Caella is a planet in the unknown regions of the galaxy. It shares a system with the planets Bycttus and Adrola

About the PlanetEdit

The Planet(s)Edit

Caella is one of a three planet system in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. It is a sister planet to Adrola and Bycttus, together, connected through gravitational forces, the three of them form a triangle; orbiting the sun as a unit. ((The three planets are a little farther away from each other as the moon is from the earth.)) These three planets are of relatively the same size, and share a moon. Each, also, has it’s own name for the moon, to the Caellians, it is known as Elaria. This moon is situated in the center of the three planets, held in place by the gravitational pull of the three planets and the sun.


Caella has a cold climate, (temperature range similar to most of the Earth’s northern most areas, such as Northern Russia and Alaska). This is because, within the system, Caella is typically further from the sun than Bycttus or Adrola. Because of this, the close proximity and number of astral bodies, and the strage nature of their rotation, Caella's surface is subject to near-constant darkness. Generally, even if a part of Caella is facing the sun, it is normally undergoing and eclipse by the moon or either of the planets. However, there is one continent on Caella which recieves more light than others, and maintains a fairly more moderate temperature range. Other than this, Caella is primarily a water planet. Due to the reflective nature of celestial bodies, the sunlight will refract off of a planet, currently twisting to the back of Caella, emanating light, brighter than normal moon light. It is because of this that Caella has not completely frozen over, and why there is a small desert area on the one green continent of Caella.

Notes on TimeEdit

Due to the unique construction of this system, time on Caella and it's sister planets, is counted based on:

  1. Solwaks - The complete rotation of the entire three planet system around the sun. ((In the same way a year would occur in Earth time, near-equivalent to an earth year))
  2. Syswaks - The complete rotation of the entire system on it's axis. ((In the same way a day would occur, but more slowly due to the three planets rotating, near-equivalent to an earth month))
  3. Surwaks - The complete rotation of the individual planet within it's gravitational shell. Each planet, within the hold of the gravitational pull of the other two planets and the moon, rotates inward, toward the moon. Therefore, a surwak is calculated by each time a specific area of the planet can see the moon ((In the same way the sun rises and sets, near-equivalent to an earth day))


Species OriginsEdit

The people of Caella, as well as many from it's sister planets of Bycttus and Adrola, fled to the Unknown Regions of the galaxy from the planet Tython. A group of Shi'ido and Humans, numbering over fifty, left Tython around 25,800 BBY in order to escape the impending Force Wars. They wandered the galaxy for years in a large interstellar craft, until finally making their way to what is known today as the Tri-Core system. Upon arriving, after many of the Shi'ido and possible Force-Shifters took shuttles to Adrola, and some to Bycttus, the remaining group flew the large interstellar ship to the surface of Caella. They touched down on it's green continent and began to form their home, landing near the water's edge in a clearing. Using the parts of the ship, and various elements around them, they began to build a city near the water. Unfortunately, shortly after it's construction, as the first permanent building built on the planet, the Caellian library collapsed into the ocean, destroying most of their historic records, and information recorded about the migration to the Tri-Core system. The Caellians reinforced their buildings after this, and continued working with technology, concentrating on ships and tech that would allow them to migrate into the water. A necessary move as the population of the city began to expand and become hazardous. There were still a few Shi'ido and Force-Shifters among them. Eventually, these shifting powers were reduced to growing a coat of fur in cold areas, and changing minor physiology to allow them to breathe and swim quickly in the water. This ability, later known as the Caellian Mutation, came in handy in 22,584 BBY when the Caellians finally moved into the submerged city they had been working on for the past 1,300 years.

Pre-Tri-Core GovernmentEdit

Once achieved, it became an objective to reach the colder areas. After the secrets of the planet were uncovered, and many sectors of the planet turned slowly into independent countries, it became apparent the formation of a government was necessary. Upon discussion, the government decided up on became a council, populated by a representative from each country, with one member, elected as the Caellian Ambassador, made to remain in the city's castle.

Exploring the SystemEdit

After the government's construction, and the migration into alternate areas of Caella was accomplished, many Caellian scholars gained a new curiosity for it's sister planets. In 14,663 BBY the Caellians sent out sattelites to orbit Bycttus and Adrola, looking for inhabitants. Because of Adrola's vast forests, there was no life beyond non-sentient animals seen to the Caellians, and as they had no intent to colonize a new planet, brushed it off as uninhabited. However upon its inspection of Bycttus, they discovered people traveling across it's sandy deserts and disappearing into to dunes. Upon this sighing, the Caellans sent out an exploration party, including the Caellian Ambassador. They received a wary welcome in 11,006 BBY by a colony of Bycttans. The Bycttans lived underground, and had constructed a fairly advanced city underground. However, unlike the focus on technology that the Caellians took, the Bycttans focused on migrating underground and mining stones and metals from beneath the surface. The Caellian Ambassador made an agreement with the leader of the Bycttan colony to trade some of it's metals for Caellian technology in 10,970 BBY after 36 years of talks. The metals were used to enhance the tech, and the tech became an immeasurable aid to the mining. During their trade expeditions, the Caellians came across other Bycttan colonies, later striking up trade with them as well. Trade relations almost fell with the arrival of a group of outsiders on a mining mission arrived on Bycttus in 9,854 BBY. The intrusion broke out in a battle between the Bycttans and the visitors, with little Caellian support, due to a well developed stance on non-violence. After the outsiders were obliterated, the general who led the Byctans to victory, Wortov Hoy became the Bycttan King. After 15 years more of repairing their trade relations, things returned to normal between the Caellians and Bycttans, with the exception of a heightened sense of paranoia and distrust amongst the Bycttans, spurred on by King Wortov I.

Welcoming AdrolaEdit

Things continued as such until 9,473 BBY when the Caellian and Bycttans got a huge surprise. A ship arrived at each planet, from their once thought un-inhabited sister planet of Adrola. The Adrolans were welcomed on Caella, and were offered to stay for a while in order to catalogue their existence and add the Adrolan history to the re-creations of historic writings which were lost in the library collapse at Caella's beginning. When a suggestion was made by some in the Caellian council, about seventeen days later, to include Bycttan scholars in the discussions, it was revealed that a ship was sent to Bycttus as well from Adrola. This immediately sent a wave of shock and concern amongst the Caellians where by they ordered ships be made ready to travel to Bycttus. They gathered some of their Councilors and the Ambassador, Silar Leynnor, and brought with them all of them most of the Adrolan fleet. Once they arrived, the Ambassador and his party were escorted to the king where they spent hours sorting out the mistake of mislabeling Adrola as uninhabited. Finally, after convincing King Kretor Hoy I, great grandson of King Wortov Hoy I, that the Adrolan's were not there to excavate their land, and agreeing to take him to Adrola, he released the prisoners into the custody of the Adrolans and Caellians.

Upon reaching the planet, the Caellians and Bycttans were surprised to see the massive population inhabiting the planet. King Hoy reluctantly issued an apology to all the people of Adrola for the deaths that occurred from the demise of the Adrolan spacecraft. They spent days, talking about trade and government in the councilor's hall on Adrola, discussing the goods they had to offer, and the history of politics used on each planet, not sparing or withholding any gruesome details. Realizing that the Bycttan King, viewed more as a dictator now, hearing the way he kept a stranglehold, based in paranoia, on his people, was asked by the Adrolan Councilors to form a council and step down as king. Hoy adamantly refused the Adrolan's request, nearly declaring war on them. However, he re-thought his position when the Caellian Ambasador Leynnor made it clear the Caellians would stand behind the Adrolans, if the Bycttans resorted to violence. Apparently the Caellians had been displeased with the Bycttan government for some time, but due to their largely non-violent stance, they had taken no action. It was definately not for lack of technology, as that was one of their most valuable trade assets, but with another planet taking the forefront on the same stance, it empowered the Caellian's ideals, giving them great confidence to defend them. Therefore, after another day or two of talks, Bycttan King Hoy humbly, yet reluctantly, stepped down. He agreed, as did many Adrolan and Caellian representatives, to help the colonies of Bycttus to ellect their own Councilors. This took the group on another trip to Bycttus. The development of the new government took two solwak, and the citizens of Bycttus were very open to the idea. Hoy's attitude eased a bit, seeing his people collectively pleased for the first time in a while. Afterward, it became evident the closeness between the three plaents would grow, creating a need for an even higher governmental council. It was Hoy who proposed the idea of the Tri-Core, his idea was backed by Ambassador Leynnor. The Adrolan Councilors mulled over the thought, and agreed under the stipulation that the Tri-Core be electable lifelong positions, much like the current Adrolan Councilor positions. The other's agreed, proposing that only Council members could be eligible for Tri-Core positions. After settled, Kretor Hoy I and Silar Leynnor became the Bycttan and Caellian Tri-Core representatives. From the Adrolan's Urita Korr of the Morcrian trive was appointed, having been a lead player in prior talks. It was decided, after much bickering over the location, that the Tri-Core's base would be situated on the moon. It was easy to agree on after proposed, the perfect central point to all three planets, casting a message to the people that they were connected. These Core Councilors called for a base to be built on the moon, known to the Adrolans as Cersol, to the Bycttans as Dorkova and to the Caellians as Elaria. Collectively, the moon is referred to as CED for short, and for lowered confusion. They also called for an educational facility to be built. This facility would be a supplement to the ten years of education received on one's planet, in the pursuit of a future council position. Students from all three planets seeking this career path would be sent here.

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