in the galaxy that come from residing on the planet. White Ragu and her brother Metus Bawhe. There was also a manifest left behind by a Master Scholar named Jacob Thorn. He had stated that the people of this society was appeared at first to be a tribal type of life however after earning their trust they appeared to actually have hidden advanced technology, knowledge and understanding unknown by the rest of the galaxy. The planet would have thought to have been the forth planet in the Bakura system but it disappeared and the information on it was so rare. The Elixa Manifesta covers the notion that Arden was not actually the fourth planet in the Bakura system but there was another one that naturally was hidden by an optical illusion from gases in the area that reflect light making it impossible to see anything behind them. It ends up looking like there is only space there. The gases were believed to be very harmful so no one ventured the area.

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