Coruscant, Jedi temple was a SWRP sim.

Started around the Jedi temple of Coruscant, it enlarged to the whole region to build the neighborhood and a Senate. It was then took by the Empire, lead by the Emperor Darth Malphas coming from Mustafar (first quarter 2008). After a long time under the Empire control, it was took back by the resistance and the Grand Army of the Republic.

The sim was temporary closed at second quarter 2008 to allow an enlargement of the Kashyyyk sim. In August 2008 it opened again to become Coruscant, Capital of the Galaxy.


War-Time CoruscantEdit

Having been constructed around the Jedi Temple, the city enlarged to the whole region to include a residential area and the Senate. At the beginning of 2008, Control of Coruscant was seized by the Empire, which, at the time was lead by Empress Rayn. The Empire had invaded from their base which was located on the volcanic planet of Mustafar (First ¼ of 2008). Jedi were to be captured or killed and a number of xenophobic acts were passed by the Empress. But, they did not go unchallenged. The Galactic Rebel Alliance was formed to return power to the Republic. They were however soon renamed to the United Freedom Fighters.

Throughout the war they were assisted greatly by the Grand Army of the Republic. After a number of minor tactical strikes on the Imperial infrastructure it appeared that the United Freedom Fighters were no real match for the Empire’s seemingly endless stream of resources. It emerged that during the war Empress Rayn had been a puppet Empress, with her strings having been pulled by Darth Malphas. After repeatedly failing to quash the Rebellion completely the Empress was stripped of her position by Darth Malphas and was made a Moff. Darth Malphas revealed himself as the new Emperor. It then seemed that the Em

pire would surely crush the Rebellion and reaffirm their rule over the Capital of the Galaxy.

But, the United Freedom Fighters made an unexpected and unprecedented move. All Rebel forces were gathered and along with the Grand Army of the Republic they stormed Coruscant. The unprepared Imperial Forces were overwhelmed and control of the city was regained by the two allied forces.

Post-War CoruscantEdit

The victory however, was a bitter-sweet one. During the war the city had been devestated, and much of the planet was reduced to a pile of rubble. It was decided that the irreparably damaged areas should be completely cleared and the planet rebuilt. After many months skyscrapers once again dominated Coruscant's skyline and the Jedi temple was rebuilt along with them. The city continued, and still does continue, to grow as it's people repair the damage of war.

The sim was temporary closed during the second quarter 2008 to allow an enlargement of the Kashyyyk sim. It was however decided that the sim should become Coruscant. In August 2008 it opened again to become Coruscant, Capital of the Galaxy.

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