The Ordo is a Mandalorian Clan of SWRP.

Background Edit

Many beings in the galaxy think of the Mandalorians as bloodthirsty, unmerciful, warmongering race. The Ordo are to be thanked for that reputation, which the Ordo are proud of. To them, combat and victory are the only means of true Honor, and they go about gaining that Honor. Now, this is not to say that the only thing that the Ordo do is fight, but it's darn near close. Most of their activities are centered around improving their weapons, honing their fighting skills, and picking on Dala Clan members. Ordo has called out Dala member in the Rites of Challenge more than any other Clan. Despite losing just as many challenges as won, they still consider Dala weak and cowardly.

Ordo combat tactics tend to be a little straight forward. They believe in brute and overwhelming force. Opponents guessing Ordo's tactics are not that difficult - right down the middle, strait to the front door. The problem comes not in predicting the next Ordo move, it's dealing with the obvious move they will make. Ordo feels that direct, strait-forward combat is honorable, compared to the sneaky methods of the Shysa and hiding behind defenses like the Dala.

The current Mandalorian armor can be credited to the work and adapting by the Ordo clan. Many beings in the galaxy lament, if the Ordo would focus their energies on medical studies, as they do to warfare, the galaxy would be free of disease. Ordos just usually kill beings that make such comments.


Ordo are very bold in dress, wanting to declare "I am a Mandalorian, I am your Death." There is very little subtlety in their mannerisms too. One favorite, if not morbid, habit of the Ordo is to take a personal souvenir of a kill. This can really be anything, but favorite items are fingers, eyes, teeth, and scalps. Ordo jewelry is not for the weak of stomach.

Clan RelationshipsEdit


Hostile. No two ways about it, Ordo think this clan is nothing but cowards, hiding behind walls. Nothing makes an Ordo happy then to see a Dala defeated, but not at the cost of society and a war.


Neutral. A healthy respect for the Ghent's fighting ability, even if they can't seem to get together in an effective Unit. They tend to be a bit jeleous of a Ghent's individual skills. Great honor is gained for defeating a Ghent in personal combat.


Good. They value this Clan's ability to lead and their skill in coordinating Ordo in battle. They really respect the ability of Mereel to reduce Ordo casualties by avoiding the Ordo's somewhat obvious, strait-forward tactics.


Hostile. They do not like the sneaky methods of this Clan, they feel it is not honorable to the Mandalorian way. So what if they find out important tactical info, it's still sneaky!