Dha'oya'karir is a Mandalorian Clan based on Saleucami 100 miles into the desert from the Federation Empire City.


Dha'oya'karir was founded by Jarell Xaaris and Caine Rexan.

Under RexanEdit

During Caine Rexan's time as Alor, he began his search for a worthy alor'ad. It was through his contacts with a clone trooper within the clan that he heard of Nico Fett. Caine commed Nico and asked for him to meet him in the Last Shot Contina in Mos Espa to discuss joining the clan, it was during this meeting that Caine offered Nico the position of Alor'ad for Dha'oya'karir.

Soon after an Alor'ad was named, controversy surrounding Caine erupted. Rexan had put his name in as a contender for the position of High Chancellor of the Galactic Alliance as well as making some deals with Black Sun. The Mandalorian clan leaders were fully against Rexan running for office and declared him Dar'manda. At the same time, the Galactic Alliance put out a warrant for Caine do to his Black Sun ties (The GA had recently declared Black Sun a terrorist organization). It was the Mandalorians that got to him first, gunning down Caine. After Caine's death Nico Fett became Alor of the clan, naming Jarell Xaaris as his Alor'ad.

Under Nico FettEdit

Soon after Nico became Alor, it was revealed that he too like Caine was tied to Black Sun. Nico was brought in for a meeting among clan leaders to discuss his true allegiance. Nico renounced his ties to the criminal organization, and was once again accepted by the clans.

It was not long after his renouncing of the Suns that Nico had to resort to his old contacts once again. After defending the GA from the Suns in a battle on Bothawui, the mandalorians were dismissed by GA as have been nothing of help in the battle, angering the clans that had aided them. But the last straw to bring Dha'oya to war was when The Galactic Alliance's Military Executor Gia Swords attacked Lady Widow, whom was the Alor'ad Jarell and being protected by a government called the United Imperial Alliance. Dha'oya'karir decided to ally with the UIA against the GA and moved it's HQ to Hoth to get away from GA hypocrisy and corruption.

Incident on EndorEdit

Eventually word came down that the UIA was allying themselves with the Disciples of Ragnos and was opening a base with the on forest moon of Endor. Soon after the imperials and sith set up their bunker, Dha'oya'karir went to the planet to be taken on a tour of base. It was during this tour that a unknown ship was found on scanners within the bunker, Nico and Jarell wwere among the units to scout the area for the unknown scout after noticing the GA insignia on his ship during a fly-by made in the scout's X-wing. Nico chased after the GA scout in his TIE Predator fighter along with fighters piloted by the Sith and Imperials. Dha'oya'karir aiding in the bringing down of the craft and capture of the scout, the scout soon admitted to being sent on a mission to search the area for the Empire's base.

When the scout did not return in time, the GA sent troops to investigate. The arrival of GA forces almost escalated into a firefight. Combat was avoided when a representative from the Tetan Empire came to negotiate on behalf of the GA, as a third party negotiator. The negotiations began as merely negotiating for the release of the scout being held prisoner, but evolved into complete peace talks between the UIA and GA. The UIA promised to cease all attack on GA bases and personel, and the GA vowed to do the same for UIA. The GA forces reluctantly left the scene after negotiations were completed.

Disagreement with the Mand'alorEdit

After moving to their new base, the entireity of the clan would soon meet the mand'alor on Hoth. A member of Mand'alor's inner circle came to Hoth to fight an honor duel with a member of Dha'oya'karir. After much argument and almost the beginning of a firefight among the two clans, Nico ordered Dha'oya to stand down and let the duel commence; a fight that the Dha'oya mando won. After the duel arguments continued among the two clans, insults were thrown and the Mand'alor was called dar'manda by Nico's alor'ad Jarrel Xaaris. This insult resulted in Tepes being commed by one of the opposite clan's warriors and him coming to the planet personally. Tepes called all of the Dha'oya mandalorians dar'manda and lemented Nico for not making good progress on making the Fett name honorable by associating himself with the Dha'oya mandos, yet Nico stood up to the Mand'alor saying that he would stand by his vode and would still bring the Fett's back to good light in the galaxy's eyes. Tepes stormed back to his ship and left the planet with his clan.

Under XaarisEdit

Nico Fett Eventually stepped down as Alor and gave it to Jarell Xaaris. Nico became an Elder of Dha'oya'karir and Formed the Fett Clan. Jarell Xaaris took Dha'oya'karir into the Death Watch But soon realized it was wrong. He was a Mandalorian, he did not want to be fighting his vode. Jarell then took the clan to Kerest where the clan had set up a base and Begin to follow the Resol'nare. Jarell plans on taking the clan into the fight with the rest of the Mandalorian Culture against the Death Watch. After some time, Jarell agreed it was time to return to his home Planet Dxun. Once there he found the remains of the Ad'en Ka'rta camp and Re-built the camp by himself and then brought Dha'oya'karir to Dxun. Jarell still at the pace of trying to find an Alor'ad worthy enough to some day take on the title of Dha'oya Alor and Jarell could fulfill his life long goal and dream ad become a Mandalorian Elder.

Dxun and new InsigniaEdit

As Jarell led Dha'oya, he came to the conclusion, to be a good Alor he would need to face his demons. He must return home to Dxun, the place where hus Parents were murdered. He went and Spoke with Fett Alor, Cuyan Naast. The Fett clan agreed to join Dha'oya on the journey to Dxun. Upon arrival they had found an old Mandalorian Compound. the Fetts and Dha'oya agreed they can bring back the Mandalorians to Dxun. The mandalorians worked on the old camp tore down walls and re-built and made the sight into several compounds for Mandalorians to come and use as thier own. Jarell then took a new sign to Dha'oya and dropped the silver and blue Mythosaur Skull logo and replaced it with a red and black Mythosaour Skull logo. the Color's representing his armor of red and black, Honoring his father and to bring Justice to those who sought to destroy the Mandalorians. Jarell still waiting to hear from the Mandalorian Council about Dha'oya signing the charter, Jarell continues on to grow his clan and in hopes to one day restore the Mandalorian culture to what it once was.

Nar Shaddaa & Mos EnthaEdit

Jarell Xaaris moved Dha'oya'Karir to Nar Shaddaa and Parts of Mos Entha some time after thier occupation on Dxun Ended and Lost his Alor'ad as his Alor'ad felt he needed to move on in life and persue his own goals. Jarell now recruiting for a new Alor'ad continues his fight to get his Aliit under the charter and prove his Mandalorian Clan is one to be reckoned with and one that will be there for a long time to come.

Space over Telos IVEdit

While Dha'oya'karir Grew and lived on Nar Shaddaa, Alor'ad Volo and Alor Jarell travelled to Hoth and Stole an Imperial Star Destroyer and took it back to Nar Shaddaa where it was scrapped and re-built and re-painted and Called kyramud Meaning Assassin in Basic. After the ship was ready for Flight the New Trade Federation called upon Dha'oya'karir to help build a housing station in the polar reigons of Telos IV. The Aliit agreed and travelled to Telos IV in the kyramud where they have the ship remain and the aliit bounces back and forth between Telos IV Space and Nar Shaddaa Lower city.

Saleucami & The Battle of Uvena PrimeEdit

Some time after Dha'oya'karir set foot on Telos they decided to leave and remain on Nar Shaddaa, then the Revanant Armada and the Hutts fought against GLA and other mandalorians. Jarell took the Dha'oya'karir clan and led them into the battle against GLA. After time the Mand'aor Tyro came to see Jarell and his clan on Nar Shaddaa and Dha'oya'karir finally signed the charter, a life long dream by Jarell, But with this signing he had to agree to drop the Hutts. Soon after that the other clans voted on aiding GLA on the battle of Uvena Prime. Dha'oya'karir refusing to go against Mand'alor made the move to turn thier back on the Revanant Armada and the Hutts. In this move they secluded themselves into the middle of nowhere in a desert on the planet Saleucami to get away from Nar Shaddaa. Dha'oya'karir now aiding GLA in the battle of Uvena Prime and Following Mand'alor, only time will tell what is next for this Mandalorian clan.

Back to Dxun & Mos EnthaEdit

Dha'oya'karir Set up a command post in Mos Entha to help the locals with the Tusken Raider problem. But after some time they moved back to Dxun to make it thier main Headquarters, they Found the old Camp from when Canderous Ordo was Mand'alor ((KOTOR 2)). And destroyed everything and re-built the camp.

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