Early Life Edit

Little is known about the childhood of Claire Pascale, mainly that her family lived on a communication station, on the Csilla moon. Her mother, Suzanne-Josette was a scientific director of the station and she was mute at birth. Her father, Serge-Pierre Pascale, was a Jedi who served the Republic by exploring the unknown territories. At the beginning of the war he was on a mission on Csilla planet where he battled during exploration. The war arriving, he went to the strategic area, the communication station. Unfortunately he was wounded, and becoming deaf.

During the war the station, Csilla was totally forgotten. Claire was born during the war, the communications station was very isolated and she grew under the attentive watch, and love of her parents. The only friends she had were droids and access to communications from other planets. She has a scientific knowledge, and a sense of its value, and she has viewed lots of pictures and films about the members of Republic and persons in the galaxy and often felt very lonely. When the war finished, and the New Republic rose, and she entered the Academy of Language and Communication, to meet and understand more of the galaxy and it’s races. The new Republic turns to the Dark Side, and she follows the rebellion.

Yavin IV Edit

From being a lonely child on the station, she found a family in Yavin 4. Claire wanted to share the fulfilling experience felt within the NOJ Academy with friends, and other good people, and the safety she felt there. During her training, she discovered more each day, about the temple and its story. One day, she found she had built the self-confidence needed to work on a dream which then became a project, for the temple.

Claire wanted to build a shuttle to make a tour, and show visitors the temple and the academy. She wanted the tour to be available in all languages of the galaxy. Claire analyzed how to do this, and realized she had enough resources and knowledge of Jedi to find technical solutions to assist her. She asked her old friend, Sir Jimbi Janus, who happy to help, joined her in the project. Claire was trained by Sir Lenny Celt, and became a consular Knight. In that time, Yavin had no healer and she so Claire specialized in the path of healer, while training her first padawan, Nador.

Euro NOJ Edit

As always, Claire Pascale wished to share the knowledge of NOJ with people of other languages. The academy based on Yavin IV, started to gather force-sensitive people from around the New Order of the Jedi. The Order decided to create information centres to advertise the Academy, and sent them all around the galaxy and especially to the former old Republic territories, near the unknown regions. Of course, we knew that not everyone in the galaxy spoke Basic, so we decided to provide them interpretations in many different languages of the galaxy, and make the information centres into a translation centers for those that do not speak good Basic, so they could learn and follow the path of the Jedi as well. The translation centres contained the most important values of NOJ, equipment and navigation coordinates for Yavin IV. A few Jedi from NOJ decided to take care of those people from abroad, and became friends and mentors for them. We were ready to welcome the newcomers detected by out intelligence services.

During her travels, she met lots of people of different species and gained their respect. She was confronted by Sith very often, and experienced, and learned the use of the art of diplomacy with them. As a Jedi, she used her lightsaber, when words could not be heard. But as a healer, killing someone was a duality she was not comfortable with.

Council Master Edit

During an expedition with her padawan Jerek, they were contacted by the Gungan people who were looking for a safe place to keep animals they rescued before the destruction of a planet. Claire was promoted to master at that time and given enough help to think about the creation of a preservation habitat. Due to the wars, species in a number of worlds have come close to extinction, so, NOJ had an opportunity, as Jedi to protect those species and find them suitable habitats, whether animal or plant. For this purpose, we used the two rivers on Yavin :

- one of them was where we kept an aquatic mammal. It was a gnooroop of Aquaris, a pregnant female, called Orca. She was given, barely alive, to Master Claire Pascale by a Gungan. We needed to improve the habitat to take care of this creature until we could organise her transfer to a suitable ocean.

- The second river was split into 4 parts. The first was full of Crystals, the second one became a habitat for creatures native to coral habitats. The third part, contained different kinds of sea grass, and in the fourth part, fishes.

Jedi worked to respect biodiversity and hoped to be joined by scientists. Thanks to this, NOJ actively participated in protecting numerous species from all over the galaxy and we need the assistance of our consulars and ambassadors, to help make the retrieval of such plants and species easier.


NOJ Worldwide Edit

Claire Pascale created the NOJ Worldwide group and they worked hard at creating that habitat. Laboratories, a fish nursery, and other facilities. NOJ Worldwide worked hard to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, the dark side had been hard at work in the council, where two masters betrayed their order.

The preserve was destroyed and lots of fish and plants died.

NOJ then decided to leave the planet. The Order wandered from planet to planet over a period of several months. The Force was with us and the council was looking for a place to rebuild and call home. During that time, we needed to find a place for the animals which survived. The Calamarians, permitted us to create a new preserve on Mon Calamari.

As Jedi, we are sensitive to the force, and how it flows through every life, we have a great interest in plants and animals found on different planets. For Jedi Healers, the feeling is often stronger, creating a stronger love and respect for all forms of life. Our place in the order is to learn and teach the way of peace. NOJ arrived on Ruusan and the good times were back for them, as they begin to build their home Claire always stayed strong in her beliefs and she was given the charge of the International Promotion of the Order. The international Building presents to the newcomer on the planet, how Star Wars roleplay works, the history of our Order, the purpose of a Jedi, the roleplay we are involved in, the map of the galaxy including a description of, and a landmark to the planets, and a large planisphere to show where your avatar is in RL.

One day she thinks deep in herself “It is time for the New Order of the Jedi to have a large International-Intergalactic Role Play…to have fun, to investigate and understand, see, observe, learn and teach the Living Force.”