Kovac Dala

Dala is an old established mandalorian clan that can trace their roots back before Mandalore the First established Mandalore. Members of this clan are a bit obsessed with Defense and Security. Some have even called the Dala's "The Paranoid Clan." They tend to think a good offense is a solid defense. This is not to say that Dala Clan members are cowards, they are some of the bravest Mandalorians around, they just tend to be more concerned about holding and defending, rather than blazing forward blindly. Because of this point of view, Dala Clans do not get along with Ordo Clans, as they view Ordo's views and approach stupid and reckless.

They credit their clan survival, for all these centuries, do to what others call their "watchfulness". They are quite proud of it actually.

One duty that falls on the Dala is that of medics. It falls in their philosophy to keep all healthy and to tend to the injured in order to secure the Mandalorians. They are very accomplished Medics with vast knowledge of not only battlefield medicine, but a large spectrum of alien species physiology. This medical knowledge helps them to be more efficient killers too, something they exploit when needed.

Another interesting aspect of the Dala, is that they are the most open about Spirituality. Now, what a Mandalorian's spirituality constitutes, outsiders don't know, the Mandalorians are not talking about this. But it seems that rituals that are in a spiritual nature, tend to be lead by Dala members.

Dress Edit

Dala tends to wear clothing and colors that blend with their environment. Some have even been known to wear camo in forest situations. Again, this is not cowardice, they just don't like to advertise their position.

Clan Relationships Edit

Ghent Edit

Neutral. A healthy respect of the Ghent's desire for privacy and individualism.

Mereel Edit

Good. Dala value this clan for their Leadership skills and appreciates the Mereel's respect for their specialties/quirks

Ordo Edit

Hostile. Feels that the Ordo's methods of "attacking until all are dead, even if it's yourself" is just stupid and wasteful. While they admire the Ordo's fighting skill, if they would just calm down and look at what they had, they could be so much more.

Shysa Edit

Neutral. The stealthy and curious Clan makes them a bit edgy. Many good relationships have been formed by Dala and Shysa, as Dala try to create defenses that Shysa can't penetrate, while the Shysa loves the challenges that Dala always present. Once past the initial mistrust, these two Clans can produce some of the most staggeringly complex and secure Security Systems and Defensive complexes.

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