"This place is powerful; somewhere I can pour all of my knowledge, my wisdom, and teach a new generation what it truly means to be a Sith."

— The Underlord about Malachor V


The Taral'ari of Rhelg is a complicated man, whose talents are both vast and rarely displayed. His accomplishments are similarly great, though rarely flaunted. Claiming to have lived for well over two centuries, his resume consists of a myraid of accomplishments that are more difficult to verify the further back into his past they are examined, especially due to his silence on the subject and the difficulty in contacting him. What is known for certain is that he was elected Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic twice during it's recreation by Jedi Master Leonardis, ruled a remnant of the asteroid-fields of Malachor V, and then relocated to Rhelg along with his academy.

Personal InformationEdit

"We don't accept Republic Identification Cards here."

— A stormtrooper patrolman on Coruscant during the Underlord's first visit to Imperial City

Name: Calithlin Tue'Rok/Darth Callous/The Underlord/Taral'ari (in order from least commonly used to most often used)
Species: Originally Zabrak, now Sith by way of Sith Alchemy
Languages: Ancient Sith, Basic, Iridonian
Age: 237 (based on the 230 ABY timeline)
Occupation: Underlord of the Trayus Academy, ex-Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, Taral'ari of Rhelg
Residence: Vault of Kressh on Rhelg
Allies: The Sith, The Republic, select Mandalorian clans
Enemies: The Fel Dynasty Empire, select Jedi and Sith Orders

The Underlord in a rare, closeup image

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