Shysa is a Mandalorian Clan of SWRP.

Background Edit

Survival on a planet like Mandalore requires one to be strong. Shysa Clan feels the only way to true strength is by knowing all you can about a target. As a result, Shysa depends heavily on scouting and reconnoissance agents. After centuries of such activities, the clan tends to attract those who are insatiably curious about anything and everything. They never stop learning, studying, and probing everything and everyone. They want to find out everything they can, because you never know when it can come in handy. Due in part to their constant analysis of the weaknesses in others, Shysa tend to be rather private, like the Ghents. But unlike the Ghents, they are not trying to be independent. They just don't want others to see their weakness. They are not paranoid, as others consider the Dala, they just want to keep their edge and remain strong.

Shysa are more inclined to use guerilla tactics and attrition. They are not against more brutal "Ordo methods" of warfare, they just prefer to soften up the target first. Being the smallest of the clans, these tactics are viewed as a necessity to keep casualties at a minimum. Besides, the tactics are effective, why fight results?

Out of all the Clans, and all of the Units in the Mandalorian forces, there is one that is the best of the best. This unit, Winter's Wind, comes from the Shysa Clan. Winter's Wind is an elite, fast-entry strike force. One mission, legendary amongst the Mandalorians, had Winter's Wind enter an enemy base, kill the commanders, including two Jedi Masters, and exit without ever alerting the base. Even Ordo and Ghents fear this elite unit.


Shysa are very subtle in dress, wanting to avoid detection. Shysa tend to wear darker clothing as most of their work is done at night and/or in the shadows. Pockets and pouches cover Shysa clothing and armor to house a variety of devices that they always carry. You never know when you need to improvise, so they tend to rely on being adaptable in the field.

Clan RelationshipsEdit


Neutral. They enjoy the challenge that the Dala provide. While it slightly irritates them, that the Dala think they can stop the Shysa, they do enjoy their willingness to try. A few of the greatest collaborations have come between Dala and Shysa efforts.


Hostile. They HATE the Ghents desire for secrecy and the hostile attitudes towards the Shysa. Shysa don't like riddles that they can't solve, and Ghents make themselves the biggest riddles of the Clans.


Good. They value this Clan's ability to lead and their skill in coordinating. The biggest thing that the Shysa respects is the value the Mereel place on Shysa reconnoissance.


Hostile. They think that Ordo are raging monsters, not much better than Gamorreans. The Ordo would do well to read and use the intelligence reports the Shysa provide. But Ordo are fellow Mandalorians, so they will not be abandoned. Now, if an Ordo can be humiliated, that's a different story...

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