Belutric the Hutt Edit

About Edit

Belutric the Hutt Belutric was born in Mos Espa as part of the Nasirii Hutt Clan. He is a large Hutt with Blue markings on the skin and a tendency to drum his tail when angered. Dealing in entertainment, business has taken him to a number of planets over the years. An older Hutt and member of the Hutt Clan Council, Belutric does not hold back when voicing his opinions. Using a fleet of ships crewed by droids and contractors the Nasirii clan expands business across the galaxy to visit all planets in range of their base and space stations. Nasirii fleet haul cargo to cantinas along many known trade routes and a few lesser known shortcuts through wild space.

Business Contact Edit

Belutric is available for Trade and other business any time via commlink. The clans Palace is in Mos Espa Tatooine. Hutt Clan Council business is conducted at the Black Hole Casino on Nar Shaddaa. All wishing to see Belutric and the other Hutts are welcome to attend each week. Hutt Night is 6pm every Wednesday SL Time.