"The Jedi will be captured within 24 hours."

— Creten "Scar" Leere while speaking with a Bakura kingpin

Creten Leere, alias Scar, was a male Dathomirian Zabrak bounty hunter.


Early lifeEdit

Creten Leere was born from his Nightsister mother and his Zabrak father who was killed after conception...His mother died during childbirth and the Nightsister's returned him to the Nightbrother's village. There he lived mostly alone, only being taken in by the adult males as 'pity' for him being all alone learning what he could from each family that would take care of him.

When he was six years old a female Zabrak bounty hunter by the name of Jurya Asyp came to the village interested in taking one of her young Nightbrother's on as an apprentice / slave and learn the ways of the Bounty Hunters. She took an Immediate interest in Creten Leere and his odd pigment of Skin immediately speaking with a Nightbrother elder about purchasing him and taking him away. Taking up residence in her bunker in the Tatooine Sands.

Creten spent many years under his mistress's 'teachings' slowly learning the art to shoot, Martial arts and when he was 13 years old, Jurya Asyp allowed him to take the shot of his very first bounty, she only gave him 10% however, 'More than enough for a young boy' she claimed. Sadly she died two years later during a barfight on Nar Shaddaa her blood spraying onto her armor plating, leaving her base and possessions to Creten, Who had been left on his own again and used her armor plating to forge himself a new helmet, leaving the blood stained onto the exterior as a reminder to his mentor.

Early YearsEdit

During his early years as a bounty hunter he did not have much of a reputation, sticking to mostly small time work in tatooine. After a year or two he had joined a group of young bounty hunters who were out to make a name for themselves, taking five man missions and a single ship that each pooled their crdits into buying from a Jawa who wanted far from the average price for a Muurian Transport.

But this group of bounty hunters only added to make Creten more cocky, and eventually led to his own Mistake. When he was 22 years old he had taken up a Bounty on a jedi from the local hutt Mos eisley, The hutt explained that the woman owed him a lot of money and that if Creten brought back her head he would be rich and famous for it, however the Hutt did not mention that she was in fact a Jedi, A very dangerous one. Creten barged into the Cantina and pointed his blaster in her direction, immediately attempting to 'capture' her for an easy kill, however this was Cretens overconfidence and with one slash his neck was sliced open by the Jedi's weapons and force pushed through a wall.

He luckily survived thanks to a quick thinking medic along with a supply of makeshift cybernetics which cost him far more than he had, and constantly was paying his 'debt'. His neck was now his shame and vowed it to be his 'final' mistake, eventually he had to split up from his group of friends and take his half of the credits with him to pay for a small fighter as well as his debt. He flew to Dathomir ready to dedicate himself further in his peoples traditions and making a promise to abandon civilization to be with his people for at least 1 month every year.

His people slowly accepted him but when it came to the 'mate' selections, one Witch found his neck to be a sign of weakness and dismissed him, which has been every witches 'view' of him since. He spent his month training with his people until it was his time to leave and return home, only to have a holo-recorder full of bounties in a little place called 'Bakura'

Bakura, Looking to make a name.Edit

he was 26 when he made his way onto Bakura, the clean upper levels he knew hid something darker, something challenging, And he was right, below the nobles feet in the undercity was a hive of thieves, low lives, smugglers, you name it, they called the place home. Creten knew he had to find the biggest one in the bunch to begin his bounties in the sector, so he immediately attempted to find a Hutt. However, rather than finding a hutt he found something rather odd and unique, The mistress Centri A quite large obese woman, not a hutt, but possibly the closest he would get. He seen her doing business on the street and awaited for her to finish before introducing himself, asking if she had any work for him. She nodded and invited him inside the Crimson Skull hideout, he was given the bounty on a young jedi padawan Swilja Oola a young lethan twi'lek, 10,000 credits for retrieval only, 20,000 if brought back to Centri, 30,000 if done quietly. Eager to prove himself he made a promise, 24 hours. That's all he would need.

A few hours later he had found his target entering the Bakura nightclub "Lotus", he made his way inside and after a few moments descretely met and introduced himself to her after a few moments of talking Creten noticed another in the club watching them, a blonde haired woman that was in the crimson skulls compound, he left her with a note and walked out. "Theres a bounty on you, and i am here to collect." it read before he walked out, After keeping an eye on the front of the lotus for several hours he decided to make way for the Crimson Skulls hideout, only to find the kingpin, Nex,rather than the mistress. Creten rather furious wanted to know why there were spies getting involved in his Bounties, Nex,claimed to have no idea who he was talking about and told him if he couldn't handle one little twi'lek he would send someone who could. Creten threw the bounty back at Nex and left the compound, however this anger only lead to determination, for a higher price.

He awaited for one of the crimson skulls other bounty hunters to attempt to make their move out front of the lotus, making quite a commotion this only allowed to make Cretens job far more easier, He loaded up his sniper rifle with a poison dart and shot it at the twi'lek before making his move, the previous bounty hunter already fleeing he was left with the padawan and a few on-lookers. Or so he had thought.

A jedi master and his padawan arrived demanding Creten to stop and drew their lightsabers, Creten only following suit explaining that she was poisoned from his dart, and if they wanted her to live, she would come with him to tatooine. After half an hour of discussion a medical droid rolled in to attempt to supply an antidote, leading the Jedi master to strike at Creten and damaging his armor cutting down his chest. Creten however remained true to his explanation, if he dies, she dies. If he leaves, she dies, and she was running out of time. The Jedi master submitted and let Creten and the Swilja leave.

Eventually he had brought Swilja back to Bakura and back to Centri, rather than the agreed amount, she offered him 20,000. Creten refused this and demanded 60,000 for his trouble, the insults thrown at him by Nex, and damages. Centri laughed and refused at this proposition and brought the offer down to 10,000. However the spy entered with backup and offered an alternative price for the Twi'lek. 100,000 for her release and for him to stay out of their way. Creten Accepted the bounty and left with the group.

The next day he met up with this woman ensuring that the funds were in his account, after a brief discussion the funds were transferred to his accounts and he considered the bounty 'over'. Some see it as his failure, he see's the bounty as a success, no matter who paid for it.

A war between Hunters and PiratesEdit

A week or two after his bounty on Bakura Nex and his crew had barged into the lotus attempting to 'make friends' with the locals, However Creten seen through this and demanded he was to be paid, The bounty was complete in his eyes and he was not paid. Nex only laughed this off stating that he failed to deliver the bounty, Creten either thought this man a liar, or a very misinformed man. So a war was proposed between Creten stating that if within 3 days he hadn't received his Credits, he would go to the Guild. Nex only laughed this off and explained that the guild was in his pocket thanks to a certain governor. But this didn't stop him from his goal..

Creten was preparing to l

eave Bakura looking for more hunters to help him before he got a holo-call from an imperial officer, claiming that they had bounties they would like him to collect, This gave Creten an idea, why have bounty hunters, when Troopers will have far more advanced training and tactics. So he headed off to deep space to meet up with the Imperial Fleet lead by The Imperial Inquisition, Also known as the Syndicate Order. He made his flight path speaking with a comms officer on board their vessel asking for permission to land, he was granted this but all weapons were not to be on his person. He agreed.

Creten awaited onboard the flagship for an officer to come and greet him it wasn't until a Red Droideka a trooper and a Tattooed Lethan Twi'lek known as lady Clandestine, he was told to keep his hands raised, and blasters kept pointed in his direction, he explained he was given clearance and he needed aid against pirates who owed him money, and how in exchange he could offer his services to the sith exclusively for the right price.

After a few moments Creten started to think this would be his end but Lady Clandestine agreed to aid him as well as supply bounties for him to collect, However she expressed her dislike for his voicebox and how slowly it communicated. He was offered a 100,000 Credit payment every month, along with 100,000 credits for each bounty, 50,000 extra if they were unharmed. Creten accepted and from then on worked as an Imperial Bounty hunter.

Bakura Hunters vs Pirates

(to the bottom left)Creten with a citizen, Along with the white haired "Liar" republic soldier.

A few weeks later of planning and plotting Creten was trying to get the inquisition to send troops to Bakura to aid him in killing off the Pirates. However before he could get his chance, The republic had moved in and started to attack them, burning the Crimson Skulls hideout down. Creten stood outside watching before he received a distress transmission on a small little snow planet.

The Imperial Inquisition needed help fighting people off who had attacked them during a scouting mission, they were none other than the Crimson skulls, Nex and his crew were quickly out gunned during a short battle Creten made his appearance afterwards and mocked Nex in the same fashion, Telling him his 'hunters' were far more better than anything Nex could afford, and so Nex offered his credits as a 'peace offering' 100,000 credits. A little less than what he wanted, but before he could say or make any motion The valor Legionnaires Commander (The troopers of the Imperial Inquisition) Took the credits from the snow and demanded to speak in private, leaving Creten creditless from this encounter. But the fact he knew Nex had his tail between his legs now only filled him with pride, eventually returning to Bakura and buying a round of drinks for everyone in Lotus, before a very misinformed Soldier / jedi attempted to call Creten a liar about events that were shown on the holonews, apparently even in one of the holograms, but Creten paid him no mind since he knew that only he, The Imperial Inquisition, and The crimson skulls knew the truth.

The Queens WarEdit

[To be added]

Queens War Skirmish 002

Creten holding and firing a rotary cannon against GAR's forward base.

Battle for Clan 002

Creten Suffocating beside the bridge on mustafar

Personality and traitsEdit

Creten only really cares about 2 things, Credits and reputation. He's fiercely loyal to the Imperial inquisition and especially Lady clandestine. He however does not seem to have an interest in women, yes he may be seen in Strip clubs but he will not approach any woman due to his upbringing on Dathomir. He thinks women should be revered and those who put on very little clothing are 'disgraceful'.


Bouncer: "No droids within the Lotus."
Creten Leere: ""
― Unknown Bouncer of the lotus and Creten Leere with his early HK voice-box.

Creten Leere's Version One Neck and voice-box have been the bane of his existence, The early model was slow, and people could hardly tell if he was a man underneath or an assassin droid leading to many remarks. The "Cheap" Quality made it so he could only Breath or speak never both, so he had to constantly click away at his neck while speaking before air would be returned to his lungs. The V1's design was primarily made out of scrap Durasteel, Respiration parts and hoses and an old HK voice box found somewhere in the sands of Tatooine.

After being employed by the Lady Clandestine he immediately began looking for a replacement before he met the Skakoan Shato All'ym within the faction they upgraded his neck to allow for a clearer voice as well as allowing him to breath and talk at the same time, however as found out during the "Queens War" the hoses that come out from the back of his neck once detached leave him gasping for air and suffocating.

Powers and abilitiesEdit



Sniper Rifle
The sniper rifle has the ability to shoot either darts that can deliver a toxin of Creten's choice (sleep, poison, paralysis) or energy bolts.
Plasma Rifle
A semi-auto rifle that fires Plasma-based rounds at the target, effective against droids or armored units.
Typical Blaster that can fire with a single shot, burst or fully auto rate of fire.
Wrist Gauntlets
Creten Leere's wrist gauntlets were a mounting point for many of his weapons like most modern mandalorians and bounty hunters. This included a flame projector, mini-concussion rocket, blaster, grappling hook, darts and vibroblade. The Wrist Gauntlets also gave him access to comm-links control over muting and unmuting his helmet to give him privacy during comm-links.
Creten Leere's jetpack was a Z-6 jetpack manufactured by Mitrinomon Transports with minor upgrades to allow for a longer burst time while also an enhanced fuel consumption.
Creten carries two lightsabers with him at all times, both are rather ordinary in design with minor modifications. Both have black cores and each emits a different color of light, one purple, one red.


Armor1 001

Creten's Armor (May be subjected to change.)

His armor is a combination of 80% Durasteel and 20% Recycled Beskar from Raxus Prime. This means his armor is durable to take a few hits from a blaster, but not invincible. The plates of his armor are separated to allow his joints and limbs to move freely. Under this armor is a typical isolation suit to help keep him cool and a little more mobile than most with his heavy armor over on top. His helmet is made of Durasteel with a display screen inside capable of using Thermal or night vision.


(Sold) Sith Infiltrator, Scimitar, AKA Jurya's Gift.
200px-Scimitar deckplan SotG

'"infiltrator" Schematics

This was his original mode of transportation however the ship was rusted and falling apart.It was first owned by his master Jurya and when she passed Creten named it "Jurya's Gift". Creten mostly made uses of its supply of droids and hover-bikes but the ship he knew was far past its prime. He bargained with a Mos Eisley merchant to trade it in for a new vessel.

22200px-Scimitar deckplan SotG

'Mark VI Supremacy'

(Sold) Mark VI Supremacy-Class Starfighter, AKA Nicht Star.

This was Creten's second ship , the Nicht Star. It was fast and one of cretens favorite ships in speed and style, able to arrive at destinations very quickly. However the problem he noticed was the cargo space was far too limited, While in a Bakura bar a man offered to trade his vessel for the fighter finding his vessel too bulky, Creten accepted.

(Hidden away) Calliope, AKA The Black Bounty.

The calliope was a large vessel with enough cargo space for creten's day by day life. Having enough room for 10+ Occupants it was good for missions, as well as having food dispensors, Medical area's, Sleeping area's. This vessel was ideal for long journey's. However Creten has found a new craft which he thinks better suits his plans and is thinking of scrapping the black bounty to make further modifications to his new vessel.


Fury schematics

(Current) Fury-class Imperial Interceptor, AKA The Schmerz.

Another vessel bought on the markets of mos eisley Creten knew there would be limited amounts of this vessel sold, A classic vessel fully restored to its prime. With two cargo area's, a holocomm and a private room to rest within this is by far Cretens favorite ship. However he has started to make modifcations to the vessel to further suit his needs for example he has installed two Auto-turrets at the back of his vessel to help protect it during take off, and from attackers during space travel. He is adding further modifications, Such as adding a hideaway when storing bounties,and he plans to transfer parts from the Calliope to improve its interior further for his comfort.