Celeste Valentine is a SWRP character.


Early lifeEdit

In Theed (Naboo)Edit


Young Celeste in the Royal Gardens

Celeste was born on Naboo in Theed capital, his parents belonged to the monarchy of Naboo, his mother was the right hand of the queen Kylantha, Celeste grew up in Theed, until the death of Queen Kylantha, after the death of Queen and her family continued to live on NabooYears after two young brothers were born twins, Anabeth and Snow, Celeste took charge of his brothers and his parents now working as guards in Theed, their little brothers were growing slowly, marked 10 years young twins, a day Celeste told his parents he had to go, was to seek his destiny was to go in search of adventure, could not always stay in Naboo, her parents did not understand at first, but after a few weeks he gave permission for him to leave in search adventure, Celeste said goodbye to their little brothers twins and their parents prepare their ship and went off into space in search of her destiny

In Mos espa (Tatooine)Edit

Llegatatoine 001

Celeste arrived to Mos Espa

Celeste While traveling through space in search of his destiny, his ship and quickly ran out of fuel pipe to land on the nearest planet, unfortunately landed in Mos Espa (Tatooine), a place full of criminals and smugglers, when I get there was heading to a store of smugglers, there was assaulted and kidnapped Celeste, Celeste smuggler sold to a Hutt clan living in Mos Espa, Celeste was enslaved there, there lived the worst days of his life

But one day everything changed, passed 2 months since Celeste had been enslaved, was locked up in some old warehouses of the great palace Hutt, A woman entered the storage, was a female Jedi, was Lady Melody, Melody Lady had told him felt a commotion in the force here, that Celeste was to travel to Dantooine and train as a Jedi, Celeste accepted and went off with Lady Melody, both fled the planet, go to Dantooine, a new life

Jedi CelesteEdit

When I get to Dantooine Celeste at first felt a little strange, they had to get used to the scope of a new planet, gradually became used as a student and began studying at the Jedi Temple, I met a young girl named Alethia which I believe a great friendship with her and the other Masters and students, as Marcos, Laura.Melody, Kaz etc.

Padawan CelesteEdit

Judyyo 001

Lady Melody and Celeste

A few months after arriving on Dantooine Celeste was taken as a Padawan of Lady Melody, a great and honorable Jedi Master, Celeste was gradually advancing in his training, was sent on missions to help Dantooine, as in Endor, Haruun Kal or Tatooine.
Enroon 001

Master Laura and Celeste In Roon

The Days Went by and Celeste Continues to Advance in Their training there, Continuing the Journey to Become a great Jedi, his friendship with Alethia increase historical inseparable friend and now partner, sincere Padawan Were Both Lady Melody ... One day Laura Celeste sat WAS Along with the Master to the mysterious planet Roon, Celeste Had Not Even Talked much with the Master Laura, Celeste Even Used To Think That the Master Laura Was a stupid, wrong But When They Got There They started talking and Their Relationship increaser, Becoming great friends, in water tested as Roon Roon is a planet full of Pollution, and Investigates the site of the planet, and soon That Should Kidnapped rescue a child inside the big castle Sith
Oficina 001

Celeste and Alethia in house

Step one year, Celeste with his close friend Alethia, bought a small house in the village of Dantooine, the house was dirty and empty, but Alethia and Celeste, cleaned up and modernized, the perfectly decorated and made livable, Shortly after his teacher Celeste offered to come and lived with them, Lady Melody accept, Celeste and Alethia, made room for one more, now Lady Melody was living with them, friendship 3 increase
Medite 001

Celeste and her master meditating

In a class with his master, Lady Melody I explain the different ways that a Jedi could take, Celeste said she was convinced, was to be a Jedi Consular, Celeste did not like fights, preferred to talk and negotiate before you get too caught in a lightsaber duel. One day Celeste was sent to negotiate with a Sith called Ely, was to recover some important data for DJE, when Celeste was found with the Sith Ely, Ely Celeste attempt to convince that ought to give those files, Ely refused and sent him 3 tasks , Celeste finally complete the work and recover the files, Celeste happily returned to their master files.

Celeste speaking with Sith Lord in the Tatooine Space Station

Months later Celeste was sent to retrieve a holocron old star's death, that holocron was in a space station near Tatooine, Celeste I picked up his ship and set sail for space station when it finally arrived, estubo inspects all station, but the surprise came when Celeste came to the 2 floor of the station, there is a Sith Lord found that among the many media attempt to convince her to join the dark side, he repeated Celeste Sith several times that she never would join the dark side, the Sith finally came to his senses and said he would attack Dantooine in the coming days, Celeste did not pay much attention to the words of that mysterious man, Celeste finally found the holocron of Star plans from the dead and returned towards Dantooine.
Tok 001

Celeste with Master Caronte in the final test in TOK

The months passed, and Celeste was ready, had finally finished his training and was to complete the last test, The TOK, a theoretical discussion with Master Caronte, Celeste met with Master Caronte of the Jedi Council Chambers, Celeste I was nervous but gradually lost his temper and answered all questions correctly, the final exam had finished, Celeste was ready to be a Jedi Knight, Celeste now more than ever miss his family, had spent 2 years without his parents and younger siblings (Snow and Anabeth) but something inside told them that Celeste would meet with them soon.

Jedi Knight CelesteEdit

Ceremonia 001

Celeste at the ceremony

And finally the day arrived, Celeste was to become a Jedi Knight and all his friends and colleagues of Dantooine, met with her in the plaza of ceremonies, Celeste was nervous, but his master gave him encouragement, finally was named Jedi Celeste Knight and then was named Lady Melody Jedi Master, Celeste was very proud of his master, now really beginning the great adventure, was to become a great JediCeleste was proud of being a Jedi Knight, now ought to take the long road, protect Dantooine, and soon have hisfirst Padawan, Celeste received the armor, placed it and put it really looked good, but she was not a warrior, you liked the harmony and tranquilit
Despedida de byss

Landing in Byss

y , The days moved forward and now a Jedi Knight had new and important missions, DJE needed to find a child kidnapped by the Sith called Alan, Celeste traveled several planets gathering information, eventually found little evidence that Alan could find hidden Byss She notice Blade Master DJE and organized several platoons of soldiers and Jedi, more than 7 spacecraft landed on board with Byss Jedi to find the little Alan . But the search went wrong, Alan was not there, so Celeste with his colleagues returned to Dantooine DJE rapidly with a mission failed but Celeste was sure I would find, the little Alan.
Killuayyoholstice 001

Killua Celeste's new Padawan, meditating on New Holstice

The months passed and Celeste needed a padawan, new children had come to Dantooine and she needed to find some Padawan Master teach as a day student Celeste found a youngling different from others, was called Killua, Celeste felt great attractions to in force, quickly asked the council to request Killua as a Padawan, the board said yes, that would be the first padawan Killua Celeste, Celeste Killua happy to inform you that could be trained for it, the two began a long and difficult, but Celeste was sure Killua and she would be great friends,
Madreyoy 001

Killua's mother talking to Celeste

One day, Celeste received an unexpected visit, Killua's mother needed to talk to her, Celeste met with Killua's mother at home, both They were exposed much time talking and is Killua's mother, confessed he was the father of Killua alive, that his father was a Sith Lord, Celeste was surprised to hear those words and I swear that his son would make a great Jedi Knight, the mother of Killua he left giving, thanks to Celeste