Weapons Edit

Visible weapons, or the use of the force, are required to enter in a fight. The weapons are star wars related, which offer a great range of possibilities.

Lightsaber Edit

Lightsabers are emblematic on Star Wars. On Second Life, the players can buy a lightsaber or build their own, typicaly assembling a hilt with a LCK.

The user draw the saber from their hilt, enlite it and enter in close range of their target, then they swings their saber with the LCK commands. They may block pressing the C or PageDown'' Keys. Some Combat System allow to block and swing in the same time, some don't.

Blaster Edit

Here is a typical blaster user session

  1. draw the weapon, from the holster or from the backof the character
  2. put it unsafe. To prevent unintentional shoot, the blaster is usualy hold in safe mode.
  3. select the right mode
  4. aim, passing in Mouselook (the M key)) and looking at the central screen cross.
  5. shoot clicking on the mouse button.

The blasters may have 3 mode of shoot.

  • Single, one click, one bolt.
  • "Burst", one click few bolts (typicaly 3)
  • "Auto", one click unload all the remaining the ammos. This mode is usualy resitricted to

A lot of sims prohibe the auto mode, some only allow the "single". Check with the rules before entering in a fight.

Force Power Edit

This part is only about the force power[1] usage in combat, not in general.

Some combat systems (DCS2, FCRS, ZCS) have force power embed, some other (RCS, ZXCS) provide an extra (optional) force power set. It's also possible to buy or built once's powers.

  • healing, themselve or others
  • attacking other, with push, pull, lightning
  • defending the character, with shield, deflection...
  • improving the character, making him run faster, jump higher

Note that healing can only work with force powers provided by the combat system maintainers (embed or extra). Usualy the defending powers are only allowed if provided by the maintainer or they could prevent the Combat System to work correctly.

The other powers may be prohibed if they're too strong or unbalanced. In everycase case, check the sim rules at the entrance.

It's more efficient to use Second Life gestures to trigger the force powers.

Ship Edit

Dogfights (ship vs ship) use a special Combat System, the most comon on SWRP is Calahan Combat System (CCC).

Some RCS version allow the damage from CCC. Thus most sim prohibe such attack, and reading the sim rule is highly recomanded.

References Edit

  1. See Force Powers on wookiepedia.

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