The CS-1200 was a medium freighter produced by the Corellian Engineering Corporation.


CS 3

The cockpit of the CS-1200

The CS-1200 was exclusively a space-use freighter, designed without landing gear or other considerations for terrestrial shipping. Instead, the CS-1200 used tractors beams to secure cargo onto large electromagnetic plates for transport through space. This allowed for it to "carry" any load which would fit, regardless of its tonnage, and the CS-1200's sublight engines were arrayed to compensate for a variable center of mass for the overall starship as a result. Crew accommodations included a relatively sizable living area, as well as a spacious cockpit, allowing for the transport of additional, smaller cargo if the captain wished.



Corellian Engineering Corporation released its latest model of the space-exclusive CS-1200 line in 200ABY. The line had been running for nearly a century, and enjoyed modest sales. CEC's only modifications were generally to improve the hyperdrive and sublight engines to keep them competitive with other freighter models. The CS-1200 also received an upgrade in the form of a new, proprietary reactor.


Snapshot 006

The underside of the CS-1200, mounting its second electromagnetic plate.

The CS-1200 was produced in moderate numbers, and sold sufficiently to justify its production. In keeping with this trend, the CS-1200 was eventually retired and replaced with successors in the CS-1300 and CS-1400 in 220 and 240 ABY respectively. CEC maintained other, far more popular production lines, but the CS-1200 remained due to the demand from influential trade stations which preferred the cost efficiency of ships as extraterrestrially exclusive as they were.


The CS-1200 possessed an unusual confluence in 200ABY where its various upgrades coincided with a reactor which exceeded its required output. This begged the addition of illegal modifications, facilitated by the freighter's easily-attaching electromagnetic plates. Space pirates took an interest in the vessel, often adding laser cannons, additional shielding, or augmenting the tractor beam projectors (to control more maneuverable victims than cargo crates) before terrorizing the hyper lanes.

The War With the Revenant ArmadaEdit

CS 4

The "Devil's Grin," a CS-1200 modified by pirates allied with the Assembly of Darkness

Several CS-1200s appeared among the pirate fleets which allied with the Assembly of Darkness, and later the Revenant Armada, during the War With the Revenant.

Operational deploymentEdit

The CS-1200 remains in sporadic use, although it is no longer in production.

Fun factsEdit

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