"Kandosii sa ka'rta, Vode an."

— Levi Solus, Runi Alor

Clan Runi was a Mandalorian Clan.


Clan Runi was primarily a service-oriented clan. In times of peace they focused on home, hearth, and hospitality. For instance, the running, stewardship, and maintenance of establishments such as taverns, farms, hospitals, shelters. In times of war the Clan focused on support first. Logistics, reconnaissance, transport, and tending to the wounded, resorting to front-line fighting and glory-seeking only when released from their current tasks or when their positions were compromised. They were perhaps the least aggressive of the Clans and the most open to dealing with outsiders with a friendly face. That said, those who mistook their openness for weakness soon found out how merciless a Runi'verd could be when riled.

Clan RelationshipsEdit

Clan Ordo: Good Runi respected Ordo's die-hard commitment to tradition, as well as their fighting prowess. While some in Ordo may have scoffed at Runi's gentler ways, Runi nonetheless provided a valuable counterpoint to Ordo's savagery.

Vizsla: Neutral Runi and Vizsla's relationship, though terrible in recent years, had calmed somewhat as of 267 ABY (2017). With the death of Bre Vizsla and cessation of the clan's hostilities towards Runi, the latter were able to come out of Ba'slan Shev'la (Strategic Retreat) and revitalize the clan. Currently, an unofficial, tentative ceasefire holds between the two. Runi has no intention of breaking it willingly, though their leader had been reported to state: "If those blue bastards want to start this shit again, I'll do everything in my power to burn them to the root and salt the earth in our wake."


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