Captain Malcom Artherius Burner is a 39 year old male human force-user, former Imperial knight and now Captain to the Plasma Queen, a Modified Dynamic-Class Light Freighter. He is always on the run and travels from planet to planet. There is probably just a few planets he didn't visited yet.

Early Life Edit

There is not much known to Captain Burners past, and he tries to keep everything hidden from his past. But i write down what is known now.

Malcom was born to a wealthy family on Coruscant at 211 ABY. His childhood was considered as peaceful and balanced till his force powers got found by a Imperial Knight at a dinner-party at his parents house.

He soon afterwards got removed from its parents house for training at the Imperial Knights Academy housing on Coruscant. He showed quiet some skill with the lightsaber and with the age of 14 he became a knave to an unknown Imperial Knight,

where he got his training. At the traditional age of 21 he got raised into the rank of an Imperial knight and received the standardized lightsaber with the white blade among with his armour and the all too well known cortosis gauntlet.

He swore loyalty to the Emperor and the Light and became one of the emperors traditional guards.

After many years of service and changing alliances in the empire, many conflicts with the Jedi (for which he never had a grief) and the rebellion, he made the move which brought him where he is now. One night after he got ordered to fulfil a special Mission to investigate a secret base of the rebellion he felt into deep confusion about what is right and what is wrong and what the point of all this where. He felt weak and strong at the same time and made the decision to leave all this behind himself. He fled from the empire and lived hidden for a while. His travels brought him to many places and he eventually became a scoundrel and smuggler in the service of independent movers of goods.
Plasma Queen

The Plasma Queen at Pad 1 at Coruscant

Recent Past Edit

After he successfully made a couple of lucrative jobs he thought he had enough money to purchase his own freighter. Eventually he found out his money was not enough to buy even the crappiest freighter available at Nar Shaddaa.

Just at this time a really old Dynamic Class Freighter got offered to him by a shady trader. Asking about the Past of this craft he just got unsatisfying answers about its age and that the last owner might have been a Jedi who put his nose a little too deep into the shadows of Nar Shaddaa. Not asking any further questions he accepted the offer of the trader and purchased the Plasma Queen which from now on served as his home and base of operations.

With the purchase of the Plasma Queen it revealed to him another problem. She (the ship) was in bad condition and urgently needed repairs and a crew. His first hired crew member was Gayle Sommer. A Twi'lek woman of shady descend but with a cheerful laugh and witty character. He instantly made her the First mate to make sure she stays with him, after he discovered her incredible Piloting Skills.

Present Edit

"She won't move. Nothing will make her take off in that condition, Captain!" - "Well, guess I need to climb out and shove her off the pad then! "

— Gayle Sommer and Captain Burner

Captain burner still didn't found a qualified technican who is willing to sign up on the Old Lady (The Plasma Queen). She runs more and more into worse conditions and the Hyperdrive is prone to fail.

On the top of that he found out about Gayle's connection to the force and took her to many Places where she can learn about the force. He feels responsible for her, which made him to seek out and find himself confronted with old acient knowledge about the force. bringing himself more closer to it. After some study he managed to show Gayle how to construct a lightsaber and began lessons in how to wield it. This is not the typical relationship between master and pupil to him. he shows her just the right way to do it. besides he somehow feels that she won't last long in a temple or academy to become a traditionally trained Jedi. One for sure is that he will try to keep her away from the Sith. His first step to make sure she will not fall to the dark side went good as he showed her the wrongness of the Sith as he visited some Dark Side related places with her.

Still on the run from his past, faced with the force which always comes back to someone he faces new troubles to work with. Only the future will know what happens.