The CZ-8200C, sometimes nicknamed the Whaladon, was a medium freighter used during the RLF/Imperial War.


Cz 3

The generous cargo hold of the CZ-8200C

The CZ-8200 was an especially utilitarian medium freighter. Oblong in shape, most of its proportional length was devoted to a cavernous cargo hold, providing a minimum of crew accommodations in a cramped cockpit and engine compartment. Rather than traditional landing gear, enormous landing skids supported the freighter's weight, allowing for a high profile when unloading cargo from its lower boarding ramp. A robust reactor supporting a modest sublight engine was supplemented with an array of ion thrusters allowing the freighter an unusual degree of maneuverability. The large internal compartment and adaptable power system permitted for almost unlimited user-modifications.



In 150ABY, Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc. looked to make a push into the cargo freighter market. To do this, they revitalized an older licensed design, the CZ-8200. HKD stripped out most of the ship's crew accommodations, replacing their function with a powerful droid brain. The living conditions which resulted were austere, but was meant to be appealing to freighter fleet captains looking to reduce overhead and distribute their crews more efficiently.


Optimistic about this new model, and receiving positive feedback from corporate advisers, HKD invested a substantial sum into early production of the CZ-8200C. However, despite strong initial sales, the starship soon became unpopular. Freighter crews balked at the CZ-8200C's austerity, and it earned a reputation for being "fit for droids, and no one else." HKD continued production for some time despite increasingly sluggish sales, hoping to exploit a lesser-known reputation for moddability, but it never quite caught on. HKD quietly retired the freighter, selling off the last of its stock to enterprising would-be freighter captains looking for a cheap investment.

The RLF/Imperial WarEdit

Over half a century later, the CZ-8200C circulated into the hands of the RLF. Dirt-cheap by the time of the RLF/Imperial war, the CZ-8200's ample compatibility problems were mitigated by its modularity. VMEW refurbished a large fleet of CZ-8200C's for use by the RLF, and the starship became its primary freighter vessel. The resource-starved RLF raised no complaints about the CZ-8200's dismal living conditions, instead embracing its pure utility. The starship's modularity was also a welcome design element, and a number of experimental variants emerged from the war, most notably the CZ-8200J, a medical variant and the CZ-8200M, a military variant.

The People's Galactic AllianceEdit

Cz 4

The "CZ-8200M MkII," modified by VMEW for the PGA and GAR

The PGA inherited the RLF's fleet of CZ-8200C's, and eventually phased them out of use in favor of more modern designs. The more combat-capable CZ-8200Ms were retained for use in spacelane patrols, and several were given to GAR upon the creation of the 333rd. These, too, were phased out upon the introduction of the LPC-7 Hermit-Class Light Cruiser into the PGAF fleet.

Operational deploymentEdit

CZ-8200's still float around the galaxy, managing to survive upon the stinginess of freighter crews and small shipping companies.

Cz 2

The CZ-8200C, with landing skids and ramp lowered

Fun factsEdit

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