Early lifeEdit

Chelsea was born into an influencial family of politicians on Naboo. When she a young child, both her parents were murdered by unknown assailants at an activist gathering. The story widely circulated by the media was that the Sith were responsible for the assassinations. Later though, it was revealed that a rival Republic party was responsible for the deaths of her parents.

After being orphaned on Naboo, Chelsea was found by the Jedi of Ruusan. Recognizing her aptitude for the Force, they took Chelsea in. Jedi Sentinel Henry Macalroy took it upon himself to train her as his Padawan. Before long, she was recognized as a Jedi Knight. She chose the same path as her master, that of a Sentinel. At this time, Chelsea also developed a close bond with Blade Kamala, a fellow Padawan student. The two could often be seen training together.


The two Jedi continued to travel together for some time, completing missions at the request of the council. On one occasion though, Chelsea and her former Master became caught up in a fierce argument over Jedi methodology. In a spark of anger, she caught him up in a Force-choke and flung him across the room. When she came before the council to answer for her crime, the masters set on her a period of banishment from Ruusan. She left their presence, stricken by guilt. That was the last time she would see many of the New Order of the Jedi, including Master Macalroy.


Bereft of friends and company, Chelsea wandered the galaxy for several years. During this period, much of her life is lost to history; rumors range from her living with the witches of Dathomir to working for the Hutts or joining the Mandalorians. While no one really knows, it is clear that at some point she suffered a near-death experience with a Rancor, after which she was assumed dead. After several months though, she was nearly fully operational, with most of her internal organs reinforced or replaced with synthetic parts.


Chelsea's Naboo I.D., marked deceased

Soon after her recovery, she became involved in a quarrel with some Dathomir Witches, and was trapped in a Stasis chamber for a time before being set free after some years. Soon after her release, she went in search of her old Jedi peers, but without success. She also spent a considerable amount of time searching for her former master, though that too failed. Disheartened, she travelled to Dantooine, where she was reunited with Blade, who had started his own enclave. She spent some time honing and resharpening her skills with the Jedi of Dantooine.

Rebel ScumEdit

After some time of observation, Chelsea began to grow disillusioned with the Republic government and its method of protecting it's people. She vowed in her heart to fight for the people herself. Gathering a motley array of fighters and intelligence agents together, she formed the Rebel Scum, a small, underground anti-Sith group.

Rebel Symbol

The Rebels received their first taste of Sith countering the opression of the Disciples of Ragnos on Tatooine. More and more people volunteered to aid in the effort as time went on. Eventually, the group grew into a massive network of agents and operatives. Chelsea went on to lead the Rebels on numerous campaigns against the Sith Empires and the Revenant Armada. Their singular stated goal was to protect the Republic, despite its numerous flaws. The network would remain intact until the War for Coruscant.

War for Uvena PrimeEdit

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Uvena after the War

The first large scale campaign against the Sith involving the Rebels took place on Uvena Prime. Towards the end of the Revenant occupation of the world, Chelsea and her followers, together with the Galactic Liberation Alliance and other Republic forces, struck out against the Revenant Armada and liberated the planet. Finally free, the Shistavanen natives were able to slowly rebuild their homeworld and establish a working government. The war marked the first major success for the Rebels, spurring on their zeal to destroy the Sith.

War for CoruscantEdit

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Taking on the Empire

Shortly after the New Galactic Empire's occupation of Coruscant, Chelsea grew disillusioned with the Republic's apparent lethargy to take back its core world. Consequently, she took matters into her own hands. After fruitless meetings with Republic officials, the Rebels, assisted by Jedi from Dantooine and the Grand Army of the Republic, initiated a series of strategic strikes against the Empire. These attacks paved the way for the Republic forces to finally enter Coruscant and engage the Imperial forces head on. During the war, Chelsea and her team were often found in the thick of the fighting, spearheading missions. They suffered numerous casualties, and over sixty percent of their force was lost. Despite the heavy losses, the Rebels and allies were able to outlast the Imperials and force them off Coruscant. After the Empire's defeat and the close of the war, Chelsea remained on Coruscant for some time, helping the people to rebuild their world. Chelsea was hailed by many as one of the key reasons the Republic took back the core world.


In the days following Coruscant, Chelsea spent much of her time meditating and studying in the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. During her stay, the Enclave reached full capacity, as prospective Jedi students flooded Dantooine after the war. The Enclave was forced to reject any other applicants. One such applicant was Har-Ja, a bright young Aleena. Due to their limited capacity, the enclave was forced to reject him; however, recognizing his aptitude for the Force, they requested that Chelsea take him on as her padawan. Though reluctant at first, the Jedi soon realized the wisdom of passing on knowledge and agreed. Over the years, the two formed a close bond and were often seen on missions together.

Captured and HuntedEdit

On one such mission, Chelsea and her Padawan ventured deep into Imperial territory. In an unexpected twist, a fellow Republic agent betrayed them, revealing their location to the Imperial officials. The two found themselves trapped in an abandoned chemical weapons facility halfway through the operation. The small Aleena was able to slip away, but Chelsea found herself in Imperial hands. Labelled a "dangerous criminal," the Rebel was shipped off to the unknown regions. There, she was sold into slavery to the Chiss Ascendancy. For nearly a year, she was put to work designing and testing military technology for the Ascendancy. Gradually, she gained their trust, though she was kept on a short leash at all times. At the same time, a rogue faction arose, composed of Chiss unhappy with the oligarchy's strict rule. In return for information on the weaknesses of various vehicles and strategies, the rebels helped her to escape. Finally free, she returned to civilized space and set foot on Nar Shaddaa, where she had last heard from her comrades. Almost immediately though, several bounties were raised, originating from factions such as Imperious and the chiss. She was recaptured before much time was passed. This time, a slaving gang known as Ferensis purchased her. Because of her vast array of existing cybernetics, she was determined the perfect candidate for dangerous machine symbiosis experimentation. Before the process could be carried out though, the Galactic Liberation Alliance infiltrated the station and recovered the woman. After a lengthy operation to undo the damage done, she gradually recovered on Dantooine.

Different Republic, Same RebelEdit

Personality and TraitsEdit

In her younger days, Chelsea was impulsive and explosive. She was always the first to voice her opinion, and her quickness to act would often get her into trouble. On more than one occasion, her hasty actions ended in her staring down the ends of several red lightsabers or unfriendly blasters. A distinct aversion to rules and regulations also put her at odds with those she saw as perpetual bureaucrats.

As she matured though, she grew less and less impetuous. Perhaps it had something to do with the devastation of Coruscant. But whatever the reason, by the middle of her life, she had become more thoughtful, temperate, and diplomatic. She was rarely the first to speak, making a habit to listen before she offered her opinion. Yet in some things, she remained unchanged. Her distaste for unecessary red tape endured, as did her aversion to formal ranks and titles. And as always, her heart lay with the people of the Republic. She vowed to "take any actions necessary to protect them from the Sith aggression".

In appearance, the woman was average height. Her frame was slim, and she carried herself with a certain grace born through years of combat and training. The human female was commonly spotted wearing armour-weave suits and comfortable casual attire. On occasion, she was also seen wearing the traditional robes of the Jedi. Oftentimes, when embarking on covert missions, she was often unrecognizable and tended towards elaborate disguises and personas.

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Abilities and PowersEdit

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Due to her accident on Dathomir, the woman's body was reconstructed, and nearly all organs 

were replaced by more durable synthetic counterparts. Because of this, her body proved more resilient than the average human, and could withstand a larger amount of physical damage before being being incapacitated or killed.

Chelsea's weapon of choice was the lightsaber. She most commonly used a single bladed weapon carrying a Pontite crystal. However, she was also versed in other various forms of saber combat, from Jar'Kai to the Staff Saber. Since her days as a Padawan, she focused on Form III, Soresu. Through the years, she honed the defensive form to near perfection. In line with her more aggressive nature though, she also studied Shien, a similar form, and Ataru. She was also known to utilize some aspects of Niman, often incorporating Force pushes and pulls into her fighting. While a formidable fighter against a single combatant, her true prowess was in fighting multiple foes and using their strengths against them - something she was forced to develop during her long period of isolation. At times, she was known to take on near-impossible odds without second thought. 
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Chelsea's lightsaber

Chelsea was adept in the basic Force powers taught to every Jedi. Notably, she proved herself skilled at using telekinetic abilities and Force assisted movement in combat; a favored tactic she often demonstrated was to pull an opponent within striking range before relying on her lightsaber. During her training by Sentinel Henry Macalroy, she also developed the ability to use Force Concealment and Force Immunity. Later in her life, she undertook a careful study of Tutaminis, aiming to master the art of energy absorption.

When she didn't have access to a lightsaber, the woman drew on a wide array of ranged weapons and explosives, ranging from blaster pistols to thermal detonators and EMP grenades. However, her skill with these weapons paled in comparison to her effectiveness with a lightsaber.

Outside of combat, as a trained Sentinel, Chelsea was proficient in encryption and hacking. Her knowledge also extended to a wide array of technology. Later, with resources leftover from the Coruscant war, she would construct a vast array of technological weapons and gadgetry.