Code 14-90 is a special episode of the ESCAPE movies.

Story Edit

Episode opens with Lope telling us who is in the escape pod. A man on Endor who is communicating with Lope is worried and asks or evidence on Lyder's appearance and to meet him at the safe house. Lyder is on the ship happy, while havel trys to block transmissions to the ship. Havel calls him up and tells him that they can't just land and carry on as normal as everyone believes thim and the passengers to be dead. So she puts him into an escape pod and throws him at Tatooine. In a flashforward, Lyder is addressing the court about his story in which he's not believed and imprisoned. Back on the planet, The General orders Hypt to carry out Code 14-90 and demand that James leaves. Hypt enters an underground station and carry's out the code. Code 14-90 makes the planet disappear and apparently "move". Its current location is unknown. Flashforward: Lyder, Lope and unknown man.

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