(Star Wars : Legacies) is a SWRP (Star Wars Role-Play) sim set in the Post-Legacy era. The year is around 250 ABY, at least 100 years after any known canon event. This is to empower role-players the ability to create unique characters and plot-lines.

We recommend those new to SWRP quietly observe role-play areas before participating. If you only want to observe and explore you must declare you are OOC (Out of Character) by wearing an OOC observer tag before leaving the Telehub.

While you are OOC, you are not allowed to use vehicles or disrupt any active role-play with any undue OOC communication so. Please use IMs (instant message) instead. We want to encourage good role-playing and will happily help you with any inquiries. Again, please do not ask for help in local chat as people find this disruptive to their role-play.

Status & Factions Edit

If you are only a day old, you are not a Sith Lord. You MUST train to present your character as having the status of a veteran Trooper, Knight, Sith, etc. Everyone starts off at the bottom of the totem pole and this will be more strictly enforced by SWL in the future. If you are unsure how to obtain training to be recognized as a Knight, Sith, etc, any members of the Admin team should be able to point you in the right direction. Because abuse of this has become so rampant, you may be spoken to asking about your character's history if claiming said status. Chances are if your character is less then a year old, it would not be recognized as a "Master."

Recognized Training - Byss, TBA (Does not mean no other sim is)

Be sure to check out the group boards in the landing zone. That will provide information on the multiple factions who SWL does consider to have legit training methods, etc.

Timeline Edit

The timeline advances on SWL, many SWRP sim's do not do this. Every three months is considered one year. You do not have to age your character, but the time should be treated in this way:

Jan-March 2014 - 251 ABY

April-June 2014 - 252 ABY

July-Sept 2014 - 253 ABY

Oct-Dec 2014 - 254 ABY

Jan-March 2015 - 255 ABY

April-June 2015 -  256 ABY

July-Sept 2015 - 257 ABY

Oct-Dec 2015 - 258 ABY

Jan-March 2016 - 259 ABY

April-June 2016 - 260 ABY

July-September 2016 - 261 ABY

October-December 2016 - 262 ABY

Adult Themes Edit

Adult themed role-play and any role-play involving nudity and / or sex must remain in rentals or in designated areas such as the lower level city club upper rooms. If you are not sure what's allowed in an area, ask an Admin. NO UNDERAGE AV'S OR AV'S THAT LOOK UNDERAGE ARE PERMITTED inside the club or near any adult themed role-play. This will often lead to a ban. This includes for an example, a Human Replica Droid that looks like a child. Again if not sure, ask. Any underaged players are asked to remain outside these areas as well. Any ageplay will lead to a ban as it endangers the sim.

Generalities Edit

  • FFC is the default combat system.
  • Dice can be selected as defender's choice.
  • SWT can only be used at this time if both parties agree to it.,
  • No other meters should be worn at this time, if you don't like SWT than just don't wear one period.
  • In roleplay areas you must wear an OOC tag of some kind if you are not in character.
  • You can not travel anywhere that either your character OR avatar is not be able to go through with regular physics. (such as sit hacking)
  • Apartments are considered private, DO NOT ENTER them without an invite IC or OOC.


You need this to:

  • Kill a player character
  • Maim a player character, including things like force sever
  • Rape a player character
  • Capture a player character

NPC AssetsEdit

The consent of destroying or obtaining these is up to the Admin team. Storytellers are often given generous leeway with being able to utilize them but a player cannot run up to X Faction Base and randomly declare they have beat up all guards of X Faction base.

  • For approval to utilize Sith/Empire/Criminal assets - Zenless
  • For approval to utilize Jedi/Resistance/Alliance assets - Wilhelm ( arnieshwarz )
  • For approval to utilize Neutral/Mando/Fel assets - SPACE COMMISSAR ( Aryeh Elan )
  • For bigger things they will likely discuss it amongst themselves before utilization. Faction leads will often be consulted but this is not MANDATORY as NPC assets are seen as necessary to be under sim control for story progression.

Combat Edit

Initiation If you wish to attack someone, your character needs to have a reason to do so (anything will do, even if made up). Unless you both agree to SWT the default is FFC or Dice.

  • If FFC or dice is used, you need to inform the defender(s) that you wish to attack. They can choose to either participate or escape (they have a right to escape, so let's bend reality a little).
  • Fighting at above a 3 to 1 ratio is extremely discouraged and in some places forbidden.

Large Scale / Reinforcements Edit

Defender’s Rule Clarification Edit

  • If one side is clearly verbally goading the other side to attack they are the aggressor. Use common sense here, if your calling someone’s mother a Gammoreon because you want to be able to choose defender’s choice, you will be called on it.
  • If there is a dispute about who the defender is a GM/Admin should be contacted IMMEDIATELY rather then letting things degenerate into OOC bickering. The GM/Admin will then make the call who is the defender, it is final and there should be no further argument or ejection and warning may be issued.

Defeat/Healing Edit

You may not be in combat again for at least six hours. You may continue to roleplay but be realistic, you are wounded and another attack will just knock you back out.If you refuse capture, add four hours to that recovery time. If you repeatedly refuse capture, Admins may increase the time further as we do not encourage people to have no consequences for their actions.

Appearance/Immersion Edit

Make your race, clothes, and weapons conform to the Star Wars universe so that it is convincingly part of the Star Wars galaxy. You cannot RP known characters from the movie's or novels. Example You may not role-play as R2-D2, but maybe S3-Z6, please be creative. Note: Furries If  you are a furry please take the time to research a canon race that resembles the avatar you have (search the internet!  It won’t take  long). We are by no means anti furry, but we are trying to  preserve the integrity of our RP environment. A fox avatar would be an  Amaran, a rabbit would be a Lepi, and so on. Things have gotten out of hand lately with this and we may be requiring validation before roleplaying in the near future. Note: Races that require Admin approval. Any original race, Gen'dai, Gorax, Rakata, Whill, Whaladon, Sith, Any Shapeshifting Species, Gree, Gurlanin, Taung, Massassi, Yoda race This is new and may not be "strictly" enforced as of yet and if you've been playing one of the above on 4D you are probably ok, however new characters are expected to get cleared. Note: Hybrids Hybrid's of races that cannot mate are typically not allowed.  While a human and Zeltron can mate a human and Trandoshan cannot.  Most reptilian species cannot mate with a humanoid species or avian based species, etc.  We will not be allowed any super special Sith experiment DNA splicing.  Star Wars has plenty of species you can play, don't go out of your way to be a special snowflake. Note: Force Concealment / Force Sense WIP - TBA

Griefing Edit

Griefing of any kind is not permitted on SWL. It can be as simple as persistent OOC interference during an active RP. Shooting, RHCS powers and effects are not considered griefing, but third party scripts such as force powers will be considered griefing as they are not wanted. (See rule 4: "Assault" and rule 6: "Disturbing the peace" of the Community Standards. Note: Harassment. We’d like to provide our players with as much of a stress free environment as possible. While we aren’t going to go out of our way looking to find IM logs of you bashing things we ask that you do not bash 4D groups, players, gm’s, etc. If you directly IM someone to harass them that is punishable. Constructive criticism is tolerated but blatant bashing will not be “These guys suck they can’t meter worth ****”, “This player is a ****** moron” , etc. Be civil and you will run into no problems.  We’ve seen far too much negativity in SWRP the last couple of years, far too much trolling, and we will start punishing these offenses more strictly then we have in the past. This is especially true for what goes on in local chat, what’s said between friend’s in IM’s we usually won’t get involved with though we still ask you to consider the violent cycle the *** talking causes. Punishment for this offense will vary greatly depending on severity. This also includes trolling - ESPECIALLY in RP areas.  We are sick to death of "blah blah this group sucks I won't play with them blah blah", you want to play on our playground you don't get a swingset to yourself, deal with it. THIS does extend to group bashing, individual bashing, etc. Note: CopyBot Using any objects that appears to be copybotted, enable you to copybot, or prim copy are not allowed on Fourth Dimension, refusing to remove these objects will result in a permanent ban, and likely you will be reported to LL. Note: Chat listeners Are forbidden, they may lead to an instant ban Note; Tiltes & Names Parody titles of groups or players (whether by the title feature or the name feature) may be asked to be removed while on sim if they appear to be a "Troll" or "Harassment" of said player or group.  We will not debate this endlessly if we perceive it under that context the player will be asked to remove title/name while on sim, failure to comply will usually result in a timeout until the offended item is removed.

Group ChatEdit

Use the "Star Wars Legacies" group. Group chat is not to be used to form lynch mobs. If your having an issue you can ask "Hey is there a GM who can IM me". Issue itself should not be gone into heavily in the group chat, nor should players be getting called out in the group chat. We try to keep things as drama free as possible and results are more readily attained by going directly to a GM. Racism and all the other ism's. Group chat is not the place for these.  Repeat violators will be removed from the SWL group. Harassment also won't be tolerated, and a limited toleration on trolling as well. We don't want to make it a no fun zone but we do want to keep it as an open channel to get help on and not have people feel uncomfortable in the group. You have a mute button use it. Not all things are the sims business to get into, if a players conduct is bothering you yet the sim or the chat group has not banned said person, do feel free to use said button. Do not advertise other sims or ask for products for other sims. Discussions about other sims may be discouraged as well whether positive or negative. We enjoy some of the other sims but our simgroup is not the place to give them publicity.

Other ViolationsEdit

  • Poaching. Poaching is trying to coerce players or groups on sim to go elsewhere. This is a an offense that is often a ban.   
  • Advertising for other sims on sim or in the group chats. Same as poaching really.
  • Using another sim's SWT sheet. These are NOT recognized on SWL., ensure you change to your actual level before hand. Repeated violations may result in actual level being dropped to standard.
  • Animated mesh pets - cause ALOT of lag. They may look nice and don't have a script count that alarms anyone but these things are hell on a sim. Some exceptions may be made for one's that aren't using that many animations (i.e. the Prowler Droid) and because it's SW's the Gizka, however you may not attach more than ONE.


SWT updates are performed once a month. Start of the month for Standard-Veteran. Mid month for the vote ranks (Renown+). To increase in rank, ask Zenless for a rank request or ask your group leader to recommend you.

Minimum TImes to advancement:

  • Standard to Experienced: 1 Month
  • Experienced to Advanced: 1-2 Months
  • Advanced to Veteran: 3 Months
  • Veteran to Renown: 4 Months
  • Renown to Exalted: 5 Months
  • Exalted to Nemesis/Paragon: 8 Months

Other Criteria:

  • Event participation
  • Activity
  • Character development/progression.
  • There are some negative impacts such as bad OOC behavior; metagaming, powergaming, bitching about other people's ranks.
  • Post Veteran the ranks are done by a voting process so the criteria is steep, times listed are -minimums-


You are expected to treat all members the SWRP community the way you expect to be treated yourself, with respect!  Don’t troll, grief, harass, *** talk, don’t show up at a location trying to pick a fight everyday, give RP time to breathe! No individual or group bashing will be tolerated. Sitting around complaining all day will also lead to a "Thank you goodbye."

Contacting a GM / Admin Edit

GM’s are not to Admin a situation that involves a faction they are in whether it be on their main or an alt unless they are the only option to GM said situation.  If there is an option that is not aligned with any involved faction it is the better option. Our Admins often help multiple factions as we want every faction on SWL to thrive, be active and interactive.  So you may often see Admin’s in low roles in several factions.  Do to this Admin’s can Admin/GM a situation with factions they are in -IF- they are not an officer in said faction. If you do not feel a GM or Admin will be fair with you, contact an Admin or Owner.  We would rather not have people Admin/GM situations where either party is uncomfortable with them.  However do so politely and civilly.  GM’s and Admin’s should use some judgment here and if they are summoned and note they have had bad relations with one of the parties they should find another GM/Admin who has not.  If multiple GM/Admin’s have bad relations with a party then that party should probably consider it’s own attitude. GM/Admin calls are typically final. Once they have made one END the debate and play it out.  Refusal to do so will lead to ejection and temporary suspension/ban, the severity likely depending on if you where civil about your refusal or if you nerd raged.

Lifting / Appealing a Ban Edit

It is very rare we will consider lifting a ban where there is evidence of copybotting or griefing.  Most other types of ban's will be considered after some time has passed.   If you are banned and would like it removed please fill out the following card. SL Name: Approx Month/Year Banned: Where you told how long the ban would be? and if so how long?: GM/Admin/Owner who banned yet: Reason you feel the ban should be lifted: Send this card in to an Owner(s), preferably all of them so it does not get missed. IF you are brought back from a "Perma-Ban" expect additional scrutiny and not to be given the additional chances and benefit of the doubts a player who hasn't had to be expelled prior would have.