C-1257 "A'den" was born on Kamino, and ment to be a Clone Soldier for the 724th Infantry. After a few dramatic restructures in GAR, he is still serving under the Flag of A'denla Company.

Early Life and Training Edit

First stationed on Bakura, he received his Training from Sergeant Green, the Epsilon Squad Leader. He then served as Omega Trooper under Sergeant Church.

Corporal Edit

LtA'den 003

C-1257 as Corporal

A'den served in nearly every Platoon of the GAR, soon after his Time in the 724th Infantry, he served under ARC Trooper C-5569's 501st on Bakura.

He later transfered to 333rd's Epsilon Squad, being the only Corporal under Sergeant Green for about three months.

Last days as NCO Edit

LtA'den 002

C-1257 as Epsilon Sergeant

After his last transfer to the 333rd, he ranked up to Sergeant and later Sergeant Major, leading the 333rd's Epsilon Squad.

After reviving the Crewmen and helping his Commanding Officer, J-2301, he received his Promotion to Ensign (Lieutenant) and therefore became Executive Officer of the 333rd.

Latest Assignments Edit

Lieutenant C-1257 "A'den" is now leading the 403rd Platoon after it was reformed following the removal of the 333rd.

Service Record Edit

  • 724th Trooper
  • 501st Corporal
  • 724th Platoon Sergeant
  • 333rd Epsilon Squad Leader
  • 333rd Executive Officer
  • 403rd Commanding Officer


LtA'den 004

C-1257 (right) with his Brother "Phoenix"

A'den is known to be a rather calm, but productive Officer of the Grand Army of the Republic. Friendship and Brotherhood are the most important things in A'dens eyes. He's also known to speak Mando'a fluently. His Brother, P-5191 is known to be one of his best friends, and most reliable comrades in the Grand Army of the Republic.

Weapons TrainingEdit

C-1257 was trained using Automatic Rifles, Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles aswell as smaller Sidearms. Since he became an Officer in the Grand Army of the Republic, he's more used to wearing a Sidearm other than Rifles.


  • 403rd Armor
  • Phase II Pilot Armor
  • HP-26 Sidearm
  • Rangefinder
  • Tactical Helmet Light