Biography Edit

Cyric was born on the plaent of Lao-Mon. At a young age he learned what he could do. He is a Shi'Ido, a true shapeshifting race. Unlike others, Shi-Ido feel no pain in shifting, And Cyric learnt to do this, adopting many forms. When his natural telepathic abilities came into being, it was clear, he could do more. He began to move things with his mind. And make people do what he wanted, as a child he found much amusement in making people give him treats.

Cyric grew up, And was taken away from Lao-Mon by a Sith Lord. He studied under Darth Scythe, Using the rule of two. Cyric eventually killed his Master and became the Master himself, adopting Apprentices who would some day succeed him.

He spent many time searching for places of great power, ranging from Malachor to Korriban. He explored, Meditated and embraced the darkness from these planets, until arriving at Dromund Kaas. There he joined as an Initiate in the DLotS. After a long time away.. He feels the need to refresh his training and test himself. To also prove to others and himself what he truely is, And earn his title as Darth once more.

He Was promoted to Disciple quickly, and has begun apprenticing under Lady Zaloth. To be continued....

Apprenticeship Edit

Cyric has been taken as an apprentice by Lady Zaloth of the DLotS

Personality and Traits Edit

Eaily Angered, Cunning, and Merciless

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Force Rage
  • Force Lightning
  • Force Push Pull
  • Enhance Speed
  • Telepathy
  • Invisiblility
  • Shape shifting

Light saber Training Edit

He has learned many forms of Saber Combat. He Mainly uses the Jai'Kar. He is a fair Duelist, And is always willing to train and share knowledge with people. He Prefers to use a Double Bladed Saber of late.

Force Abilities Edit

He is learning to Master all aspects of the Darkside that he can

Equipment Edit

  • Personal Shield Generator
  • Breather Mask
  • Wrist Device-Unknown to most people

Apparel Edit

  • Sith Robes
  • Sith armour

Light sabers Edit

He carries three Lightsabers. The First, His Main, Is a Sith Saber Staff that he created. The Second and Third are a pair of Sith Sabers he also created, These tend to be his back-ups, Or if he feel it appropriate to use these

Star ships Edit

  • Lambretta Shuttle
  • Sith Interceptor
  • BA-12

Accomplishments Edit

Rank: Disciple

Class: Not Chosen yet