Protocol droid.

Little is known of the origins or maker of C4P9.

It is believed that C4P9 was formerly owned by a Jedi Master on Yavin IV. Stolen by swoop pirates, C4P9 was reprogrammed as a slicer droid. After cheating the swoop pirates out of massive amount of credits, C4P9 maneuvered them into a confrontation with Imperial forces on Tatooine, resulting in the annihilation of the swoop pirates. C4P9 was later won during a game of chance by criminal boss Klugga the Hutt. Even when engaged in the darkest of criminal machinations, C4P9 remains unfailingly polite.

C4P9 was seen fleeing Nar Shaddaa on a stolen shuttle several weeks ago. He is currently wanted by the Hutt Syndicate for the assassination of Klugga the Hutt.

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