Calahan Combat System, also known as CCC, is a Combat system designed for dogfights.

It is like PCS and TCS, based on a sensorcone to the front of the vehicle.

Even if no more maintained, it's still popular.

Commands Edit

The CCC shooter has to sit on their position, then enable the CCC engine.

To turn on CCC, write on the chat box:

ccc on

and to turn it off

ccc off

Turning on CCC allows to attack but makes vulnerable to other CCC devices. The original CCC kit provides script with 8, 10, 12 or 14 hit points, each time the vehicle is shot, a point is removed and, when there is no more points remaining, the vehicle is disabled.

Interoperability Edit

Note some version RCS make the wielder vulnerable to CCC attacks. Thus, such attack may be forbidden on the rules of sims supporting RCS.

Exploid Edit

Be aware that the working channel of CCC is allready known and accessable for everyone. This makes it very easy for everyone to cheat the system (this includes RCS).

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