The CV-1 Utility droid is specialized in tasks such as load lifting, welding, and other simple repairs. The droid is similar to binary loadlifters but has additional programming to allow for verbal communication and a small degree of autonomous behavior. This droid is not mass-produced by any manufacturer. It was a custom build by a technician named Celina Valencia to aid her in tasks around a starship and speeder repair garage. Since the droid's initial design and creation, several copies of the droid have been built and sold to various travelers thoughout the galaxy.

Where to get a CV-1 Utility DroidEdit

Droids of this make can be purchased from Celina Valencia or one of the Droidworks vendor locations in Second Life.

Additional InformationEdit

  • This is an avatar that can be worn in Second Life.
  • The droid design is a custom creation of Celina Valencia designed to have the look of a Star Wars droid.