The Ghent Clan

The Ghent Clan is somewhat a stranger in the Mandalorian Clans. In some ways, they are models of the modern Mandalorians: Strong, Resourceful, Honorable, Deadly. At the same time, they sometimes are way too independent, even amongst their own clan. The Ghents are barely a Clan at all, more like a lose group of individuals that share a name and agree not to kill each other, most of the time. Because of this independent streak, they have uneasy relationships with all the rest of the Clans. Most lone Mandalorians encountered in the Galaxy, if they are not Exiles, will be Ghents. Ghents, due to their loner tendencies end up as Enforcers, Hit men, and Bounty Hunters.


Ghents tend to be simple in their attire. Nothing too flashy, practical and useful. Their armor tends to be duo-tone, a simple neutral under color with a highlight that tends to be bold in color.

Clan RelationshipsEdit


Neutral. A healthy respect of the Dala's desire for security and defense, even if they are a little paranoid.


Hostile. While they respect this Clan's ability to lead and organize, they don't always like Mereel's attempt to control their actions. But when the situation deems it, they listen and follow orders. But as soon as possible, they strike out on their own again.


Neutral. A healthy respect for the Ordo's fighting ability, even if it is a bit bloodthirsty and brash.


Hostile. If one group irritates the Ghents, it's Shysa. The Shysa's prying and trying to discover secrets really bother the independent and secretive Ghents. It takes a lot for a Ghent to trust a Shysa, but when it happens, no two groups can form a stronger bond than these two.

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