Conrad Osterham was the first padawan of Dro Plund in the Kalway Order of Jedi.

History Edit

From a boy to a slave. Edit

  Conrad Osterham, a slave who worked on the planet Gelgelar from the age of seven. His father died when his mother was four months pregnant, and his mother died during child birth. A man in his 30s was the one who helped birth Conrad, even though Conrad never knew his name. The man just told Conrad to call him 'Uncle'. When Conrad was six, his Uncle told him a strange story about when he was born, he said, "Conrad, when your mother died, and I set you down wraped in a towel, something happened that I will never forget. I felt safe and secure, for a reason I cannot explain, and when I looked over at you, some pebbels next to you we floating, and moving around, like a solar system." Conrad did not believe him, and kept telling his Uncle, "Wow, sure, like I have powers or something. Right. I hope you don't go into the loopy home uncle." Conrad always regreted it. When Conrad was seven, a slaver came to his home to take Conrad away, but his Uncle wouldn't allow it. He died infront of Conrad, one blaster shot to the head. The slaver took Conrad and made him work as a Gas farmer.

From a slave to a new hope. Edit

  One day while Conrad was doing his rutine Gas farming, he decided to try to use 'The Force'. He had only heard stories about it, and being used by Jedi and Sith, but from what he DID hear, he could move things around without having to use his hands. When he sucessfuly contained some gas without having to touch any equipment, he descovered what his Uncle said when he was 6 was true.

  Descovering his new powers, he sought out to be a Jedi, bringing peace to the Galaxy. He knew it would not be easy, but with his new found powers, he sought to be a bringer of the light.

  The main reason he wanted to be a Jedi, was to bring peace to the planet of Gelgelar, because it as founded on Criminals and smugglers.

  Conrad found out about a planet, that trained Jedi, and helped keep the galaxy safe. The Jedi they trained were part of the Kalway Order of the Jedi. Finding out about the planet, Conrad stole a Slaver's ship, and tried his best to head to Yavin, and was able to make a hyperspace jump. This would be his chance to gain a new beginning, a new hope.

From a new hope to being accepted into the order. Edit

  While Conrad was in his Hyperspace jump to Yavin, he remembered that Jedi meditate. He tried it out on his own with no training. At first it was a sucess. He sucessfuly drifted into the air, and stoped at a certain height. Conrad felt nothing at first, then his skin sterted to sting. He was infront of a mirror, so he looked at himself and saw a dark aura radiating off of him, and after about 10 seconds of the sting, he started feeling relieved. More than he had ever felt. Once he fully achnoledged this, he lost his concentration, and fell to the floor.

  Once the Hyperspace ended, he ended upon Yavin, where he got accepted into the order, and renewed his life, as a Jedi.