Clana'dae'nuruodo, or Adaen by his core name, was a male, Chiss Dark Jedi of the Krath Circle and former Commander of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force. He was a brilliant scientist and tactician, but also prone in the dark arts of Alchemy. He was trained by Krath Master Daria Blackadder with whom he formed a close relationship.


Youth and military careerEdit

Adaen was born into House Nuruodo, where he was educated in science, politics and warfare. When he came of age, he entered the military academy and was placed by his family into the officer training program. Growing tired of the tedious house-contention politics within the officer training core, he managed to get transferred into the Expansionary Force division. Adaen proved to be a skilled pilot, but excelled in planetary-assault, surface-warfare; finding his niche he quickly rose through the ranks to Commander of a front-line, surface-warfare unit. He was noted as having an uncanny knack for making intuitive key decisions in several battles which turned the tides, or led to decisive victories.

Scientific careerEdit

After proving himself in many trials, and being noted for his uncanny intuition, he was called back to Csilla to serve in a similar position for House Nuruodo. During his time serving for his house, he returned to further education at various universities, where he was noted as having an unquenchable curiosity in the fields of artificial intelligence, cybernetics and cloning technologies. Adaen’s thirst for knowledge, and family financing, allowed him to excel in his learning and experiment to the point where the universities were no longer sufficient in providing him the information that he desired. Write the second section of your page here.

Leaving Chiss Space and continuing studiesEdit

Growing restless with the lack of new information, and the relative tranquility in the capital of Csilla, Adaen began to research the other cultures and planets, within the Chiss-documented universe, for potential locations of seeking more knowledge. The planet Coruscant appeared in many references, and intrigued him enough to create a compelling story of his need to leave Chiss Space and journey to Coruscant in search of new technology that could be utilized by House Nuruodo.

The Force and meetings with remarkable menEdit

Adaen financed his way to Coruscant where he then attended many schools within the University of Coruscant. During his immersion among varied studies, he stumbled on an article regarding force-sensitivity and many of the signs regarding it. Contemplating the possibility that his many intuitive decisions on the battle fronts might have been results of such sensitivity, he turned his research toward resources regarding the Force, and those who would hold such knowledge. The Jedi that he read about seemed more stable than the Sith, yet the strict rules of both seemed much too restrictive toward the pursuit and exploration of knowledge to Adaen; very little ever justified cessation of scientific progress in Adaen’s eyes. During his research into this topic, several strangers started to make themselves known to him, and connections started to form.

The Krath, Knightship and beyondEdit

Personality and TraitsEdit