Christopher Fel is a 19 year old Human/Miraluka Male and was a former Jedi Knight of the New Order of the Jedi. As a Youngling he was quite the bookworm, but decided to become a Jedi Guardian under Owyn Graves after his best friend Dio was murdered in front of his eyes.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Childhood Edit

Chris was born on Coruscant. To an Imperial Knight, and to his Mother Alexandra Novastar. Alexandra was an Miraluka/Human, and a Jedi Knight in the New Order of the Jedi. Chris' father was often away on Imperial missions, under The Command of Roan Fel ((Who we can assume was the Emperor until Talmerith Jael for now.)) His Mother was often at home with him, but the lack of a Husband, and a Father. Often drove her to depression. Even though Chris' father was never around, he dreamed of becoming an Imperial Knight or a Jedi Knight. Chris was curious, but shy as a child. Often staying home, and reading books. Than going out, and playing with other children his age. His lack of social skills, and his withdrawal from society concerned his mother, but dismissed it as nothing but shyness. Soon after Chris turned 5, Alexandra recieved a message from the Fel Empire, alerting her that her husband had gone missing in action, and was assumed to be dead. His mother, realising she can not take care of Chris alone, sent him to live with his grandfather Imperial Knight Joe Novastar

Life on Nar Shaddaa Edit

Chris was hesitant of leaving Coruscant. Often afraid of change, and losing his mother. He pleaded to stay, but his mother denied him of that and sent him to Nar Shaddaa. There his grandfather took him in. At the time Joe Novastar had started up a droid shop. After he went into hiding with a Mon Calamari resistance group, during the Anti-Sith Insurgency. His grandfather often gave him petty tasks. Such as polishing droids, repairing minor faults, and problems. Chris actually enjoyed repairing droids, thus did so with pleasure. As his grandfather observed him over the next two years, he began to take notice of Chris' ability to almost meditate while repairing droids, and his connection to the Force. His grandfather assumed like himself, and his mother and father that Chris was Force-sensitive, and insisted on sending Chris to the moon of Yavin IV, to train as a Jedi. Chris had grown attached to his grandfather, and once again pleaded to stay. However, Joe understood that he himself was growing older by the minute, and realized he would perish soon. In spite of the defiance at first, Chris accepted his grandfather's request for Chris to train as a Jedi and went with his Grandfather to Yavin IV.

Life as an Adept, and adventures with Dio Edit

Chris arrived on Yavin IV, at the age of around Eight now. His first impression of the planet was a good one, albeit he found the Sith Tomb of Ajunta Pall to be disturbing, and Chris felt it had no place on a planet such as this. Chris' grandfather spoke with the Jedi Council, and requested that Chris be trained there. The Jedi Council accepted this request, and inducted Chris as a Force Adept in the New Order of the Jedi. Albeit glad of is acceptance, he often felt as an outsider, and a loner around the Jedi. He often kept to himself, observing those around him, uncertain of the way Jedi acted. He kept to his books, studying in the library most of his days, or speaking with other Jedi in the forest. He quickly met a Jedi Padawan Ashranch Masala and befriended him. As Ash had been the only Jedi at the time to reach out, and speak to him. Although it was not formal Jedi Training, Ash taught Chris Force Sense, and other minor Force Powers, such as Telekenesis, and Force Push. However the New Order of the Jedi did not take kindly to Ash's lessons, and punished him for teaching them without the authority to do so. Chris felt it wrong of them to punish Ash, and asked that they punish him instead. The Jedi explained to Chris he did not know better, although Ash did. After Ash had been punished, he vanished for quite some time. Leaving Chris alone, and an outcast yet again. However, Chris met a fellow youngling Dio, who was in a similar position as himself. Alone, and rejected. The two of them quickly bonded, and would often explore Yavin IV, even running through the Jedi training cource at times. Chris grew attached to Dio, and often referred to him as his best friend. Fate is cruel though, and over the horizon the Sith began to rise again. Often attacking the Jedi Academy, and any Jedi that they laid eyes on. Chris had been with Dio in the forrest of Yavin IV, when a Sith attacked them. Armed with training sabers, Dio and Chris attempted to fight off the Sith Lord. Their lack of training, and their age were not in their favor, and the Sith easily defeated them. Dio was killed by Chris in front of his eyes, by impaling him in the chest. The Sith performed an uppercut aimed to Chris' head, but it only scarred his right eye. Shortly afterwards, a Jedi by the name of Owyn Graves had spotted the Sith, and proceeded to run them off. In this action, Owyn Graves had saved Chris' life, but was unable to do anything for the fallen Dio.

Training Under Owyn Graves Edit